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  1. Or else they see it as a chance to get it for 100 million, spend 30 million on players, get promoted within 2 years and flog it off for a tidy little profit to a rich arab or american... Personally I could live with that scenario.
  2. Maybe you now your regretting trying to get 400 million for it from the Citeh people you fat tub of horse spunk.
  3. Would fly over and carry Doyle from Reading to St James myself if there was a chance, but surely a Premier League team will be after him now that Reading failed to bounce right back up, a bunch of them were apparently after him last season.
  4. If spent wisely that should be enough in the Championship shouldn't it? I mean Arsenal have probably won Premier League titles on less than that.
  5. We also expect to win the League every year and Keegans team couldn't play defence as well right?
  6. No because he can't develop any further. Time for young talent to be given the chance. Idiot, I also pointed that out. Is that you Derek? Is that the Villa or Arsenal model your following?
  7. Die Fattie Die... Another brillant Ameobi conversion.
  8. Any Ashley or Lambiasis sightings?
  9. heart attack causing stuff by Carew...
  11. Insomnia apparently just set up a goal for Wigan
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