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  1. You’ve got history on bad window decisions, mind.
  2. He missed off the “So there” at the end of this hissy fit. The little bitch
  3. He’ll be fucking devastated when he realises it’s not a massive tube of Pringles. Edit; D’oh, just seen the photoshop
  4. Or claiming you’d met Alan Carr.
  5. You appear to have a lady growing out of your arse.
  6. Are those the actual words he used? If so, I’m actually speechless
  7. Their history of child care isn’t inspiring, like.
  8. Psychedelics and obscene riches are a marriage made in hell.
  9. Agreed. Musk is a successful businessman.
  10. Correct me if I’m wrong, which I probably am, but my understanding is that Tesla have ditched it citing “environmental concerns” - those being that it’s an electronic currency. 1. Most actual currencies are now 95+% electronic- how many people are buying Tesla’s with cash? 2. Tesla is a company selling … electric cars. 3. How eco-friendly are the rocket fuels SpaceX uses?
  11. Professional suck-sluts should start one called BitchCoin.
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