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  1. Recommend me a good restaurant in Newcastle

    Cheers matey.
  2. Recommend me a good restaurant in Newcastle

  3. General Random Conversation..

    Is being a giant fanny the same as being a massive kernt, or is all just a bit vag(ue)?
  4. Recommend me a good restaurant in Newcastle

    Are all the books in Turkinese, or can I have duck pizza?
  5. Recommend me a good restaurant in Newcastle

    Has anyone eaten at Ephesus Turkish restaurant in Morpeth? Going there tomorrow for a pals 50th and wondering if it’s any good?
  6. Transfers The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumours Thread 2017-2018

    Is this a loan deal or permanent? I’m hearing mutterings that we’ve signed him for £16m?
  7. Yes Gemmill...

    Indeed. Also had a name only out-northerned by Alf Tupper (and his Fish Supper.)
  8. What are you listening to ?

    Aye, it’s good isn’t it? Some hairy hippies copied it ten years later, too.
  9. Europe --- In or Out

    Surprised you noticed that , with your head in the sand and that.
  10. Yes Gemmill...

    90! Groovy Baby! Jason King has swung out
  11. What are you listening to ?

    You’re also bang on about the character- just Wikied him.
  12. What are you listening to ?

    “ Hi Steve, Love the show… can you play Joe Dolce for my beautiful wife? Thanks. Chris Mastree”.
  13. mackem messageboard gold

    I’ve heard a pissed cat, covered in nails, having a fight in a wok & they put Martin’s to shame.

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