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  1. Just got a text off my match going mate who said he saw SBR and Fat Fred with each other at the game. I can't say for sure whether he's bullshitting or telling the truth but if he's being honest then it fits in very intrestingly with what some one who claims to be 'ITK' (Not Martin Jol) has been telling me. According to said source, we've been trying get Sir Bobby Robson to join us as a DoF since the fall out after the Sheffield United game. He's been umming and ahhing due to his health, history with Fat Fred and his commitment with Ireland but since it looks doubtful they'll qualify he's
  2. http://www.thebookpeople.co.uk/webapp/wcs/...27603_category_ Saw this on Hot Deals and thought some people might be interested. Free delivery too, use the code 'VIP12'.
  3. Former England manager Sir Bobby Robson is making good progress after a small tumour on his brain was removed. It was found when he was taken to hospital after falling ill during a match at Ipswich earlier this month. The 73-year-old had the operation last week and a statement from his agent said he was in good spirits and does not need follow-up treatment. But a slight swelling on his brain has caused temporary movement loss on his left side and he is still in hospital. Robson had a lung tumour removed earlier this year and has had cancer surgery on two other occasions.
  4. I've just heard this on Radio 5 a few minutes ago. He's having surgery this week to remove a brain tumour.
  5. is it me or does he look different? i know he hasnt been too well but looks a bit sunken around the eyes.
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