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  1. Apart from Hougton being sacked two months before Carroll was sold.
  2. Can you give an example of Hughton's reluctance to toe the party line? He played hell when Carroll was sold and not replaced and was sacked soon after. Pardew has had Barton, Enrique and Nolan flogged and has barely grumbled. Let's not pretend Pardew wasn't solely employed as a YES man just because Joey Barton said something nice about him. Neither could hold a candle to Keegan or Robson either btw. Like either of those would have stood for MA changing the name of the ground, plastering huge signs everywhere or buying and selling players behind the managers backs. Mental. Or am I missing some outrageous sarcasm.
  3. I assume that the loan granted to pay off the stadium mortgage will be written down in leiu of this signage. How much do these stadium sponsorship deals generally generate? Then again...
  4. Manchester City humping Spurs' eyes out here.
  5. I swear the only thing Pardew's been scouting for in Holland is the pot; what utter drivel the man talks.
  6. Stubborn, lacking self awareness, having an over inflated opinion of one's own thoughts at the detriment of others' ideas.
  7. I think Chez might be about half right with his interpretation. Personally I think most of Ashley's actions in the last couple of months point to the fact that he has very little cash. I'd say his cashflow is pretty much knackered.
  8. I'd say that most of the previous regimes faults arose from taking knee jerk decisions regarding the management of the squad. They always managed to replace previous managers with polar opposites of what had went before. This led to disruption and cash being wasted on contracts for players that were not fancied by the new managers. Which also meant they needed to spend more money on players that the new manager wanted. Shepherd and the young Hall were also a bit too media whore for my liking but they are certainly not the worst culprits in this regard.
  9. the tits were those who backed Souness to the end, and those who said "anybody but Fred would do better than this". And a u-turn is what you did rather than just admit you got it all wrong. Anyway, I don't honestly know why you got involved in this thread......unless you are obsessed like mancmag and MF Surely a U-turn would be admit you were wrong.
  10. Brilliant hindsight, but how could bringing England's number one striker in at the time be construed as anything other than being ambitious and taking advantage of the club's stature in the market. Then again you seem to think Ashley is the best owner in the league... At least the previous owners tried to fix problems with the squad and the staff as they saw it, the current ones appear to be trying to create problems at every turn.
  11. And hence one knows how folk like these and Ashley make their money - it's not what you know but who.
  12. Already got a PS3 in another room, which I'm trying to get the streamy thing working with - on hold due to decorating. But this is for the living room, don't really want to shell out for a massive xbox to further clutter an already cluttered space. Looks like it might be possible to do what I want with the Wii which is kind of gathering dust under the living room telly at the moment. At least to an extent, the picture quality will clearly not be anywhere near as good. On a side note I truly detest decorating.
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