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Cops kicked our door in by mistake and left a message.. in fridge magnets

By James Harper, sundaymirror.co.uk 10/08/2008


Police stormed a family's house in error - and then left a bizarre message spelled out in fridge magnets.


Officers were hunting a suspect who had been recalled to prison when they mistakenly raided the home.


Aaron West, his partner Leeanne Baker and their son Leighton, two, had moved into the rented house in Hathershaw, Oldham, just 11 days earlier. The family came home to find a huge hole in their back door and officers in the yard. They later spotted the plastic letters on the fridge rearranged to spell "Oldham Task Force called".


They did not find the prank funny and have complained.


Mr West, 20, said: "The police here didn't tell us much, so I went to the station to ask why the raid happened.


When I came home, I noticed the fridge magnets had been rearranged.


It's pathetic and childish. I want a written apology. It makes me feel they're treating me like some sort of scruff and they're laughing at me."


A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said the claim was being looked into, adding: "An inspector will visit the man to discuss it with him."


They will pay to have the door fixed.



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Couldn't have been the police if they spelled it correctly. :anal:


In other news I had a hanging basket stolen today. :nufc:


That's the kind of thing you find in the gay times I guess.... :o

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