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Hi From Hong Kong


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Been to hong Kong since 17th july so this is first time i've managed to go on this site. Nice layout and very smooth so far, havn't managed to find out many news so can anyone update me. Very hot here hows the weather in england?


Any transfer rumours exc Boa Morte


Davids off to Spurs!! Surely not


How did the games go in the intertoto cup?


Anything else thats worth mentioning feel free to tell.

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Raining mate..

nowt happening with BM,Yeah hes signed for Spurs..



Hi Buddy,


Hope you are enjoying Hong Kong it sounds like an amazing place.


Got beaten 2-1 last night but Bowyer scored a screamer of an away goal to keep us in there with a little hope.


You enjoy the rest of your holiday and we'll see you back at the Old Skool on your return :razz:

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Cheers will do bud its raining here at the moment as well.


Whats with Spurs being linked with all the big names gives me good memories of us being in that position about 10 years ago now. When is the 2nd leg god damn crap coverage over here.

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Yer nice work Gol initially i thought this board was going to replace the newcastle-online but obvious not. I'm sure more members will join how longs the board been up? Whats everyone doing just using 1 board or using both?

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