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  1. Apt that this fuckwit resurfaces in a thread about a persistent infection that just won’t fuck off.
  2. Filters it through his face minge to get the lumps out.
  3. Papa BouBye Deadop, more like. I can’t do it for you
  4. I don’t think a post has ever been more suited to its username
  5. I could never hear his name without imagining a big pink blob shape shifting its way around the pitch. RIP Barbapapa.
  6. Apparently some texts from Methven have leaked, where he berates their fans as “toxic” who hate everyone- owners managers and players, and calls them “lobotomised monkeys”. Mint
  7. They are truly the gift that keeps on giving.
  8. Next match is at home to… … Burton Albion.
  9. I’m sure he’ll get a decent payoff, he had his contract checked by his London lawyers.
  10. Simple eh? Just pull a few thousand trained nurses and doctors out of the magic cupboard and job’s a good’un. John Redwood, never forget
  11. I’m not saying the death of Lord Vader and the disappearance of the Utah monolith are linked, but they’re definitely linked. RIP Mr. Skywalker Snr.
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