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  1. It’s hard to disagree with Gloom.
  2. We were told there would be tariff free access. Most people wouldn't equate that to huge customs and VAT charges.
  3. So much good stuff...
  4. H a v e y o u l e a r n e d n o t h i n g f r o m C o r b y n ?
  5. Have you learned nothing from Corbyn?
  6. 'Homeless shelters can turn away queer teenagers'. Like FFS, that's just being evil for the sake of it.
  7. Though your second amendment could do with a bit of work.
  8. Aye, can you imagine the damage Trump would have done if the US had our parliamentary system?
  9. Nearly 200 years later and some of you still don’t quite get it.
  10. He's also 16th on the all time list for assists. Plus most of his time he wasn't playing for a team challenging for the title.
  11. They aren't actually using deaths as a metric of success though. It's all about hospital capacity, whether the patients live or die is irrelevant to the decision makers.
  12. Aye, at 33 Shearer was still averaging better than a goal every two matches and was the second highest PL goal scorer that season. At 33 Rooney was was fucking about in the MLS and getting arrested for public intoxication.
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