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  1. Dean Ashton

    Shouldn't he be going to Germany - at leasr ahead of Jenas joke and the Bayern bottler.
  2. Lineker on MOTD

    and 2 days ago you'll have been there singing your little heart out and bubbling like a bairn at the loss of the greatest striker ever to grace this club. Bellamy is a class act but when he achieves half the plaudits Shearer has managed then you earn the right to come back and shout it out. 135694[/snapback] Shearers a selfish man who's only interest is Alan Shearer. He's not what we require as manager of NUFC - Another Souness? No thank you. 135699[/snapback] Must admit as much as I'd obviously like Alan Shearer to be the new Brian Clough, I have to agree with UM that he's showing a definite Souness like fuckwit tendency here. Very worrying. His last chance of a medal went with Bellamy, and it appears from his recent remarks about him thinking it is a good idea to employ a person to "assess a players character" [which is nothing other than a job for a mate and a "don't blame me" getout for the manager ie himself] that he still doesn't realise the mistake that getting rid of Bellamy was. 135700[/snapback] Agree with Ugly and Leazes. TBH I've never liked Shearer the man.
  3. 10,000

    Sad bassas.....
  4. Famous Person Above...

    Should plan me a Jewish menu for a meal I'm cooking tonight - please ?
  5. What's the score?

  6. What's the score?

    Oxford v Orient on the bliddy radio!
  7. Famous Person Above...

    Can only be a kipper.

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