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  1. aplace in the city

  2. aplace in the city

    That is just too funny i keep giggling over it as it keeps popping back in my head Admin 5
  3. aplace in the city

    Hmmm feel I need to make a post on the subject of spelling as it has come up. I have always had problems with spelling due to been taught phonetic spelling at school. It is some I have tried to correct over the years, but even though my spelling is better it’s still not good. The frustrating answer I get and have had from those who can spell, is always using a dictionary or spell checker. Great suggestion you would think, it’s something I always try to do is type my replies into word so I can check. I catch about 80 % of my mistakes this way however 20 % of my mistakes show up with no suggestions, I then play around with letters to try to get a suggestion but that does not always work. Sometimes I even phone Vixxen (My real life friend) to help but I can’t do this all the time. A dictionary does not help either as to find the word I need a good idea of how it is spelt in the first place if I knew this I would not be having any problems but I don’t so its catch 22. So while I don’t do text speak etc, and I have seen some terrible spelling by people (must be bad if I can see it is spelt wrong) there will be good chances my mistakes will show in posts. If that is a problem to some and people feel the need to slate me over it go ahead, I know I have tried my best and am not perfect, and it really must be great to be as perfect as those who criticize others. Sometimes it does not hurt you to show a bit of leeway to people who may not meet your standards. If there are any mistakes in this post shoot me I am really not that interested in hearing your superior views on my spelling etc.
  4. Been a member here for 6 years but not posted much or come on much but I am planing on that changing I am another one of the Nutz crew ;o)
  5. Hi

    Lol@crimson Sorry I joined a few boards when I did a google search, one of them was N-O, but I'll wait and see before I judge aslong as its good toon chatter I'll be happy Peanut? hmmm aye pass it over they great for flicking at pests taste horrible tho
  6. Hi

    Hi All Just want to say Hi to everyone, I'm new here only found you last night Look forward to getting to know you all, Have a nice day.

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