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  1. Coronavirus

    I'm aware of the weekend artefact effect but I maintain it hasn't exploded as bad as I had feared. We're now in the time period where the lock down will be having an effect. I know there's a hell of a long way to go and things may get worse before they get better.But they will get better. Also I'm hoping theNE has escaped the worst of it.
  2. Coronavirus

    439. Numbers seem to be heading in the right direction.
  3. Coronavirus

    Your not being callous mate. But my colleague's mum died from this (we share the same office room) tand because it happened in Italy, she couldn't say good bye. It's just so fucked up having to work through this, a lass loses her mum and nowt she can do. I can see I'm not a healthy influence on this though so will log off for a bit. Take care all.
  4. Coronavirus

    Beep. Beep. Bèeeeeeeeereereep....... Right, pulled myself together I'm not dying of this either. It'll be okay .
  5. Coronavirus

    Honestly, I'm a fat cunt not unlike Johnson, similar age. And I'm a bit scared, truth be told. I know, I'm a fanny etc. A fair few of us fannies are going to die if this maybe some on this forum. I already know 2 people who have btw. Died alone, were buried alone. Horrible.
  6. Coronavirus

    I'm really scared he's going to peg it. The effect on the national psyche would be awful. I hate the cunt but he doesn't deserve to die ffs.
  7. Coronavirus

    I know Gemmill but it's a fine line I guess. Anyway, the coast has been dead here as today, no pun intended, so no problem really. More worried about May and June, we'll see. The rules aren't clear enough imo.
  8. Coronavirus

    Not sure what I've said to deserve such stick like. I just dont think people should be driving for leisure. I'd fucking love to drive to the lakes and climb Hellvelyn. Not happening though. I also doubt anyone here isn't in walking distance of an nce, safe park? Everybody needs to follow their conscience or obey the law I guess.I but then everyone is special.
  9. Coronavirus

    I'm sure that's true but then again getting food in is pretty essential. That's the difference. There's good weather predicted for next weekend, which is a double bank holiday I'm far from happy with the prospect of thousands of people descending on the coast as normal personally. Please don't drive for recreational purposes.
  10. Coronavirus

    I don't think driving for recreation is essential personally. Problem is if everyone takes that attitude, beauty spots will be inundated and transmission will happen. Mind, I live in a lovely place. Will the rest of you just FUCK OFF.
  11. Precedent Trump

    I haven't. I'm disappointed if he's a sleaze bag. But frankly I just don't give a fuck about the USA now anyway. A declining super power of isolationist nut cases. Why can't you see Starmer winning mate? Honestly, it doesn't even matter at the minute. I'm just relieved to have someone to support again. The world is changing so rapidly, Johnson has been exposed as a phoney and a coward, and millions of people have a viable alternative for the first time in a decade. I think the longer term future is actually positive
  12. Precedent Trump

    This. I have no idea what Biden has done or said. Doubt it's as bad as saying he'd like to fuck his daughter though. The US is on course fro 30 to 40 million unemployed and probably a million preventable deaths, who will be mainly Republicans. Iirc correctly, no defending president has ever won before in a recession. This will be the worst depression in history imo, dwarfing everything that has gone before it. Trump's handling of it has been demonstrably terrible. He's fucking toast, and what's more will go in the record books as being the worst president in history. Don't forget he didn't even win the popular vote last time Anyhow, I'm rejoining the Labour party today. Starmer is our next pm imo.
  13. Coronavirus

    Sorry, should have waited til Monday. Thought it was an interesting graphic. Try the Yes Gemmill thread if you want some light relief.
  14. Coronavirus

    I'll add the peak there is apparently 6.6 million. Its already over 10 million. Many projections are for it to go up to 40 million. Capitalist countries can't handle this.
  15. Coronavirus

    Not sure that will be true in the US, and we have no idea how long this will go on or be repeated. Demand for items like automobiles will be zero for years, perpetuating the problem. I think this is an epoch defining event bigger than anything that's happened before in modern times, including WW2, especially for the US. 2008 will look tiny in comparison. I'd be interested in an update in what the other so called accountant thinks.

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