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  1. Tough year for Dave Whelan. First Wigan go into administration and now his business empire is totally fucked. Thankfully he's alive to witness it all, the massive cunt.
  2. ewerk will allow Margot Robbie to lick his bellend for the same terms he agreed with Scarlett Johansson, but is waiting for the Australian to drop her restraining order to enable him to progress to the next stage of the process.
  3. So the Premier League need to explain what happened but although we don’t know what happened we can definitely say they weren’t at fault? Thank fuck I stopped unfollowing the wanker.
  4. He did lose the club’s only world class player and was unable to make any signings of his own. It’s early days but I think he’s done okay this season.
  5. What are you drinking?

    Sorry to hear that mate, hopefully things turn around for you soon.
  6. The Entirely Reasonable Potential Transfers Thread

    I don’t think Longstaff’s situation was all about money. He wanted a plan as to how he was going to develop and progress and wasn’t satisfied with the response he received.
  7. Other games 2019/2020

    Danny Murphy on co-commentary? Talk about disrespecting the Cup.
  8. Precedent Trump

    He’s only gone and banned TikTok. That’ll not go down well with the youth.
  9. I mean that’d be a brave move seeing as he doesn’t own any part of Debenhams. Are we thinking a mass arson job?
  10. It is done in some other areas but none as big as MENA. Richard Masters’ main job is to provide revenue to the clubs. Upsetting the incredibly successful apple cart was not going to be a viable option for him.
  11. This is only a mess because KSA chose to buy a PL making it an issue. If KSA revokes Bein’s licence and weren’t involved with us then none of us would have ever heard about it. It wasn’t something the PL could reasonably have foreseen.
  12. If something’s toxic then that’s probably the last thing you want to be doing tbh.
  13. The entire Middle East is a tinderbox. If you let one away with it then the rest will follow. Whether the PL are allowed to bundle the rights the way they do is a matter of international law (I’m guessing) so if it were illegal then I’m sure someone would have brought the case before now.
  14. That was never going to work. The PL bundle these rights together for a reason, whether that is because it’s financially advantageous to do so or it’s just easier for them to manage that way. What SA was suggesting would have completely undermined that approach. It would have opened the door to any country who doesn’t missed out on the rights or didn’t like the rights holder to simply ban them from their airwaves and negotiate their own deal. The PL have fucked this takeover up big time but I can’t argue with them on this one.

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