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  1. Rogue One is the best of the new crop of Star Wars movies by some distance I’d say, although I agree that Solo was good fun and didn’t deserve the panning it apparently got.
  2. Fish and Meenz were drinking buddies in that there Lahndan. Meenzer gave up booze. (I’d have a pint with Fish though.)
  3. First job for Starmer- sack the proof-reader.
  4. Someone should ask them to write “3-0” in Arabic numerals, see if they protest.
  5. A new trattoria has opened near me, run by an Italian American lad from New York. We went the other night and it was excellent, but the portions were mental and we couldn’t finish even half of our dishes. The gaffer, Mario, asked ” Ho- you wanna box for them leftovers?” I said ” No mate, I don’t do combat sports”.
  6. All I have to say to you heathens is … … Chapel fucking hat pegs!
  7. Instead of that Yank interloper, the Hash Brown? Wor Lee hasn’t thought this through, has he?
  8. Those mushrooms look like Tollund Man.
  9. Little bit of Stunt guitaring from Mr. Via, playing with Dweezil Zappa. Solo starts at 3:00, it’s absolutely ridiculous By ridiculous, I mean “how the fuck is he doing that? “ One of the comments under it says “ Vai’s whammy bar needs a cigarette after that!”
  10. I’m on day 2 of a week’s company training to get on to the Class 1 ( articulated) wagons. Still getting to grips with the Dark Arts of reversing the trailer, waiting to back out of a yard in Washy then 90° on to a road. Hopefully going on to 4-on-4-off next week, run down to Kent then back twice over the 4 days. Hookers beware!
  11. We know how it feels Adam, we really do.
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