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  1. Politics

    The same poll has Corbyn way out in the lead as the most popular leader ever and Miliband second so I wouldn't pay much heed to it. Kids eh?
  2. Politics

    Latest YouGov data interesting, just appeared on Guardian live feed. Seems to confirm most Labour members are most interested in fairness rather than anti neoliberal ideology. By a huge amount too. Sorry @Rayvin, that's basically the centre left. Keep RLB out and there is hope, especially with Starmer imo.
  3. Politics

    I'd prefer her to Thornberry personally.
  4. Politics

    Urgh, if Nandy gets the gig Gemmill will be like a fucking teenager again. Nandy handy shandy.
  5. Cooking

    This thread could be the basis for a very funny coffee table book.
  6. Only in America

    Fair enough, I hadn't seen that from the king of cunts. Could backfire spectacularly.
  7. Only in America

    Not sure you can blame tge Hill Billy militia on Trump tbh. Seeing of of them out in force with their automatic rifles on the news last night was terrifying. Listening to them was even more scary. You can see how it's z tinderbox situation which could quickly escalate to a catastrophe.
  8. Politics

    It'll be have mainly spent on purchasing properties that need to be demolished. High house prices make transport infrastructure exorbitant in this country, probably the most expensive in the world. I think I've made my points on HS2 quite clear. We've built motorways all over this country which have a much bigger foot print than a train line. But nobody bats an eye lid at that. People complain about the trains being too crowded, then complain about a line that will triple capacity? Bonkers, what a country.
  9. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Err, no. I enjoyed watching football under Rafa immensely, I think after a fucking catastrophic start Bruce has got the squad playing much like Rafa tbh. But I have no confidence he has the ability to move us to the next level, which I did have in the Spaniard. Point is Bruce is not the worst manager we've had, I believe he's genuine, and a step up from the managers we had previously. But he is a huge downgrade on Benitez, just look at their CVs. My main point though was I personally enjoy going to the match atm, as a Dad now. The minute that changes I'll stop going, but I'm not letting "principled" people dictate that to me. It's only football ffs.
  10. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    I enjoy going, quite a bit more than under the tenure of managers such as Souness, JFK, or McLaren in fact. I feel we've got a team of grafters who deserve support. I've got 4 season tickets for less than £600 which is pretty good value. And unlike J69, I have no issue buying a coffee, pint, or hotdog for the kids. I wouldn't buy anything in a Sports Direct shop though or an Ashley brand. Are those staying away really more principled or had they I fact just stopped enjoying it? I suspect it's the latter in most cases. Nobody should do something they don't want to do, but similarly I'm fucked if I'm going to bite my nose off to spite my face because of Ashley. And anyway, whilst we're in the premier league the income from match goers is negligible.
  11. Didn't Caulkin literally write an article about Ritchie attacking corner flags this week? Edit: aye, PL posted it.
  12. I've seen far worse this season alone, it wasn't great but we defended well imo. The sucker punch didn't surprise me, but was brilliant in timing nonetheless. Maybe it will settle relegation nerves, we can beat Oxford, and go on a cup run?
  13. Politics

    Wanna share a taxi?
  14. Politics

    Sorry Lisa, the prime minister's of those countries are much fitter.

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