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  1. TAYLOR I'M WORTH 52K per/week

    to be near the top requires decent centre halves be it; vidic & wonkylips, carthorse & terry, agger & coin tosser, toure & gallas, Jags & Lescott, even distin & fairyboy or ooerr & samba.....i don't care what these players earn but i do know taylor would'nt get a game in their teams and he should'nt be big headed enough to think he is in their league. Don't be a gobshite and keep your mouth shut. Kissing the badge and saying u bleed black and white means so much more when you've talent to back it up, ala shearer!!!
  2. TAYLOR I'M WORTH 52K per/week

    52K a week- f off and see how much derby or some other bollocks club will give u , Sub-standard dick!!!!!!!
  3. That skanky gimp mills has got a better public image than butt.....unfortunately for us butt probably has more money(of ours)!aaaaagggghhhhrrrr!!!!!!
  4. Butt Barton Gerimi....................thats frightening! thats the best midfield we can muster! All joking aside we could'nt sell one of them we are playing a midfield with zero sell on value, has anyone ever bought 22 new players in 1 transfer window...aaaagghhhhhhhhhhhrrrr!!!!!
  5. Thank fuck bolton are shite 5pt cushion on fulham though does'nt look enough! If i had ashleys money i'd just pay butts contract up get him out and try to remove any evidence that he was ever associated with this club! He is pure, refined 24c shit with a negative sell on value aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhgggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. O'Neill eyes £8m Milner

    Having stated that i would sell and that imo he's about the best performer here. The depressing thing really is that when i bought this years away shirt 2 months into the season i could'nt think of a single current players name i'd want on the back, as pre-season optimism was gone owen was half dead and the rest were dross........Christ do we need some quality!!!!
  7. O'Neill eyes £8m Milner

    i'd sell for that, the fact that he is probably the best player here week in week out would'nt stop me selling for that money! Its just depressing that someone who does'nt get amongst the goals and is'nt likely to ever be an international and who does'nt have a set position as either winger, striker or midfielder can be considered the best performer at the club. I'd sell taylor if similar money were offered as well as he does'nt inspire confidence in me, i'd sooner use the money to get someone like Samba. Unlikely that an entirely new 1st 11 will start next season....but it really needs to happen. I would really struggle to put together even the weakest of cases for keeping hold of any players...If i compare the newcastle best 11 with the best 11 of any other side in the league its sad to say i get down to boro before i say one or two of our players would get in thier team i.e. owen & martins are better than Mido & allypally.....its depressing but honest to say they've better quality everywere else!
  8. Toon army should march for Mark

    If hughes comes there is'nt a chance in hell bentley would follow! struggle to get anyone half way decent until there is a spine of a team put together, that can be competitive! you'd settle for adequate right now! GK?, 2 CB?, CM, Strikers? This team ain't half made up of some dross just gotta hope the contracts are'nt too long as they've no resale value the majority! What robson said about gerimi and he still signed, u could'nt give him away now!!!!!!!!

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