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  1. Videos himself at work.
  2. I wish this guy would hurry up and leave this football club in the suitcase of Ashley.
  3. Let me know if anyone picks up the Vita version. I'd be very interested to hear how you find it. Its not out in the USA yet.
  4. did half a season as milan and after a bad start was looking good for a title push. before i then started another save.... I missed the part when they let Italian teams now have 12 subs though. Thought it was a bug!
  5. Its out now and they now have a in game editor for an extra 6$ only for the full mode.
  6. Well i managed to last a day. I've started about 15 games so far. hopefully i can get settled soon.
  7. Do you leave him upstairs one day and downstairs the next?
  8. khay

    FIFA 14

    Bought PES this year. But will end up with Fifa when next gen comes out. Apart from Ant how is everyone else feeling towards it? Loving pes so far. just waiting for a good data pack for the 360 and I'll get my master league on.
  9. khay

    FIFA 14

    Agree I've been playing a lot of the PES Demo. Its pretty good. Real shame its not next gen.
  10. 22nd of november. So right in between the PS4 launch in the US/UK. Just before the thanks giving break so will get a chance to get stuck into Forza/Fifa.
  11. picked up diablo 3 for the 360 last night. let me know if anyone wants a game.
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