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Found 3 results

  1. If we can't beat these we are truly shit. Carver has been trying to drum up the siege mentality after their behaviour in 2009 but I don't really need him to. Deplorable cunts. But even my dislike of Villa can't get me excited for this. The state of our team is going to be frightful. What's the likely line-up?
  2. Well after the international borefest, we're back to the proper stuff. Newcastle travel to the midlands to face a Villa side who've had a string of tough fixtures in the league and, while they managed to pick up three points from Arsenal on the first outing, those are the only points on the board so far. Thanks to the lads and lasses from AVilla Forum who have supplied their answers below. Pretty confident of taking all three points, with every single respondent predicting a home win. What's a realistic aim for your team this season? Pete101 - Top 10 AVSTU - I think an improvement on last season - without having to look over our shoulders at relegation like the past 2-3 seasons. A comfortable mid-table position has to be the aim. LoyalVillan - Improvement is the key, not only that but continued and sustained improvement...13th to 10th is a realistic target, however, i do think we will pull off some surprise results this year and our form (not results) so far this term have been very encouraging. AnneMc - To build on last season with an improved finish in the Premier League, steering clear of the relegation dogfight. A decent Cup run would be great too. Karl - I think we should be aiming for mid-table. Staying clear of the relegation fight first, and then simply just seeing how far we push ourselves up the table. FedUp1 - Top 12 Rob 92 - To improve on last season. Lambert inherited an absolute mess of a football club and it'll take time to fully rebuild it. Staying up last season gave us a good, solid platform to build on and I expect us to continue to progress. Responder - We should be aiming for the top half, after the top 7 teams it's all up for grabs. Have you strengthened sufficiently to achieve this? Pete101 – yes AVSTU -Yes and No. I believe we have added numbers which will hopefully include some real strength in depth. At times last season the players looked tired and the small squad showed. Jores Okore looks a quality signing already - reads the game so well. I still feel that we could of done with a no.10 but Lambert stating there wasn't one available that could fit into the current squad mold so I trust him - hopefully we will find a way of breaking down sides who will just sit back against us. LoyalVillan - Yes, we have a good solid core which has been added to so we have a little more depth and competition for places which should spur on the Lads to perform.....or be dropped. AnneMc - Seem to have added enough depth to avoid burnout should we go on a Cup run. Slightly surprised Lambert opted for another striker over a playmaker but trust he had his reasons. Karl - Hard to decide given that most of our signings are virtually unknown, but the experience and improvement the players made from last season should see us accomplish this. FedUp1 - yes, made some good signings and got rid of a few mercenaries Rob 92 - I think a lot of the work was done last season with so many younger lads getting a chance in the team. The experience they gained from all the ups and downs of the previous campaign will stand them in good stead this time around. I also feel an important part of the rebuilding process was the departures of Bent, Ireland and Bannan. Responder - We went through a few different systems and line-ups last season but we found the right one after Christmas. We had zero depth last season, we've signed pretty much unknown youth prospects again but Lamberts track record of signings so far is pretty fine so reasons to be confident. We have one of the better forward lines in the league and that's huge for the clubs in our section of the table. West Brom had a great season 2012/13, how do you feel about seeing your old enemy do so well? Pete101 - Impressed by job clark has done but think they will struggle, be nice to be looking down at the end of this season AVSTU -Old enemy? lol. It seems that the rest of the country believe there is a rivalry between us more than we actually do. Aston Villa and Birmingham are local rivals. West Brom are a club that hate Villa like most others in the Midlands. Villa fans will want to get one over on them because of the constant taunting over the past few years. Go back 2-3 years ago West Brom was just another localish game like Stoke and Wolves and their fans didn't make a sound - all of a sudden they have found their voices. LoyalVillan - Not really bothered about Baggies to be fair, some of the older heads still consider them a rival but the Unwashed from Small Heath are our true rivals and alway will be! AnneMc - You're confusing the Baggies with the blues. The Baggies aren't an old enemy. They did well last season, thanks in no small part to Lukaku. Karl - Never really cared about how other teams get on, only the Villa. Don't even see them as a Derby to be honest. FedUp1 - As others have said, WBA aren't really the old enemy, that accolade goes to a club in the Championship! As far as WBA go they did have a good season and it doesn't