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  1. Talksport are actually paying to promote a tweet in which Luke Edwards claims that Steve Bruce has been treated worse by the media and fans than any manager in the last 20 years. His fandom knows no bounds.
  2. Now this is a post about Alec Baldwin.
  3. He’s turned out not too bad for the world’s first bacon face transplant.
  4. Aye, I was in Amsterdam last week and just like NI it was pretty much masks everywhere but what really liked was the covid passport needed for most things. Going into a bar, restaurant or attraction it was a quick check and off you go. Of course I have an EU covid passport so it was a piece of piss but I dunno if it recognises your blue QR codes.
  5. There's different levels of sanctions available, it's the same rules as in England AFAIA.
  6. I can spot at least one problem with that.
  7. And yet four clubs saw fit to appoint him as manager despite all evidence that he was a waste of space.
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