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  1. ewerk

    Eddie Howe

    Can we take a moment to discuss PL’s vendetta against Eddie Howe?
  2. Aye and if Brazil make it to the final then we’ll have basically lost half our first team for six weeks.
  3. They’re missing out on two match days because of the WC. It’s hardly season wrecking. Consider yourself debated.
  4. Back when that lot knew their place, eh?
  5. ewerk

    Eddie Howe

    That sounds like the sort of stupid thing Man United would do. Get a new manager in and reward him with a new bumper contract after six months. He has two years left on his contract, no one bigger or with more ambition is going to come in and poach him. There's no need for it.
  6. Obviously there's still a fair few league places to play for. Plus the players are bound to be due a few quid for finishing top half.
  7. Oh no, they understood you perfectly. They understood that you were FUCKING ENGLISH.
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