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  1. It's my new knowledge, Thanks you so much Craig
  2. Oh...Thanks you so much Craig in case that what you think about my that shirt? or in replica shirt is different from player shirt I get it from uncle of my friend.
  3. I'm not show off i think you are consider seriously I'm just a silly man I never create blog because I can't but now I have someone to teach me and i'm very excited for it and just to need a comments you can observe in my blog not have any word about sell or price because I'm not need to sell them but the topic at Classifieds forum I just to sell only my repeatedly shirt and now I not have it. Please distinguish anyway sorry again.
  4. Ok, I'm not sell my shirt anymore please don't offer or ark about price of them. and so sorry if i make anyone mistake I just make this blog for share and showcase my Newcastle shirt only but i'm just beginner to create blog and i just need a comments for design or layout. Thanks you
  5. . . . i'm just a beginner create blog about newcastle shirt. Please feel free to leave a note if you've any comments Thanks you! http://newcastleshirt.blogspot.com/
  6. You have PM I'm already reply your mail!!
  7. This is my photo!! i'm take it in my favorite football shirt shop by my nokia8800 seller tell me it's genuine thing.
  8. Hi, im reply to your mail, Thanks Not even for one million pounds?! Pleaseeee....ha ha ha. (so sorry in my country 5 is Ha)
  9. firstly very nice pic 555 Im already reply your PM man!
  10. one size fit all for players shirt on the neck tag just say mens but replica shirt has the size and fabric differ too.
  11. umm... I think if only shirt is ok. but in my collection i keep only shirt with players name and number. that make it differ.
  12. No, im don't mind Im get it from various but major from the kit manager in EPL and another collector.
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