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Hound Dracula is 'vampire dog'

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Hound Dracula is 'vampire dog'



September 05, 2007





A HORRIFYING breed of VAMPIRE dog that sucks blood from farm animals was on the rampage last night.


The pack of large-fanged hounds has been terrorising farms — killing goats and chickens just to drain their blood.


Farmers claim they have seen the “Dracula dogs” sink their teeth into the necks of terrified livestock.


Phylis Canion says her land is littered with bloodless animal corpses — untouched except for two fang marks.


Now scientists are examining three dead dogs she found near her ranch in Cuero, Texas, to see if they are a new breed or mutated from wild ones.


Phylis said: “I’ve seen a lot of nasty stuff in my life but nothing compares to what these beasts do to my animals.


“At first they fed on cats’ blood — then drank from chickens through a wire cage.


Fang-tastic ... mock up of fabled Chupacabra

Fang-tastic ... mock up of fabled Chupacabra


“They reached in and pulled the chickens’ heads out, then latched on to the neck, sucking all the blood before leaving the bodies in the cage.


“More than two dozen chickens were sucked dry in this way. The birds weren’t eaten or carried off — the meat was left on the bone. It’s eerie.”


Phylis, who plans to get one of the dogs’ heads stuffed and mounted on her wall, said a pack was seen by other locals last month. She added: “All of them were blue-skinned, had no hair and had strange teeth.


“Farmers here are terrified of leaving children outside.”


Some locals think the blue dogs are Chupacabras — a legendary animal that feasts on goat blood, which was featured in TV sci-fi drama The X-Files.


But expert Dr Travis Schaar, who is doing DNA tests, said: “It is probably just a strange breed of dog with a preference for blood.”





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