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  1. I think Labour are fucked whatever they do. If they vote against a deal, they'll be actively harming the country. If they vote for a deal, they own it. If they abstain, they are fence sitting. Same if they go for a free vote. On balance I think abstaining is the best of a bad bunch of choices.
  2. Andrew Marr is a fucking disgrace and an embarrassment to journalism. The contrast today with his interviewing style today with Raab and Sturgeon was disgusting. With the possible exception of Maitlis, maybe Faisil, can't think of a single decent political commentator in the BBC.
  3. It's pathetic like. I mean, as Felton quips, where's the poppy?
  4. The horror of this shit show going into mid January is dawning on me now. Meals I had booked cancelled. Kid's pantomime, cancelled. No caf├ęs to warm you up on a walk. Stuck at home for 2 weeks with the kids with fuck all to do. Oh, but you can see some extended family for 5 days at Xmas. Great Is it true that they have no real intention of reviewing this in 3 weeks time? We could be down to low levels by then.
  5. It's definitely above the 50% efficacy threshold, it's safe (the technology behind it is well characterised), and cheap. I hope they roll it out ASAP. Once that happens though you can't ethically do another RCT against placebo, although you could trial the vaccines against each other. I've no idea how feasible that is though.
  6. I thought there was a lack of participants in the over 55 category, not that it was ineffective? And in fact data from the full dose cohort showed the vaccine is equally effective in all age groups? So I'm not sure whether the negativity here is justified tbh. Also I'm not aware of data from the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines stratified by age.
  7. Exactly what Mrs Rents just said, and it's true. All these people usually in the pub, restaurant, cafe, cinema, match have to be somewhere. I am clinging to the hope we will go to tier 2 in 2 weeks because this is looking fucking grim. How many places can survive an Xmas lockdown?
  8. The OBR forecast a no deal brexit will be an additional 2% loss in GDP. This is on top of the GDP loss.from leaving the EU, which is already between 3 and 6% I think (but much worse in the NE). At the same time, we are cutting our overseas aid by 0.2%, a move that has disgusted even the likes of Cameron. So we are voluntarily losing 10 times our wealth over some ridiculous esoteric notions about sovereignty and fishing rights than it would cost to keep children in the third world starving to death. This country is fucking sick.
  9. Not sure what your definition of deep austerity is but I think we are getting austerity like never before personally. On a US type scale. And of course this is happening at a time when services are already cut to the bone. Scotland leaving and boundary changes will ensure the red wall is no longer needed, the suckers.
  10. It's a different type of crash but it is much deeper than anything in a lifetime. Thousands of businesses won't survive, it is much worse than 2008 according to pretty much every economist. Add Brexit on top and it is a complete catastrophe. As for not implementing austerity, wtaf? He literally just announced this to the public sector today. Austerity is the only thing these cunts know, it serves them well.
  11. Are you Oz? If so no because you got Nev's blood, remember?
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