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  1. Precedent Trump

    Is that a Sunderland and District Metector Club badge on his lapel?
  2. Coronavirus

  3. Oh, look - another cunting game of football

    Dull 0-0 then.
  4. Coronavirus

    Re. The Soho pics, how do they compare to a “normal” Saturday? Is that about the usual level of sardine? Because fuck that, virus or not
  5. Coronavirus

    Quite a gathering he’s got there. ( btw @Kevin Carr's Gloves, you should get the next size up paper suit, looks a bit snug on you ).
  6. Generic small time football blather thread FOREVER

    He’s definitely lost the plot, hasn’t he? It’s like watching the pub nutter have “that” pint that sends him over the edge.
  7. mackem messageboard gold

    They just haven’t accepted that they’ve been in division 3 for three years, have they?
  8. Other games 2019/2020

    Or, fuck the weasel-faced little cunt. (I’ve never forgiven him for taking Rob Lee down when he was clear through on their goal way back last century. ).
  9. Coronavirus

    I used to buy duty-free baccy and half an ounce of “Moroccan Oregano” over the bar at the Queens when I lived in Wallsend.
  10. Precedent Trump

    Good to see he’s focusing on the big issues facing his country. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-53292585
  11. Coronavirus

    There were bouncers on the door of the Scotsman from lunchtime today- if anywhere lercal is going to kick off, it’ll be there.
  12. Coronavirus

    Who’s he then?
  13. Coronavirus

  14. Film/moving picture show you most recently watched

    Watch it with the sound off and subtitles on
  15. Precedent Trump

    It’s getting closer! https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/jul/04/kimberly-guilfoyle-donald-trump-jrs-girlfriend-tests-positive-for-covid-19

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