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  1. Cooking

    Rancid “baby soup” on a years worth of athletes foot scab… …. which sounds more appetising than it looks.
  2. Yes Gemmill...

    https://youtu.be/7hj4CKMotPM ( fuck knows why YouTube isn’t embedding, it’ll be that bog-trotting terrorist @Ant’s fault. Useless shite. )
  3. Politics

    There’s only really one way to settle it, and I’ve already sharpened all my “tools”.
  4. Politics

    If Corbyn got in, and Kuntsberg got sacked, I would laugh my cock off.
  5. Yes Gemmill...

    RIP Although, bizarrely for a naturalist, he denied climate change.
  6. Politics

    Also voted Remain, was gobsmacked when the mackems voted Leave- “ Whey, they’ll lose Nissan and they’ve got nowt else gannin for them, Turkeys voting for Christmas, son.” He’s mint when he’s going off on one.
  7. Politics

    My old man is 84, refuses to use a postal vote as “ I can gan to the poll perfectly fine”, is a lifelong Labour voter and refuses to use Johnson’s name, preferring “ that lying shithouse”. I’m calling in tomorrow to walk along with him to vote.
  8. Politics

    After seven pints that’d be about the limit of my “would” too.
  9. Politics

    Aye, but “Jeremy Corbyn isn’t fit to be Prime Minister”, whereas Swinson just “isn’t fit”. Still would, after a pint or seven.
  10. Politics

  11. Newcastle Utd versus Southhampton

    ASM out for a month with his hamstring. Read more… https://www.pleasereadmyshittyfuckingblogthatsinfestedwithfuckingads.co.fuckyou
  12. Politics

  13. Politics

    Me too, which is why it’s so painful to see it’s News department hijacked by Torys. In every other department it’s superb.
  14. Politics

    Isn’t she her own editor? Genuinely asking btw, who edits her at the Beeb?
  15. Politics

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