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  1. Change @ St. James

    spacka ? honestly , the bairns got better insults . half the reason the board comes off like an elitist bunch of inbreds tbh , like the gaggle of housewives at the school yard entrance , local town for local people and anyone who might say something that i disagree with slightly ill regress into my preschool years and shove my 57k?(fuckin hell ) post count of authority in their face
  2. Change @ St. James

    were doing it by letting him lend us 130million interest free , so shouldn't it work both ways ? the bloke didnt do his due diligence properly , what if every did do it ? we needed that investment from somewhere .
  3. Change @ St. James

    we have todo whatever we can to stay competitive on the pitch and compete with the extra revenue streams people like the yanks ect are tapping into .
  4. Change @ St. James

    we still haven't started to make a dent in the 130mill intrest free we owe ashley , he's going to start taking that back out of the club at some point , they have made that much clear, he's not going to play sugar daddy . any additional revenue stream must be explored . to say we 'still have money to spend' and dont need new revenue streams like this when every other big club is trying to get something similar done , is abit naive .
  5. Change @ St. James

    think its daft to rock the boat , if it brings money into the club in the long run so be it , all i care about is what happens on the pitch . when all is said and done , lets not forget the hundreds of millions the bloke has got tied up in the club .
  6. Goal.com article hailing Ashley

    top ten will still do this season tho ! , next year shift a few players around and replace the cover in the squad and its even more of a solid team . you never know, once were running a tight ship and finances are back in a better state he may treat us now and again. either way its hard to grumble when you see the obvious quality we are bringing in , yes it seems like a missed opportunity not to build on what we had going last season , but they set their stall out to rebuild the squad and wage structure and are not gonna budge from that . i really see this season as the first year where we start to build after relegation , promotion and survival seasons meant we tread water really .
  7. Connor Wickham

    english premium in that price but still a good bit of business imo, i heard we were scared off with valuations over ten million , but the scum paid 8 which could rise to 12-13 ? , he's a big strong lad for his age with good feet and is only going to get better
  8. Spending the 35 million

    Me blabbering? We've not had the 35 mill at all during a transfer window period. This is exactly what I'm talking about. Think before you spend, think before you talk (very similar, really ) surely during a transfer window is the worst time to evaluate players considering there not playing we've had 7 months to scout while all competitions have been in play , fan's want to see that spent cos we have had more than enough time to pick our targets , this regimes 5 year plan and all that jazz and we dont trust the owners so seeing that money spent well during this winow would go a hell of a long way to getting everyone rowing in the same direction again for the first time in years
  9. Sylvain Marveaux

    http://ketilstensrud.com/2011/03/20/under-...lvain-marveaux/ bit like HBA then , he's so left footed its criminal aswell
  10. Demba Ba

    if there not an added contribution from a midfield position i dont class that as replacing nolans goals , i expect those kinda numbers at least from our strikers , 10+ from a midfielder is going tobe a big miss if nobody steps up . why do i get the feeling this lad's knee is gonna play up on us for his full contract .
  11. Kevin Nolan signs for West Ham United

    it's only kevin nolan for god's sake , it's not like we have been short of goals from midfield before he came is it ? .. ohh wait ! really amazes me how easily his goal contribution from midfield is dismissed , he scores the majority from set plays,he just gets rebounds all the time ect ect . there is a reason they say the hardest part of the game is putting that ball in the net , for the majority of teams in this league those goals from midfield are pretty priceless .
  12. The Entertainers

    not a fan of whats happening , i would be if we were keeping the tried and tested around at the same time , but it's pretty clear we are after low cost bargains with big sell-on potential . were not being set up to win something , it's being setup for a sale
  13. no deal for Joey

    put the 2 year deal back on the table at our wage cap , leave it there , joey cant be on his high horse then . at the end of the day it's upto him if he wants to reduce his wages that much , i can deal with that , but with the club 'taking their ball and going home' and joey doing the 'it's not me it's them' thing, it's abit schoolyard imo .
  14. One good thing about Blatter. Sorry, mistake, I mean EU.

    he's challenging the eu ruling , which protects out choice to have sporting events of national interest free , so at the end of the day he is trying to make us pay
  15. Berbatov

    really dont like his style of play to lethargic , but when he does decide todo something he's a highlight reel player with a probable 20 goals a season , you cant turn your nose up at that , offer him the number 9 and our wage cap of 45k

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