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Duff Out, Warnock In???

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On the Stephen Warnock front, he would definately be a good buy for you. I'm sure most Blackburn fans would be very annoyed if Ince let him go. I remember when we sold him because Riise was still untouchable first choice :icon_lol: , and thinking Blackburn have got an absolute bargain (£1.5 million!).


I think he's proved it as his time there, ultra reliable premier league quality left back. Surprised with him being English he wasn't vastly inflated. I guess it's just the other teams that get megabucks for their promising English youth.

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been chatting to a rovers supporting mate of mine and he reckons they'd be happy with a duff warnock swap even though they like warnock the consensus with them is that we've ruined duff and they'd be able to get him back to his old rovers quality


which they can't but still, if we can rob them like that and still have them happy with it then :icon_lol:

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i know duff's been shite and another massive letdown but he's one of the few players in our squad that i would be prepared to give another season to to see if he can recapture his old form under keegan. last chance saloon like but he's worth the gamble imo (where the likes of smith, barton and geremi clearly aren't) because he has at least shown good ability in the past.


I thought that before, as he'd never had a decent run with injury, but I think his last injury at Chelsea and maybe his big injury here have just taken it from him physically.


Maybe that's what Hartlepool showed, that he's still got the skill to perform, but not the physical attributes to consistently do it in the Premiership any more.

Wasn't at that match but 2J reckons he was still shite. Couldn't be the full-back once, etc.


Yeah that's sort of what I mean, like when once good/great older player drop down the leagues, they may not be able to beat anyone even there, but they do still score just with awareness and still having a good shot etc.


But in the Premiership they'd just be a liability.

Aye, I'm sure he'd do well at a lower level, if he ever did drop down (ignoring wage issues etc.) I was just really saying it's not like he was back to his old self by any means. Apparently, if you can trust 2J's judgement like. :icon_lol:

Cheeky cunt. :icon_lol:

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