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  1. hello everyone. been offline for ages haven't I!! I was in hospital getting my tonsils out, on holidays and I also got the highest exam results in year!!!Im off to the pub soon. Best of Luck against Portugal by the way, shoukd be a cracking game.
  2. Two fillet steaks. roast spuds, and a fuck load of chocolate. Rose wine and beer aswell!
  3. I was under the impression that was the status quo in "Stab City". 140775[/snapback] thats bullshit. it has a bad reputation, but thats because the Dublin media dont give a fuck about anywhere outside of Dublin. Limerick is a great place. Loads of pub and eligible men and women
  4. Not a lot of people know John Travolta was originally from Limerick. 140772[/snapback] Limerick had pubs open all weekend when we won. The place went mental. Loads of shops closed, and no one had to go to work on Monday
  5. ya, moved to cork when i was ten, than to dublin for past 4 years
  6. European funded no less cos of all the Eurovision he does. They keep climbing it to see if they can detach his toupe. 140750[/snapback] There is no Terry statue in Limerick. And the european Cup, represents Ireland, England, France, Wales Scotland and Italy. There were aso 30,000 people watching the game on the main street in Limerick. All the pubs stayed open all weekend, the place went mental.
  7. I am a fast mover
  8. I was in Cardiff for the Munster game, as that is where I orginally am from. I know this is a soccer forum, but the feeling you get when your team are crowned champions of Europe is unreal. There wer 70,000 of us over fromMunster at the game. It was amazing. I scored on the plane on the way home too:D
  9. casper!
  10. Its saw 2 because there are two saw's!! One hour photo The hand that rocked the cradle Dances with wolves
  11. Buy a cheap flight somewhere.
  12. He does play sport perhaps say i want to shag him on the ptich and the run away with his clothes ha ha
  13. She is a lesbian too
  14. Im not a man or have never been one Brock.
  15. Order around a million pizza's and taxi's to his house!