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  1. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    He got the racism.
  2. Coronavirus

    It's £40m if you're in a Tory marginal.
  3. Coronavirus

    Why Manchester are rejecting Tier 3 What happened to:
  4. Bruce Manager of NUFC

  5. Coronavirus

    I agree completely, he left it far too late last time and he's going to do the same again. We'd be in lockdown in NI weeks ago but the treasury won't offer the money needed to do it.
  6. Coronavirus

    We're not in lockdown, mate. That's the Republic of Ireland. And even then there's massive gaps in the rules that mean it isn't a full lockdown.
  7. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    I said when he was appointed that we'd have a period where defensively the team could play from memory but over time we'd look more leaky and we're definitely going to see that happening this season.
  8. Coronavirus

    Finally they’ve brought in testing at Heathrow for *checks notes* passengers leaving the country...
  9. Coronavirus

    Plus manufacturing to remain open. Why? Edit: And construction.
  10. Coronavirus

    But still the schools open *Gemmill seethes*
  11. Coronavirus

    And with that the Republic goes back into lockdown.
  12. Coronavirus

    The Mancs are trying to set a precedent here with the government support they're asking for. Hopefully they get it but I wouldn't be surprised if the government were happy just to watch them die.
  13. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Yes, only fair that we should look at the whole situation.

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