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  1. I own a laptop and it goes to work with me. At least its one last thing the buggers didnt get their filthy mittens on!
  2. My day: Go to work (that's not the bad part) Come home from work (fantastic) New car is not in the driveway (not so good) Front door is wide open (not looking too good) House is ransacked (fricken hell) I guess it can only get betteR? How was your day?
  3. Apologies for draggin this up. But the locals are still going off. I'm just back from my lunch break and I saw a group (20ish) of guys in almost full west coast egirls kit. The people in this town (perth) are odd.
  4. Eek. Must match, always always always. When at home and not having company...nothing for me. Public = anything racy and mostly black or red. Lace boylegs are comfy and sexy. I like guys in boxers or nothing. So sexy..
  5. Only child here.. My Mother passed away from complications arising from my birth..so it has just been my Father and I ever since. I aint no brat either - i think I'm a very selfless person.
  6. Egads! He has a wee little boy too, remember being so much hoo ha about him feeding a croc while holding a bub. Terrible news.
  7. If w27 is flying with Japan Air he can use the super cool in flight entertainment whilst fearing for his life. If the plane crashed, at least he would die having some sort of fun.
  8. Does it ever work? I'm about to give it a whirl at the request of an old ex friend. I'm not expecting much, I think if i expected too much id only be disappointed again.
  9. oh yeh, using your mobile OS is a sure fire way of racking up an insanely HUGE bill. I wouldnt use it like you normally would back home.
  10. I've been to Japan a couple of times. Once with my Father and the other time with friends. I enjoyed it so much more with my Father - I think it's such a fabulous place for a family holiday! Kyoto has heapssssss of temples (like 2000ish I think), so you're bound to be cheking out a temple. Check out the Golden Pavillion, Silver Pavillion and the former Imperial Palace. You have to go to Ueno Zoo to check out the pandas, so cute - and of course Disneyland in Tokyo. If you want to head out, 'Ropppngi' is the area with all the bars/clubs etc (I think thats what it is called..). You can ba
  11. I start night shif again tomorrow night...so not happy, just hope people decide not to be too sick!
  12. Gah. Couldnt imagine getting hot n heavy with some guy only for him to say 'hang on, lemme whip me penis pump out'. Mood killer right there. And I aint think W27 wuld have a problem with lack of use, all guys are wankers..
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