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  1. Had a go at flower arranging too… Get fucked
  2. Felt a bit zany earlier so I dipped my balls in glitter. Pretty nuts, eh, what?
  3. Here you go. Plant them in February and thin them out once they get to three storeys, otherwise you’ll have the planning dept. on your back.
  4. Nows the time to be deadheading your concrete plants if you want a healthy crop next building season. I grew this last year
  5. Mould and damp treatments cost money you know- what’s a multimillionaire slum landlord to do?
  6. He has to be back by 10pm though, otherwise his Mam locks the door.
  7. And here’s me thinking dogging was nice ladies showing their puppies.
  8. I mean, I fucking hate people in general, so sounds great.
  9. Didn’t take long. https://www.theverge.com/2021/10/22/22740354/trump-truth-social-network-spac-mastodon-license-software-freedom-conservancy
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