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  1. Dadoon.
  2. I did a job recently that worked out at £250p/h. My house is a fucking tip though
  3. Yes, Hartlepool is also a horrific, hell on Earth.
  4. You bunch of plebs are not worthy of my distaste.....
  5. Do they do a Band of Brothers and interview veterans? I've heard very good things about this.
  6. He's like the 99,000th monkey in front of a keyboard, the one before they get the complete works of Shakespeare.
  7. whilst giving the rancid beasts in "Readers Wives" a miss.
  8. Spent his weekends with groups of strangely attired men, hunting for rusty nuggets, too.
  9. Wasnt George Michael also fond of Bong, and a shit driver?
  10. We named our red-headed daughter Annie It was a three-day labour, we were tired The laddie, Sam, gets Destructoboy, Stinkenstein, or The Knacker, depending on his comedy activities of the day.
  11. @CartierDave? Or the Tory?
  12. I'm waiting for a review of his watch from Parky.
  13. I didn't. I knew all about his difficult childhood. From my aunt. Who chinned him. In Birmingham.