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  1. Longsands in Tynemouth has the best chips, they are also very consistent in their offerings. Avoid Marshals even if the queue for Longsands is 10 times longer. Bills in Cullercoats used to be good but has been shite the last couple of times I've been. All the chippies next to the Spanish city are decent although I don't think Pannatrinis has kept up with the others quality wise. Fish Quay also good.
  2. Gemmill's not had his yet.
  3. May help my nerves but deffo not my relationship! Also haven't smoked in 20 years and would have no idea how to score. Although I may have Alex's number somewhere. Naah, the only way I'm going to navigate through this shit is with a clear head and by taking positive action. For instance got a few possible new jobs lined already for the work situation. Catch there is I would need to work from home!
  4. I've stopped drinking, it's helped in that I don't get the feeling of acute anxiety I had the morning after, but nothing else. A planned drink I had last weekend confirmed I'm better off not drinking, but that alone isn't a solution. A pharmacological cure might help like KCG says. Always been reluctant to take that route though, I don't always practice what I preach. I can handle most things wrong in my life ar the moment, just about. I literally hate my boss and work, worried about my sister and parents, the kids suffering like most other kids are at the moment. But only with the
  5. My anxiety levels are off the chart at the moment. I'm constantly worried about everything in my life. Work, relationship, kids, finances, mortality. It's incredibly shit and I just can't see it getting better any time soon. Theres my cheery contribution. 👍
  6. 1) He was a pen friend, he sent them to me (rememberthem?). Met him camping in the lakes when I was 16, he was from Wigan. 2) He was a fucking bamp. Yeah, opening up your mail to find a honking used condom in it was quite something. Think he did it twice. My mum found some of the mail (without condoms) a couple of years back. I really hope she didn't read it, suspect she didn't because I haven't been disowned.
  7. Sending [used] French letters is pretty disgusting and almost certainly against phyrosanitary rules. I had a mate who used to do this after every conquest, the fucking bamp.
  8. There's some truth in that, they scare the fuck out of me as a rule. Have you got grey hairs growing out your back too? I'm not so much alpha male or even beta. More gamma. In a house of 3 females (5 if you include the guinea pigs, which rank higher than me) I know my place. However iirc Dave was bald in his teens and definitely not quire so scary.
  9. That's a little unkind. Actually my best mate from school has just become a grandad so I am feeling a bit old, but at least I'm not bald. I quite enjoy wandaVision as it happens but am completely scoobied about what's happening.
  10. They've used the wrong spelling of "dependent" the arseholes.
  11. Right in the centre, piccadilly gardens.
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