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Freddie Shepherd comments

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"We're third this season. Just remember who was third 12 months ago - Manchester United. We've taken their place, if you like. Well, we're aiming to take their place again next season.


"When people ask me why I think we can win the title, I reply: 'Why not?' It's not why anymore, but why not? I'll certainly be putting a bet on it.


"But it's not all about looking ahead. Let's just savour what we've done this year. We've finished third ahead of fine teams like Chelsea and Liverpool. We've put them in their place and are now widely recognised as the third biggest club in the Premiership.


"That's not just in this country and in Europe, but worldwide. Sometimes I think we Geordies don't realise how big Newcastle United is. We're making rapid strides in the Far East, while on the Continent everyone now knows what Newcastle are about.''




"The future is so bright. We have a young team which is gaining experience at the highest level - and they're fast learners.


"We've signed Hugo Viana, Jonathan Woodgate and Laurent Robert in the last two years, and there will be more top-class players coming here. Any player worth his salt would want to join Newcastle - and I'm not just talking about players here, but across Europe.


"Ever since Bobby came, this club has improved year-on-year and I believe it will carry on improving. Yes, we all want to win the title next year, but I'd settle for second place and first the year after that.


"Bobby will be here until that happens. It would be a foolish man who'd bet against it.


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I think he honestly believed his own hype when he thought he could just fire SBR and get another high profile manager. Little did he realise he'd used up all decent Geordie managers.



Any player worth their salt? Let's have a look see at who signed for Chelsea after we finished 3rd:






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Quite difficult reading that after the shite way he's handled everything since.


He can't possibly be able to get away with many more dud appointments.


You just know that when Roeder gets the bullet around 3 days before the transfer deadline day, we'll cast our net to include managers that are either


a ) Geordies

b ) ex-players

c ) Managers within a 200mile radius


I cannot seeing the board/chairman having the foresight to scour Europe/further afield for top drawer managers in the way that Liverpool/Arsenal and Chelsea have done with Wenger/Mourinho/Benitez/Houllier. It's the sort of highest level scouting that should be going on. Keeping tabs on potential managers. Basically the exact opposite of what he did with Roeder. Even if the chairman doesn't keep tabs on top drawer managers, he had months to do it with Roeder in temporary charge. Even under Bobby it's what he should have done. SBR said in his autobiography that he was ready to "move upstairs in a different capacity" and would have helped to hand-pick the next manager of Newcastle while he was still in charge.

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