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I have 3 days of normal work left woohoo. Unfortunately it also means I will be posting on here a lot less boohoo. This is due to me really taking the piss and doing very little actual work and spending more time on here (just call me Gemmill Jr). This place has kept me sane (or annoyed the tits off me hello LM) due to the annoying nature of my work. That is taking calls from the same skiving twats every day and listening to their feeble excuses for not turning in to work. And having quite possibly the worst HR I have ever worked with who will not do a f*cking thing to rectify it. And not being able to say "stop skiving twat and come into work". I go to be a student by day and mr reliance at night. If you have any relatives who are in the pokey and want to escape just let me know. When I do leave I really cannot justify being on here as much. Thats justify to my wife not anything else. The summer is arriving and we have a garden and a garage to paint. So 3 more days left so let's get some interesting stuff going. I won't start.

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