really bother me. I can see them struggling this season and they won't finish too far away from where they are now! Rob 92 - Finishing below West Brom bothered me as much as finishing below Man Utd, Swansea or Southampton, in other words, not at all. Responder - Genuinely completely unphased. It sounds arrogant, but West Brom are quite obsessive over us, up until Birmingham went into freefall they were who i'd have called the enemy (though Villa fans older than my 23 years will probably say West Brom are the oldest enemy). Knew Lukaku was going, knew they'd invest little to nothing despite being in a position of strength, and that's what's happened. We won't be looking up at them again I doubt. After a less than auspicious start but a strong finish to the 12/13 season, what did you think of Lambert's appointment and what do you think of him now? Pete101 - Think everyone on here will tell you we are happy with PL and think he is the perfect guy for the job AVSTU -I always wanted Paul Lambert - I felt he was the one. However, I would be lieing if I said I wasn't worried at times last season - his stubbornness at times seemed to of been his downfall but his vision paid off and I think most have brought into his vision. He hasn't set any targets like O'Neill did - he has simply stated the aim is improvement each season and he is trying to build for now and the future. Previous managers was all about the now and not the future and we paid the price for that. LoyalVillan - I actually was very excited by his arrival and have been behind him pretty much all the way, i think he may build a lasting legacy at Villa! AnneMc - Lambert has always emphasised that he needs time and fans are generally right behind him. He made some dubious decisions last season but I'm quietly confident that he's taking the club in the right direction. He's made some great signings, without breaking the bank. Karl - I was a bit sceptic over his appointment, not through any fault of his own, but simply because of our previous managerial choices. Although, I was a lot happier with his appointment than I would of been had Roberto Martinez come in FedUp1 - Wanted Lambert in from the start and I'm more than happy with the job he has done so far. Would really like us to secure him on a longer contract but nothing like 8 years! Rob 92 - I wouldn't want anyone else in charge of our team. He came in and had the balls to do exactly what was needed. Overpaid, under performing players were pushed out and young, hungry talent on lower wages came in and although it took time for them to find their feet, it all worked out okay in the end. His record in the transfer market is remarkable as he continues to find good players from all over the place and replacing Given with Guzan was nothing short of a master stroke after the previous regime allowed him to leave the club. As I said before, this is a long term project and we're nowhere near the finished article, but if you look at the state of the club now in comparison to when he came over it's pretty obvious that we're on the right track. Responder - He's got guts. Lerner proved even after tightening the purse strings that in an emergency SOS he would be there (Darren Bent under Houllier), Lambert stuck with his young unproven squad and our finish vindicated that. We played v.well from Feb onwards. A weaker man would have brought back Dunne, Warnock, Hutton. Experienced (or proven sht in my view) players, but he recognised that their commitment was non-existent and his faith was rewarded. Which of your players do you predict having a big season? Pete101 - Gabby, think the way England have snubbed him this week might put plenty of fire in his belly to prove the guy who likes to sit in the comfy seats wrong AVSTU -Without doubt Christian Benteke will want another season like last year. He has a World Cup next summer and he will want to get the nod ahead of Lukaku in the starting line up. I am also very impressed with Jores Okore's start to his Villa career. However, the one for me is Fabian Delph. He is finally living up to that early potential and he looks to have really matured mentally. LoyalVillan - Benteke is the obvious one but Gabby has found a new home on the left wing and is showing the form we wanted from him, Gabby will tear defences to shreds this year! Karl - I will stay away from the obvious and go for Ashley Westwood and Fabian Delph. I really rate Westwood, keeps thing simple in the middle and even under pressure seems to find some space to come away with the ball. Delph started to perform in the second half of last season and it looks to have continued into our early games this season. Doesn't seem as rash in the challenge and somehow seems to pick the ball up surrounded by two or three players and still be able to break forward. Does need to work on his final ball though. AnneMc - Benteke will have another good season as he looks to nail down a starting place for his national side. Agbonlahor's only going in one direction... Delph's improving all the time and this might, finally, be his year. Young Okore is one to watch. Can't forget about Guzan, who did so well last year and will be hoping to build on that. FedUp1 - Gabby looks to have found some form and I can see Benteke having another good season. It'll also be interesting to see how the new