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Park Life

Will the global warming scam..

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...birth control drives in the third world and perhaps ultimately sterilization?


Gore has already been on about it. :lol:



Third World birth control tops Gore's list

of 'global warming' cures



"The third factor is the empowerment of women, socially, politically, and in the context of the family, to participate in the decisions about childbearing," said Mr. Gore, who is pro-choice.

(October 2, 1997) Vice President Al Gore, warning that overpopulation fosters global warming, yesterday suggested expanding birth-control and abortion programs in developing countries to help reduce the environmental threat.


Noting that Third World nations are producing too many children too fast -- in addition to too much pollution -- Mr. Gore said it is time to ignore the controversy over family planning and cut out-of-control population growth.


While hosting about 100 TV weathermen at a White House global-warming conference, Mr. Gore was asked how to reduce population surges in developing countries that experts say will lead to a doubling of Earth's current 5.5 billion population within 40 years. After highlighting President Clinton's early decision to kill the Bush administration's so-called "Mexico City policy" that prohibited U.S. funding of overseas birth-control programs that include abortion, Mr. Gore focused on family planning and child mortality rates.


"This doesn't have to be as controversial as some people make it out to be," Mr. Gore said, offering three solutions to overpopulation.

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Birth control has to be a good idea, the sterilisation bit is supposition and unfounded. There's not really a story here, is there?



I'm just ahead of this particular scam. They want to push birth control on countries that are lagging way behind the main polluters America, Europe and China.


Indira Gandhi had a sterelisation project in India way back in 1972 iirc.

China has child rate control.



What particularly irks me about this is that third world countries with virtually no heavy industry are being targeted by Americans (biggest or 2nd biggest Co2 boys on the planet) for birth control which I predict (in moment of Foppery) will lead as they ramp up the paranoia to cash for sterilization scenarios.



I'd like to see Gore promote birth control in the Christian right heartlands and not get his head blown off.

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