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  1. Game of Thrones - *SPOILER ALERT*

    Well I've not read anything on the internet since the new series began so I've given an independent opinion. I'm just finding it a bit contrived, and really, what has happened? We even have Tyrion repeating the same jokes, literally, without bothering to make new ones. The Arya thing is just because she was a kid at the start, obviously. And she still looks like an early teens tomboy despite being in her 20s. But, apart from that, it reminds me of what everybody said (in the 80s) they would do in the last moments of their life when they heard the 5 minute warning. "I'd spend it having sex". No, you wouldn't. You'd spend it throwing up and shitting yourself. Also totally incongruous behaviour for a no-one imo. It's just a cheap script.
  2. Game of Thrones - *SPOILER ALERT*

    Why? Loved it and really appreciate a story arc which has a destination, rather than the usual bollocks series where they descend into a soap opera or worse. Just think the last 2 series (so far) have been worse than the preceding ones. Also the 2 year gap hasnt helped. The actors have physically aged.
  3. Game of Thrones - *SPOILER ALERT*

    Only 6 episodes? Shit, thought there were 8. The pacing of the show in its entirety hasn't been great tbh.
  4. Game of Thrones - *SPOILER ALERT*

    OBVIOUSLY SOME SPOILERS. Anyone watching S8 or have we al fallen asleep? First 2 episodes, that's 1/4 of the last series, fuck all has happened. Just a long recap with some in-jokes. Arya getting nailed, which just seemed wrong, is about the only eye brow raiser. Next episode os obviously an hour long zombie battle, but with 3/4 of the cast hemmed up in Winterfell it's inconcievable the dead can win so for me there is little tension. The series arc is predictable. I hope something amazingly unexpected happens but I'm dubious tbh, we'll see.
  5. United v Soton

    As well as being a cunt he was utter shite mind. Possibly our worst ever signing by value.
  6. United v Soton

    I was there again today. My win rate is fucking phenomenal this year, somehow always attending the matches we win and missing those we lose. I'm going to the Liverpool match too and will work out the win percentage then, and see if Ashley will pay me to come next year.
  7. Europe --- In or Out

    None except the TiGs possibly are explicitly remain in the way the BP are leave. And the vote is split between Labour, LD, Green and Tig. Labour because many won't vote for anyone else and maybe people don't get this isn't FPTP. There needs to be explicit arrangements made but this won't happen unfortunately.
  8. It was better than the solo movie. That really scraped the barrel of faeces.
  9. mackem messageboard gold

    4 5 loss. 9 different scorers. I don't think they're going up.
  10. Lesta V The Toon

    Fucking hell.
  11. What are you drinking?

    And the wife's skin, so she tells me.
  12. Europe --- In or Out

    Tbf she's not been that subtle about her loyalties. Burn her!
  13. Europe --- In or Out

    Definitely. Brexit vote will be split between the cons, UKip and BP. Mind, the remain vote is in danger of being split between Labour (depending on their policies), LD, and tIG (should they stand). But I have also heard a lot of gammons say they will boycott the election. Get a high turnout and I am sure we can send a positive message to the EU.
  14. Europe --- In or Out

    Ignoring the fact FPTP makes it effectively a 2 horse race and the election wasn't fought on a single issue. I voted against the tories, not for Labour. Naughty, Meenzer.
  15. Europe --- In or Out

    Yeah, I agree. Still got a bit of time left. Most important thing is everybody makes sure they are registered and get out and vote. Good thing is the pro-Brexit vote is split thanks to Farage (and Batten being a lunatic), and early polls show the tories are going to be hammered.

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