signings settle in. Rob 92 - Benteke will score a lot of goals, but that goes without saying. I personally think this is the season that Gabby Agbonlahor will show the form that he showed under MON and be a real talisman for us. Responder - Agbonlahor-Since the new year he's played best football of his career to date. Christian Benteke- No explanation needed, destined for the very top. Fabian Delph- Over the injuries, and growing into the much touted Leeds prophecy Which of your players do you expect to have a disappointing season? Pete101 - Shay given, cant see him playing a min in cup or lg AVSTU -In the first team I cant see any really disappointing. There are fringe players who are in the last chance saloon like Marc Albrighton and to be honest I wouldn't be surprised to see him released in the summer and end up at a Championship side next year. Shame really because he is Villa through and through but we cant afford to carry players who aren't good enough anymore. LoyalVillan - Hard to say as many of our players are still getting used to the EPL, but if i had to pick a player it will be Albrighton who is pretty much a one trick pony, this season is do or die for him i think. AnneMc - I remain unconvinced by Vlaar. If he doesn't make a big improvement soon, I suspect he may lose the armband. Karl - Not a fan of our captain, Ron Vlaar. Really hope he proves me wrong and has a great season but looks very suspect the majority of the time and I wouldn't even have him in the first choice eleven, never mind captain. FedUp1 - None I hope but I guess if I was to call out one I would say Alan Hutton Rob 92 - It's far too early to say. Although I'm sure Joe Bennett is still shte. Responder - Hard one to answer, I don't have a player in my mind who I think will under perform. I doubt Albrighton will get much game time, and I think Joe Bennett might pay for some of his dodgy performances last year It seems that Randy Lerner has changed tack; he is no longer putting millions into the club and now basically lets it fend for itself. Do you think you can be succesful within those limitations? Pete101 - With lambert at the helm yes AVSTU -The media have stated this - not the club. The money is still there. When the chairman took over he promised his managers would have £20million every summer transfer window and a % of any sales. This hasn't changed. He has however stated that the wage bill needs to be kept in check and this is the way most clubs are having to go with the new fair play rules kicking in next season. LoyalVillan - Randy Lerner is guilty of only one thing in my mind, and that is naivety, he trusted MON with the reigns of the Club and allowed him to buy whomever he wanted only not to play them! wages were out of control!! just before MON walked out there was a meeting between Lerner, Paul Faulkner (chief executive) and MON to discuss how to balance the wage bill against income.....apparently only 2 people around that table understood the need for this. Now Lerner seems to have found the right man for the Job and in Lambert he has a Manager who will work within the boundary's set out and understand the bigger picture. AnneMc - Randy has plenty of money and is trusting Lambert as opposed to letting the club 'fend for itself'. Wages are the issue, not transfer funds. Lambert has shown he has an eye for a bargain. I suppose it depends on your definition of successful. We won't be winning the league this year. Karl - I believe the money is there still, it is just more about using it wisely now. Of course, it could all backfire still but even if it did it wouldn't be a disaster for us unlike before. I think people have different opinions on the term 'successful' also. We finished 15th last season and were always fighting to stay up, lost to a League Two side over two games in one trophy and a Championship side in the other. Success could be deemed as bettering that this season. FedUp1 - We've been working hard to reduce the wage bill, which TBH was way out of control. This is almost complete. We have a manager that Lerner can trust again and I believe that if Lambert needs the money Lerner will supply it. Rob 92 - Absolutely and I think it's the reality for the rest of the league (outside of the top four) that we'll have to fend for ourselves and I think the faith we've shown in youth is the right way to go about things. It's a brick-by-brick approach, but I genuinely believe that in years to come we'll be a blueprint for other clubs when it comes to competing without breaking the bank. Aston Villa annoyed a lot of Newcastle fans when they had ready-made signs to celebrate our relegation. There had never been any enmity from ourselves in your direction but this classless display seems to suggest that your fansbase resented ours, what's the reasons for this? Pete101 - Think ur blowing up this way too much. AVSTU -Fish - as you know, you have been involved in quite heavy debates on our forums about this. Villa fans as a whole had no real hate towards your club or your fans. The banner's was displayed but a few people and then the whole Villa faithful was blamed for this. Newcastle fans then started hating us and giving us abuse so of course there is only so much we as a fanbase will take that so now there is a bit of a rivalry between the two sets of fans but is that a bad