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  1. The Cricket Thread

    If only @Ken‘s missus hadn’t left him all those years ago, his liver wouldn’t be the enlarged mess it is now, and his neighbours might still speak to him.
  2. Delia's Dick Suckers V Bruce's Barmy Brigade

    The “ bit of a spark” under Rafa pretty well describes my feelings- as good as it was to see Benitez at our club, I never was never fully won over simply because it was always going to end as it did… because Ashley still owns the club. We could have Guardiola, spend multi-millions, and I’d still be thinking, “ Aye, but the Fat Cunt will find a way to fuck it all up”. As long as Ashley owns us, there’s no point in even trying to get excited about anything. Edit; Yes, it’s possibly the easy option to be pessimistic, but can anyone give me a single example of Ashley doing anything right? Just one would be nice.
  3. Where Now?

  4. Where Now?

  5. Recommend me something to watch!

    Don’t know what you’re on about. Anyway, heres a nice song…
  6. Televised games you're just not arsed about.

    He’s only available if it doesn’t clash with his shift at Aldi.
  7. Delia's Dick Suckers V Bruce's Barmy Brigade

    That has produced a mental image which I’d rather have avoided, thanks. Delia” Come on, let’s have it!” Brewce” Won’t be the first time I’ve gone down”
  8. This is the news!

    What are peeple meant to dae, like marra? Shit in the streeyts?
  9. Film/moving picture show you most recently watched

    Hope you wiped the seat down, at least.
  10. Generic small time football blather thread FOREVER

    The fucking size of Neville Southall’s big bangers!
  11. Generic small time football blather thread FOREVER

    I always pictured Hatem with innies, tbf.
  12. What mood are you in and why?

    Relieved. Just passed my Level 3 Rope Access ticket (again)- three more years of fun and frolics on dangly string. After a week of rescues, though, I’m absolutely fucking battered - I think I might have caught arthritis this week
  13. General Random Conversation..

    Gloomy’s bedsheets looking a piece of used bog roll
  14. arsenal non attendance

    Transphobic. Reported.

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