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  1. Sale Now On?

    Mcfadden but I'm sure he said the other day he would stay even if they went down. Larrson is a good midfielder too and will be quality in a year or two. I'd rather take Kitson over Doyle though. I haven't seen a great deal of Giles Barnes though
  2. I think Ashley will back Keegan, because it's obvious the squad isn't good enough and I think he's right to go for youngsters and up and coming stars. If you look at our transfer history in recent seasons Owen, Duff, Butt, Geremi, Smith they are all players who fell out of favour with the big clubs who obviously thought they were no longer good enough for them so why should they be good enough for us? Previous regimes have signed these players and given them stupid wages which is just crazy. If we want to be a top 5 club we aren't going to get there by signing all their surplus shite players we need to sign emerging stars who are still hungry and are developing into world class players.
  3. Only £20 million to spend according to this

    The amount of different "stories" and rumours to me just prove the media are clueless as to what's going on. Ashley is a self made billionaire so you'd like to think he has an ounce of intelligence about him and so I can't see him "severely reprimanding" one of the clubs most loved and respected figures in Keegan because he says it's going to be impossible to break the top four and then to turn around and say "we can do it Kevin and to help you here's only 20 million" Didn't Fulham spend more than 20 million this season? Look at Sun'lun they've spent a fortune in the past year, so if smaller clubs can manage to spend that then you'd like to think there is easily more than 20 million available to Keegan. When you look at how thin the current squad is talk of him having to sell before he can buy has to be rubbish also because if Keegan sells anyone it'll just be him and Terry Mac in the dressing room! And if Ashley sacked Keegan and replaced him with a cockney barrowboy like Wise he'd never be able to set foot in the North East again!!!!

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