thing? It certainly adds to something on a match day doesn't it? LoyalVillan - The banners were uncalled for and i actually understand why the Toon dislike us so much now, but as other have said this was a minority and not the general feeling of the fans, i actually quite like Newcastle! but dont tell any one, i have a rep to maintain! AnneMc - There you go exaggerating again... Aston Villa didn't have 'ready made signs to celebrate' your relegation. A few Villa fans did. Think they were intended to be humorous. I understand why Newcastle fans were touchy about it but you blew it out of proportion and it's sad that you're still banging on about it years later. Karl - Been said by a few already. A few supporters made banners, not the entire Villa Park. Majority did celebrate over enthusiastically when it was confirmed you were down, and I make no excuses for them, but I'd expect the same had it been the other way. FedUp1 - Can't really believe the fuss that was made about this. My mrs loves Ant & Dec and thinks they're great in that " I'm a Newcastle Fan Get Kinnear Out Of Here! On a more serious note, its time to let it go. As others have said the banners were made by a few and not the whole Villa fanbase, most Villa fans think your lot are alreet. Rob 92 - I didn't make the banner so I have no idea. I personally couldn't care less about Newcastle. Responder - Ah, that Ant and Dec sign ruined what was a casually pleasant friendship. I was at the game in question. I don't think there was or is any resentment, we have little cause to resent you. I think the nature of lots of fans means that you'd have got a similar reaction from most grounds. Personally, I didn't join in as I imagine relegation is tragic, and I really understood your frustrations that year with the ridiculous Keegan treatment from the board earlier in the year. Newcastle though, for whatever reason, are quite a disliked club. You'll find that most neutrals seem to quite enjoy the running Geordie soap opera, and you must admit, you give so much material. Take it as a compliment, fans always want to see a big club go down, people wanted us to go down last season and many neutrals confused me by glorifying when we were in our worst moments. Newcastle is a huge club and will always have haters. Under Mike Ashley, Newcastle's ambition appears to be survival and nothing more, given that, where do you see NUFC finishing this season? Pete101 - The whole Kinnear thing looks messy, if this blows up early in season you could be fighting a dogfight back in the drop zone, but you do have a good enough squad to finish close to us mid table AVSTU -There is no doubt there is talent in the Newcastle setup but you wont need me to tell you that I don't believe your manager or your director of football are good enough. Pardew got lucky with that one season and somehow managed to get a stupid long term deal. I do seem similarities with this side as the one you got relegated with. Not in the case of talent as I believe the current crop are head and shoulders better but in players who seem more interested in their wages than fighting for the Newcastle cause. Only time will tell I guess. I expect you to finish in the bottom half of the table but should have enough to survive. LoyalVillan - You have a decent squad well capable of midtable and pushing for Europa spots, but the Kinnear arrival and clear disharmony between him and Pardew will affect the Players and leave you struggling i am afraid! AnneMc - You have lots of talented players and if Pardew gets them going you'll be fine but I suspect he may not be around to do that. Don't think you'll be relegated again (I'll not start making banners just yet...) but it might be a season to forget. Karl - I believe you have a good side, but can't see too much with the backroom problems at the club. I expect you to be within the bottom quarter. FedUp1 - I can see you really struggling until Ashley and Kinnear are out of your club. I'm confident that, unless things change dramatically, you'll finish a good few places below ourselves, so anything from 12th and below! Rob 92 - An uninspiring lower half finish. I don't think you'll go down, as there are far too many rubbish teams for that to happen to you. Unfortunately your owner is a knb, your director of football is a clown and your manager is incompetent. I'll say 14th. Responder - I fear for Newcastle. I think the way the club has been run is a complete joke, how that fat corpse Kinnear snuck back into the club I have no idea, he has no concept of modern football and him being in charge of transfers is easy enough explanation for lack of incomings. I gather Pardew is none-too-popular, but I think he's in a very difficult position at the moment. Your first eleven is quite good really, too good to be going down, but injuries could hit you hard. Keeping Cabaye was a big deal, and assuming Remy is not convicted for rape then he can hopefully do the work that Cisse really isn't very good at and lay the chances on for him. Bottom half, but safe. Ironically, I think your nearby friends Sunderland are in for a much tougher time with that utter clown they've hired. What's your most memorable game against NUFC? Pete101 - The day we sent yee down, hehe just kidding but the amount of talk about it this week hard to forget it AVSTU -I