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  1. I mean WTAF? Gammons love doubling down on their absolute ignorance and stupidity.
  2. That's not even correct. We are actually importing Dutch shit to contaminate our fields. Really.. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/sep/02/sewage-sludge-containing-human-waste-uk
  3. Looks like its being treated as an act of islamic terrorism? Will just further fuel the hate if so. It's obviously crass to blame politicians individually or collectively when tragedies like this happen, but politicians are very much to blame for many of the divisions we see in society, none more so than the prime minister. The country is fucked.
  4. Maybe. Or maybe you can separate the results of the politics from the wankers behind it. I'm admittedly still fascinated how the NI circle is squared, I actually find Frost hilarious, so that's kind of therapeutic. Gonna try an wean myself off rather than cold turkey it maybe.
  5. Aye, I mean tbf the politics thread and Brexit threads aren't exactly busy nowadays anyway despite the enormous amount of shit going on, for example with the NIP. I think we are all hacked off to the extreme. I'll still be reading about it but I've given up on people essentially; for months and even years I have thought "this is it" but it never is. I've also said though that there will be a sudden rather than gradual collapse of Johnson, and that might still be the case, but I still can't get my head around the polls. And yes, Starmer failing to act to try and seize the narrative rather than
  6. This is now just get too depressing for me now. A moronic lying scumbag bellowing "Build Back Beaver" from a podium surrounded by corrupt millionaires whilst the country literally crumbles is proving popular with the electorate. Witnessing now first hand what these cunts have done to the NHS and the care service, I can't take it any longer. I need to disengage from politics entirely. Taken me several years but I've finally joined project @Gemmill.
  7. Just watched the last episode. End was okay I thought, but probably the worst episode in the series. Not GoT or Lost bad mind, just no real twist and obviously setting itself up for series 2, which undoubtedly will be shit. Still the best show this year though imo.
  8. Saw the first episode. The way they tried to weave in stock library footage of post war London in with the actual drama was really jarring to me. Cheap production budget, not good enough nowadays.
  9. Nowt to do with PoA, just the regulations of Northumbria Trust. The home he's going to is treated as a ward because its intermediate care. Not sure why I can't see him outside if/when he is more mobile like (weather aside obviously). I think each trust will have its own policies and might be different for less vulnerable groups than geriatrics. In a way it saves me some emotional pain because judging by him on the phone his cognitive function is in terminal decline, but it must be a nightmare for him and my Mum.
  10. An update on my Dad. He's now entering his 4th week in hospital and I still can't see him because I'm not the designated person. He's being transferred to a rehabilitation home, which could be for several weeks. I'm still not allowed to see him there either. So it will be months without seeing him if he gets out alive. I've now been informed my Mum, as designated person, can't see him either without a daily negative lateral flow test. She is in no way capable of doing this herself, so I will have to do it for her. I'm on holiday next week so she won't be able to see him then when I'm not here.
  11. I love posts like that. In all honesty, there are elements that are true which I'm certainly not bothered to go into now. But we all know the heart of football, if it ever existed, is long gone now and that post is purely driven by bitter jealousy. The fact that the mackems actually believe they are somehow morally superior beings is quite the thing. They're not. In fact all empirical evidence suggests they are more insular, xenophobic, racist, homophobic and even fatter than people from Newcastle. Yet somehow if this was them they would block it through the sheer power of moral indignation?
  12. Honestly, the knock on effect on tourism could be huge for our city. Its also not that widely known that the Reubens brothers have already invested substantially into Newcastle projects and this will doubtless increase. Alright, they're all tory cunts ultimately but I almost prefer this type of investment to the pork barrel politics of the official tory party. We're in a dog eat dog world and Newcastle needs to up its game imo. Can't underestimate the impact of a successful football club on that.
  13. Honestly, the reaction is less than I expected. CT was right (!!!!!) in saying it's yesterday's fish and chips wrappers. The mackems are predictably and hilariously twisting themselves in knots, claiming the moral high ground, and deluding themselves that this is a good outcome for them. The "classy" delusion is back out in force. Nobody gives a shit about a third division club in the arse end of nowhere. They are nothing to us now, completely irrelevant.
  14. We might be, maybe even third or fourth choice. I don't think so though actually. We have a few things going for us. First, we are cheap. Second we have a potentially huge fan base, we're a principal city and regional centre. But thirdly, and maybe most importantly, if you want to establish a legacy, then we're your club. We have historically had a minor presence in Europe, if you go back 10 years, but we have won fuck all, probably the most under-achieving football club in England,mayve even the World. You buy Liverpool, the best you can do is continuity. Boring. Buy NUFC, you can rewrite his
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