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  1. Best Of Youtube

  2. Just posting to mention that Washington Amateur Boxing Club are hosting a home show at the Top Club in Usworth on tuesday the 26th of March. There is tickets on the door for £12 each and there are 16 bouts arranged for the night and I will be one of the fighters! Would be good to have a packed out venue there is already 150+ tickets sold and its a working mens club so cheap pints!
  3. Cycle Shops in NE

    theres a really good brand new cycling shop at the bottom of chester-le-street right next to tesco's
  4. What are you listening to ?

    james - tomorrow
  5. Best Of Youtube

    Anyone seen that "youtube drug", salvia... Search "horrible salvia trip" looks absolutely horrendous! Legal aswell
  6. haha yeah that is my lass like...... just thought it was all abit soppy for this forum
  7. 'too late!' haha 'TOO FUCKING FASSTTTT'
  8. The No. 10.

    everytime ive seen him come on i think he's far to pressured and looks like he wants to make something every time he gets the ball. 90% of the time just loosing it. greedy player but can change the game..... NEEDS to be getting a game over Obertan though FFS
  9. ohhh no ive synced this thing with my facebook
  10. i was just asking! wonder that the odds on Ameobi scoring the winner are
  11. Holidays 2012

    going Magaluf in July with a troop of 7 of my mates! first lads holiday so it should be hectic
  12. i heard Senegal have a friendly the same weekend?? cisse is going to go apparently but demba doesn't want to miss the derby. anyone know if there's any truth to this?
  13. Last person post gets £20!!

    As it says in the heading whoever is the last person to respond is the proud owner of a brand new crisp twenty pound note.
  14. sun dream team

    im doing very well!! some reason i brought in anderson last transfer window cos he had 2/3 good games

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