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  1. Bit like saying Kate Moss has absolutely massive tits in my view though. I really am not going to ridicule the mackems other than the fact racism and fan attitudes have driven him away, they'll likely get the best part of £25m for him, and won't laugh at them till I've seen who they've signed by Feb 1st 2011. They could probably sign someone like Podolski for £10m. Its £18 mill. The remainder will only be paid if he comes good. And anyway, £6 million of that is going to Spurs as a sell-on fee.
  2. What a cracking game already. Still pissed of at Sky for showing the Birmingham derby instead, their games are so boring like.
  3. For fuck's sake, stop talking about Liverpool. And they've got Big Sam to represent us, what a joke.
  4. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/sport/foo...icle6916444.ece José Mourinho wants to spend the next phase of his career back in England. And he intends it to be a prolonged sojourn, more like Arsène Wenger’s 13 years with Arsenal than his own stint at Chelsea, from whom he parted in September 2007 having won the Barclays Premier League twice, the FA Cup and the Carling Cup twice. Mourinho, who had three full seasons at Stamford Bridge after making Porto champions of Europe as well as his native Portugal, is in his second season with Inter Milan and on top of Serie A, having already cele
  5. Gateshead in front against Brentford
  6. Just sent Beeb a text about that fucker. Doubt it will make a difference.
  7. Well thats pretty surprising to be honest. I would like to keep him but seeing as we need to sell 3 before Moat gets the loan, it would make sense to sell him. But we need to get rid of his compatriot as well, Colo the Clown.
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