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  1. I canard believe you took the easy option. Waddle people think about you now?
  2. Would you apply the same logic to Howe if he won Manager of the Season?
  3. Here you go PaddockLad, save you searching.
  4. “ If there’s someone dead, In the neighbourhood, Who you gonna call?…”
  5. Real Bridget or Porn Bridget?
  6. ( it’s even funnier when you click on the link ).
  7. Isn’t she both- born and raised in Russia, (St. Petersburg), took Swiss nationality once she had a stranglehold on the world’s poor and hungry? It’s a shocker for the great unwashed, after their annual sportswash ( in the fountain, before the match, marra), turns out they are literally responsible for taking food out of the mouths of millions of starving kids, ( which, let’s be honest, makes a change from them putting things in the mouths of kids, but that’s another issue…) It makes MBS look like a fucking saint by comparison
  8. Here’s the actual tweet, for ease of sharing…
  9. Please spam the fuck out of it all over Ready to Groom… we wouldn’t want the Saints of sunderland to be unaware of the horrors their owner is responsible for, would we? As I’m sure they would all agree @Ayatollah Hermione, has your mate seen this? How much does he want to tweet it out?
  10. Ah well, that’s a shame for them -since they’re all such fine, moral, classy fans they’ll have to totally abandon their club now. Won’t they.
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