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What a fcuked up midfield????

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No pace ...no power.....no guile


They are neither fish nor fowl!!!!


Who in their right mind would pick Geremi or Barton over a player like Pape Bouba Diop!!!!


Big Sam should be shot




I don't agree with the whole concept of booing..


I especially don't believe in the concept of booing players ..but Big Sam has been looking for iit since the beginning of the season...His purchases displayed a simple lack of common sense.


Big Sam did play very basic football ay Bolton but the fact is his teams were always full of technically adept players eg Diouf ,Campo ,Okocha ,Djorjaeff and Anelka. So even though they did play route one footballl, they did not give away the ball often and the players were tactically disciplined.


Newcastle is the opposite of Bolton ,the players at Newcastle have inferior technique, physicallly and psychologically weak.

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Have to agree with this thread, our midfield is not up to the job at present. HOpe we can limp along till january.


agreed. we're cying out for an attacking player that can make things happen in the final third. what we could do for a class player like elano. someone in the beardsley mould playing in the hole. we haven't had a player like that for years.

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