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  1. Not to put a dampener on a silver in the Taekwondo but all she had to do was avoid getting kicked in the head for 14 seconds to claim gold and of course she ended up getting kicked in the head. If I were her coach I'd have told her 'don't get kicked in the head' and she'd be Olympic champion right now, at the top level it's these sort of things that make a big difference.
  2. Oh it's definitely the beginning of The Burbs.
  3. Yeah, you really come across as one of life's winners.
  4. And another gold for GB, Tom Pidcock in the mountain biking winning it at a canter.
  5. Fair play, he was committed right to the end. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-57958358
  6. He’s trying to manage expectations. Steve the wonder manager keeping plucky Newcastle up against the odds.
  7. The TV rights only allow them to show two events at a time. Seems strange.
  8. An antiquated rule from a time where MPs were expected to be reasonably honest and have the honour to come to the house and apologise when they'd mislead it. Unfortunately those rules didn't allow for this particular shower of cunts.
  9. Starmer should have done something like that if he wanted some cut through.
  10. You can guarantee that this is going to boil his piss. Though he'll probably just start another fundraiser to cover the cost.
  11. It was Renton who lent me the DVDs tbf.
  12. If I want to watch scantily clad ladies I'll dust off my Jayna Oso boxset, not tune in to BBC2 at 6am to watch girls showing a tiny bit of ass.
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