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  1. Jocko Mag You are obsessed with names tbh.
  2. Well spotted meenzer you go to top of class matey
  3. dont dodge my question typo man rolflmao
  4. lol not a bit .thats a compliment cheers marra
  5. nah i,m no macho man,just standing up for us common folk like tbh.
  6. You are a bloody typist then you mongaloid .IT me arse.next you will be saying you fix computers anall that crap,rotflmao
  7. never had one,and why are you following me around,get that pen pointing down wards and do some bloody writing mr pp allmighty
  8. the HR dep't doesnt have any humans,the point being you's are all daleks of the goverment .
  9. why fairy liquid ?!? why not just plain old soap do you like fairy's eh!!
  10. Alex Cap fits eh pen pusher character,get a real manly job not a shirtlifter/ birds job, bet you have soft supple hands eh.
  11. Get a life barm cakes ,theres more to life than punctuation you's are all obsessed with political correctness.pen pushers are freeks imo
  12. theres only 1 biscuit head ,and we all know Gemmill eats the full pkt.
  13. brill job is that ,working for the state.wouldnt do that job for love nore money.nowt but spies and nosey tw@ts i tell ya:P
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