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Lord Lucan 'Living In A Car In New Zealand'

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'Murder Mystery Peer' Has A Pet Possum


Updated: 11:16, Thursday August 09, 2007


A former Scotland Yard Detective has travelled to New Zealand to try to solve one of Britain's greatest criminal mysteries: what happened to Lord Lucan.


The earl disappeared in 1974, shortly after his children's nanny was bludgeoned to death at the family home in west London.


Now there are claims the the former Coldstream Guards officer, who would now be 72, is living as a recluse in the remote New Zealand town of Marton.


Locals say the elderly Englishman, who lives in a Landrover with a pet possum and a cat, bears a striking resemblance to the earl.


The man, who goes by the name of Roger Woodgate, has denied being the Lord.


Former Metropolitan Police detective inspecter Sidney Ball, who solved 150 murders during his career, has travelled to New Zealand to see if he can solve the Lord Lucan mystery once and for all.


Mr Ball told the local newspaper, the Dominion Post: "This man's neighbours are convinced that the guy living rough is Lucan."


Mayor Bob Buchanon thinks they might be right. "I wouldn't be surprised if he is Lucan. There's quite a resemblance," he said.


The man is said to have an upper-class English accent and a military bearing and is believed to have arrived in New Zealand about the time Lord Lucan disappeared.


Nanny Sandra Rivett was murdered 33 years ago at the home of Lucan's estranged wife.


One theory is that she was killed by mistake and the real target was Lady Lucan, who was locked in a bitter custody battle with the aristocrat over their three children.


Lucan's car was found abandoned near the coast shortly afterwards.


Many believe the professional gambler drowned himself in the English Channel, but there have been at least 70 'sightings' in Australia, Holland, Ireland and South Africa since then.



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