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  2. NUFC Fans Utd

    I'd agree with that. If things were going along fine, no one would care, but its when unpopular/stupid things happen the frustration rises and people want to know "how?" "why?" "What the fuck's going on?" Its understandable. I feel like that, I'm sure we all do. I think being rational, you can't ask the club to come out and explain every decision that's taken. But thats not to say that there can't be/should be some increased dialogue/forum. Thoughts from last night. I think it was largely positive, a lot of great points and enthusiasm for NUFC fans of all points of view to work together and get some cohesion and dialogue with the club. However it did descend into a bear pit towards the end, when JFK's rep Eddie took to the floor. I think the understanding was that he had an actual message from Kinnear, but if he did it wasn't read. He started by saying that JFK had planned to come. He was going to come up on sunday night but didn't... and then he meandered off topic. That allowed for an already hostile crowd to lay into him. I felt sorry for him, because he didn't deserve the abuse he received and its a shame some people have to shout and bellow and can't listen to other people's opinions. But there were some bizarre/irrelevant statements by him. "Wimbledon were a good team" and "Joe Kinnear wrote the best selling football book" such comments only heightened the hostility and then he started shouting "Get off Joe Kinnear's back!", so unfortunately he didn't help himself. I've noticed a few comments around re the statement/motion re Mike Ashley to leave. Just to clarify that this was tabled not by NUFC Fans Utd, but by the Mike Ashley Out Campaign who are one of many voices with NUFC Fans Utd. Their motion was passed as the majority of those attending agreed with it. If anything comes of it then it will be in their name rather than Fans Utd itself. There are a lot of people within Fans Utd who don't feel quite as strongly as Graeme and his Group. Personally, I don't like a lot of what Ashley has done, but would admit he's got some stuff right. Ideally, if we could have massively rich owners who spend shitloads on bringing in world superstars, or we had an option to be fan owned or part fan owned, or just had pragmatic, honest, upfront owners willing to engage then yes, if there vwas some way one of those would come about, I'd be more than happy to see the back of him. But I don't see that on the cards. I think we're stuck with him for the forseeable, and therefore, we have to attempt to try to engage. The good thing is though, while I might not share Graeme's views, I respect them and as Graeme said himself last night, he acknowledges and respects people don't share his group's views. But Graeme is a decent bloke and a proper NUFC fan. The thing is, we're all NUFC fans and therefore there's still a lot of common ground and views that we can work together on. We've started to do so. Lee Marshall and Wendy Taylor are now in regular contact with Fans Utd, either one or both now attend every Fans Utd meeting and there are issues that Fans Utd and NUFC have worked on. Granted, they may be reasonably small issues, but you've got to start somewhere, and that relationship has come about by Fans Utd inviting NUFC to send a representative. They didn't at first, but nevertheless they were copied into our minutes so they could see what had been discussed at the meetings and from that we are where we are now. They were both at the meeting last night, and I think originally the idea was that one or both would speak last night. It was then decided that they wouldn't, simply because they didn't have the information re the recent events that they could pass on. But they both saw and heard for themselves the views, the passion and yes, the level of anger that's out there. And whilst they didn't take to the floor, they were talking to people who came along, so the opportunity was available to chat to them, ask questions etc. So yeah, in hindsight, there's probably a few things we'd have done differently if we could run that meeting again and maybe we underestimated the level of anger out there. But hey, you live and learn, and in the grand scheme of things, I think they are small issues. There were some great points made and a lot of passion and energy, and if people can use that and come on board, then maybe we can have a little island of positivity in what's at the minute a big negative sea.
  3. The Guitar Thread

    My purchases in the last couple of days. Fender Mustang II amp (40w) Squier Classic Vibe 50's Telecaster
  4. Guests, lurkers

    Not a lurker so much, but it's been a while since I've posted on here.
  5. The Guitar Thread

    Got one of these a few weeks ago. Its a Yamaha Guitalele, and as the name suggests its a Guitar/Ukelele cross. It's the size of A concert-sized Ukelele and it sounds like a Ukelele, but it has six strings, and you play it like a guitar. In its natural tuning it's like playing a guitar with a capo on the 4th or 5th fret. It's great. Very light, very portable, decent quality and reasonably priced. Windows sell them for £65, but if you look online, you can get them even cheaper. And with it being a Yamaha, it's well-made. In fact, it'd be superb to give to young kids, get them started early.
  6. Pet Hates!

