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  1. Politics

    That’s only because you didn’t understand it.
  2. Politics

    Rayvin has definitely taken the ‘stupid’ digs to heart.
  3. Politics

    So it’s the moderates who have been proven right that are to blame?
  4. Politics

    For the record, IMO the biggest problem with Labour in the last election was Corbyn. Not necessarily his policies but the man himself. The public didn’t like him and they trusted him even less. When I look at the candidates now my main concern is electability and RLB doesn’t have it. The only one who I think can appeal to the general public and deliver a Labour government is Starmer. That should be the main concern of anyone voting for leader. Who has the best chance of becoming PM. If that makes me a centrist/Tory then so be it.
  5. Politics

    That's EXACTLY what I said.
  6. Politics

    She took an 8,000 majority down to 401. Truly a disciple of Corbyn.
  7. Politics

    Definitely not a soundbite/slogan she's trying to push.
  8. Best away fans in the Premier League

    That reminds me, I was suprised to find out that this twat runs a bookshop by day.
  9. This is the news!

    Easier when you've got a foreskin.
  10. Politics

    And '40 years of Thatcherism' is more than a slogan or soundbite? Give over.
  11. Politics

    She’s 10/10 after a couple of roofies.
  12. Politics

    Re-elected with a 47% majority. This country...
  13. Politics

    Anyone know if Jason Statham is a Labour party member?
  14. Politics

    You stick to banging on about centrism.
  15. Politics

    Fair dos, you are that stupid.

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