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Nudes wanted for Old Firm shoot

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A photographer has unveiled plans to recreate a classic Old Firm moment at Hampden - using nudes.

Alistair Devine is looking for nude volunteers to pose for the image which will celebrate a historic clash between Rangers and Celtic.


Mr Devine organised a similar project last year where he photographed 30 nude volunteers in a bar in the name of art.


The new event, which aims to raise awareness of anti-sectarianism, has been scheduled for later this month.


In 1980, Mr Devine captured a famous scene of riots at an Old Firm Game at Hampden, with police on horses trying to halt fighting on the pitch.


Almost 30 years on, his Stripped Naked project will aim to shoot a scene of nude Rangers and Celtic fans meeting in perfect harmony on the pitch.


Stripped Naked will go down in history as one of the most exciting, debatable and cool pieces of art in our lifetime


Mr Devine said: "Following on from the iconic image I captured in 1980 which highlighted all that is bad about the game and portrayed Scotland in a negative light, I am now going to capture what will be an iconic image of serious relevance to where Scotland as a country and a footballing nation is today."


Hundreds of fans, male and female, will be asked to pose naked, their modesty protected only by carefully placed Rangers or Celtic scarves.


The appeal is for participants aged over 18 and "of any shape or size".


Oli Norman, managing director of events firm DADA, which is helping to organise the project, said: "Stripped Naked will go down in history as one of the most exciting, debatable and cool pieces of art in our lifetime."

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