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  1. Can someone explain to CT that that’s a penis, he won’t recognise it with the shaft.
  2. Extra time, penalties, then the referee makes up some new rules. Basically, Man Utd under Ferguson.
  3. 0-2 to us, with a special appearance by Les doing his Bryan Ferry impression in the away end.
  4. Interesting article about about how wars end, and likely outcomes of this one. None of it particularly uplifting, but worth the read. https://www.newyorker.com/culture/annals-of-inquiry/how-the-war-in-ukraine-might-end
  5. I think several things will dictate any response to Putin using nuclear weaponry. First, where he targets- if he hits any NATO members, he’ll be getting a warm reply. If he targets one of the “hoping to be NATO” countries, the response will be the same. Added to that, where, within any country he targets, will play a large part in the response. If he targets a town or city, goodbye world it’s been a wild ride. If he targets a strategic military site, say for example Brizlee Hill in Northumberland, I think a like for like nuclear response, and also a bunker busting “Goodbye Vlad” missile to take him out will be sufficient- he must be taken out, but whoever steps in after him needs to see we aren’t fucking about but are still open to de-escalation. It’s a terrifying thought, particularly when we have a current leader who idolises another fucking psychopath, but if handled correctly, even a strike on NATO soil needn’t be the end of us all. I’m still holding on to the diminishing hope that his nuclear arsenal is in a similar state to the rest of his military, and he’s playing the biggest game of bluff ever, or if he launches, it just goes boom at the launch site.
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