    Tons of pet hates. Loads already mentioned like Cyclists riding on pavements, people going out wearing Pyjamas (in fact pyjamas in general are a pet hate), people saying literally when they don't mean literally (Jamie Redknapp on Sky does this, announcing how players are literally on fire, have been left for dead or only have one leg). As well as that, Checky Shirts are just wrong. Students who think that Heaton is an extension of the university campus. People who think it's perfectly alright to put their feet up on bus or metro seats. Stupid exaggerated pauses in every reality TV, quiz show etc. Reality TV shows Tories People who don't use their indicators - sheer laziness People who wear trousers halfway down their arses Jeans with button down pockets and or all sorts of ridiculous loops and unnecessary buttons
  7. Gary Speed - Rest in peace

    Found out about midday. Gutted. Such a tragic loss. I don't think I've ever been as upset upon hearing the death of an ex NUFC player/manager. Probably because of his age, the fact that he was playing for us relatively recently and there were no (known) health issues. Then there's also the fact that he was such a fantastic player. The team was always the poorer when he didn't play. He gave his all, commanded the midfield, commanded the whole team at times, would battle and never shirk from physical encounters. And yet played with such style, flair and vision. He really was an incredible player. The fact that former team mates, opponents, current players, journalists and supporters of not only all of his former teams, but many others besides have paid such wonderful tributes shows how much he was loved and respected. I saw Joey Barton's Tweet and I wasn't at all offended by it. I understand what he meant. Put in the context of what else he was tweeting at the same time, it came over as someone expressing shock as to why Gary Speed committed suicide. I have suffered from clinical depression (although I haven't had a bout for some time now, I'm not sure I can say I'm cured) and got to the stage where I seriously considered suicide (minutes away). From the outside, I can understand why it is seen by many as selfish. In fact, I think I would agree with Barton that it is both selfish and tragic. But from the inside, you don't see it that way, because you're at rock bottom, and it's impossible for me to describe how utterly low and completely helpless you feel when you are in that state. You can see no way out, have no one to help you and have no other option. The tragedy is that this is not the case, but like I said, you're in such a state you can't think clearly. If the latest rumours are true, he probably thought he'd lose his family, friends, job, reputation, respect. And as a result, felt there was nowhere to turn. IF it's true then people seriously need to boycott that paper en masse. The Scousers did it after Hillsborough. Lets see mass boycotts on Tyneside, in Yorkshire, in Wales and in Lancashire too. Easy for me to say like as I don't buy it myself. Whatever the reasons (and we may never know for sure), it's tragic, and he should be remembered for being the great player he was. A shining example to all professional footballers. I feel so sorry for his family and friends. RIP
  8. Smokin Joe Frazier... Dying

    Class fighter. RIP
  9. Benefit Fraud

    I work in a benefits office and for about every 1 non-brit claiming benefits theres 39 brits claiming benefits. I don't get why people associate benefits and the majority of people being immigrants collecting them, baffles is tbh. quoted for truth.
  10. What mood are you in and why?

    Feeling rather mixed. Had a shitty day at work as a load of us are getting moved somewhere we don't want to go. But at the same time it might be better off out of it, as there's a feeling more is coming. Feeling crap about it, but determined to turn a negative into a positive. And its also clarified what I was thinking anyway. That I can do better and should look for something else (not that its easy, but its easier if you have a job). Feeling canny about the match like.
  11. Testing my new SLR

    I made the step up to an SLR a few weeks ago and got a Nikon 3100. I've been out taking photos, trying out different settings and stuff. Mainly down by the Quayside/Bridges as its quite good to test different light settings. I had it up to SJP yesterday too.
  12. New DSLR?.

    I've just got a Nikon 3100 for a few pence under £400. Very pleased with it.
  13. What are you reading?

    Bright Shiny Morning by James Frey. I was recommended it via Amazon, read the reviews/synopsis, bought it then never got round to reading it (I have literally have thousands of books). I've only recently got round to it, and it is immense. It's about various characters living in Los Angeles - from all different backgrounds - Film Stars, Mexican Immigrants, Teenage Runaways, Homeless people, Gang members etc. They don't meet each other, but it dips in and out of their lives. Some of them just the once, whilst others are followed throughout the book. It is just so diverse and very believable and exposes LA's best and worst sides, and everything in between. The Wall by Christopher Hilton, tracking the history of the Berlin Wall through personal and eyewitness accounts of Berliners. And a couple of books about Aspergers Syndrome, that have been a big help, having recently discovered I have it.

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