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Little Big Planet

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Managed to acquire a promo copy, what an excellent game, you can understand why it is getting such rave reviews, it is very similar to Mario Galaxy on the Wii, it is a linear platform based game where you can design your own little sack boy character and work your way through level after level interacting with your environment, most obstacles on each level react with real world physics, you can drag, tilt, swing, Jump, balance on various objects in order to progress across each platform level.


Graphically it is stunning, perhaps the best graphics I've seen on the PS3 to day, it is a genre of game that hasn't been exploited by the Playstation brand to this degree before, Nintendo always embraced platform games and perhaps Sony have realised that it is time to take them on. As you progress through the game you unlock more and more features to add to your little textile chum and customise and decorate him to your hearts content.

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I played the Beta, loved it!


However with Fifa/Pes coming out it does not stand a chance at the moment.


Some of the levels others have produced have been fantastic!

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