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Can't get any channels to work on Sky. Can go through the channel guide but it just keeps saying 'There is a technical problem with this channel, please try again later'.


That happened on Friday, went away for the weekend and its still fucked.


Any ideas? Obviously i'll phone Sky if its still bad but if anyone has any tips i'd appreciate it.

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I hate to sound like the shitty help desk that sky have, but have you tried resetting it? IE unplug it, take the card out and make sure there is no grime on the strip. Then knock it on again ? the amount of time they have told me to do that and its worked :icon_lol:

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There are two things in this world that I cant believe.


1. Its not butter

2. You didnt try switching it off earlier.


I'd tried resetting it and pulled a few plugs out but i'd not thought about the card, never even touched that before.

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