always remember the game which Lee Bowyer and Kieran Dyer got sent off for fighting each other. Not really the right reasons to remember a game for but never the less that is the kind of thing you don't see in football everyday. LoyalVillan - Fight of the Century between Lee "Animal" Bowyer and Kieran "Sicknote" Dyer, very shocking and the game will be remembered for the wrong reasons AnneMc - For all the wrong reasons, your 6-0 thrashing of us when you came back up. Am still in shock. Karl - Got to be the 3-0 at St. James' Park, or should I now say Sports Direct Arena (what was he thinking?!). We did play well that day, but the scrap between Bowyer and Dyer somewhat took that away from us. FedUp1 - That has to be the 3-0 win at your place when Dyer and Bowyer decided to press the self destruct button. Rob 92 - A difficult one... It's not exactly been a classic fixture over the years. I'll go for the game when your two players started scrapping with each other, for the lolz. Responder - What else could I pick, I was a teenage boy on my first trip to St James, I need say no more than 2 names. Kieran Dyer. Lee Bowyer. Newcastle have been in the papers for all the wrong reasons again, what's your take on the Kinnear debacle? Pete101 - A mess AVSTU -Anyone who knows anything about football can see this bloke is a complete joke. Your rivals are no doubt laughing at you despite the joker they have running their team and other clubs are looking on and watching the fans v club battle brewing up. I feel for your fans - You don't deserve this and I cant see why the hell Mike Ashley feels the need to have him anywhere near the club apart from them being friends. LoyalVillan - I heard his interview on Talksport before it was officially announced, the Guy is a Clown who has serious mental issues if he believes the crap he was spouting! i actually thought he had been at the cough medicine AnneMc - Where did you get him from? Take him back, quickly. He's like a sitcom character. Karl - As Villa fans we know what it is like being the laughing stock of the league, ours was more to do with our on field actions than off it though. To me, it simply looks like Ashley is regretting the ridiculous contract he gave Pardew and wants a resignation from the manager. Pardew would be stupid to do that though considering the pay off he would lose out on. Can see this turning quite bad for Newcastle fans if they don't sort it soon. FedUp1 - I don't understand some of the decisions that Ashley makes. From the outside looking in, it would appear that he is showing you who is boss and and he doesn't mind pissing you off along the way just to remind you. Rob 92 - It's one of those situations that is absolutely hilarious when it's not happening to your club. How is that man allowed anywhere near a professional football club? Responder - Baffling, amateur, and a slap in the face for your fans. Which Newcastle players would you like to see in your side? Pete101 - Cabaye and krul AVSTU -Ben Arfa, Cabaye - are both quality players who can single handedly win you a game and this is something Villa don't have. I just wonder how long you can keep hold of them. LoyalVillan - Ben Arfa, quality player who saved the points for you in the same fixture last season AnneMc - Ben Arfa would be top of my list. It was clear against Fulham recently how he can inspire a win and you looked lost without him at times last season. I would happily take Cabaye too. He is very quick-witted and has even quicker feet. He has great range to his passing and I like that he has a bit of 'bite' too. Karl - Cheick Tiote and Yoyan Cabeye are both quality players. Out of the two I feel Cabeye would add more as we are missing that bit of creativity in the middle of the park. Ben Arfa is a good player also, but he is a bit hit and miss. Can be special one game and go completely missing the next. FedUp1 - Cabaye Rob 92 - I wouldn't mind having Ben Arfa in the team. Responder - Easy, Cabaye and Coloccini. Finally, what do you think the score will be? Pete101 - 2:0 to villa AVSTU -I wont predict the score as I am very superstitious. Hopefully a home win and a exciting game. LoyalVillan - gonna be tough but i am "Hoping" for a 2-1 or 3-2 win, but as we are at home and if we are being true to form it may be a draw AnneMc - Think a narrow Villa win's on the cards. I'll go for 2-1. Karl - Hate predicting Villa games as my heart always says at least a 3-0 win, but my head kicks in and ridicules me over suggesting we would keep a clean sheet. 3-2 Villa. FedUp1 - There'll be goals in this and I can see us winning comfortably, 4-1 villa. Rob 92 - 2-1 Villa. Responder - I think our forward three will win it for us, Benteke often bails us out. A close hard fought 2-1. No result would shock me greatly.
  3. Hi all, I'm currently living at preston for uni and was wanting to go to the villa game next month, since im off wednesdays i can do this without risk etc as its a tuesday night. However, when looking for trains i found that the only time that i can return to preston is 7 am the next morning (Wednesday) so this has put me off a little. I was wondering whether there is any toon fans from preston/going through preston/ can alternate to go through preston to car share? Cheers lads and lasses Kieran
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