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  1. Politics

    It's the boiling frog scenario, people just seem so desensitized to the shit that's happening. Not surprising, it's relentless. Also I don't do social media, but it's clearly a problem. We are very near now to the stage where videos can be digitally doctored to show almost anything. At this point, objective truth is lost. We're seeing the early symptoms now, maybe the full blown disease will be fatal. We live in a democracy but only nominally imo. More like an idiotcracy tbh.
  2. Politics

    Yeah, I'd put it a bit higher, but less than 5%. Still, the attacks on the judiciary, civil service, and media worry me, I certainly think democracy is constantly being undermined. Assuming nothing too Dystopian happens, I don't see anyway back for the tories though. People vote on the economy in the main. In 4 years time the combined effect of covid, Brexit, and general ineptitude will see it wrecked. To win, they have to take enough demographic groups with them, but that's a circle they cant square, because you can't appease the red wall at the same time as the home counties lot. Pensions look screwed, so that's another group. Even farmers were protesting against them yesterday.
  3. Politics

    I think it's a possibility, unlikely but still possible. The de facto leader of this country is already unelected. The government have been systematically attacking the institutions responsible for checks and balances for years now, it's just become normal and nobody bats an eyelid anymore. The propaganda machine is in fulll swing. Of course, nothing like this has ever happened before, has it? Or maybe I've been listening to too much Radiohead this morning.
  4. Politics

    Yeah, the latest Scottish polling is being ignored by English MSM and Westminster politicians. Scotland is going with NI to follow. https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/18502527.latest-poll-predicts-snp-set-huge-win-2021-scottish-elections/
  5. Politics

    I hope I'm not right. If you're right, we have a GE which the tories can win, then that is some sense of normality. But personally I think this has all gone beyond partisan politics, I wouldn't rule anything out, including there not being another GE. I think the UK will be a very different place in 4 years, its changed beyond recognition in the last 4. None of it for the good.
  6. Politics

    They've literally had the biggest decline in the polls in this timeframe in history. Literally. And if you think this pathetic package is anything other than elastoplast over a severed jugular vein I think you're a bit naive, the country is massive difficulties now, it hasn't even hit us yet. Absolutely pointless making predictions on the next GE, but I am almost certain Johnson won't be contesting it.
  7. Europe --- In or Out

    You've got to laugh. These cunts are really trolling us now. How long until we WTOxit after not getting our exceptionalist way?
  8. Coronavirus

    What's the weather like in Melbourne this time of year? I do fear what will happen here in winter.
  9. Europe --- In or Out

    I don't recall there ever having been an EEA EFTA option? Fairly sure 90% of remainers could live with that, it was my preferred option over staying as it happens. May's deal was a much harder Brexit which removed FoM.
  10. Coronavirus

    You and KCG crack me up. You, as close to Scotalnd as it's possible to get, migrating to the part of England furthest away as it's possible to get. KCG migrating to Scotland and becoming a Scottish nationalist radgee.. I'd pay money to see you teo have a square go. I'd put my money on you tbf. KCG would certainly have the edge on you because he's an ex-squaddie, and I reckon you're as soft as shite as me. But iirc he has back problems and would seize up after the first kick. Also if he's been on the Whyte and McKays he'd be all over the place!
  11. Whilst we on the subject of musicals, did anyone see Book of Mormon? I saw it at the Enpire in September. It didn't disappoint. Think it was supposed to be in the theatre Royal around about now before covid unfortunately.
  12. Coronavirus

    Well, I've been out for a family meal at Davantis Classico in Tynemouth this afternoon. We had a few things to celebrate we'd missed recently. It was fine, very enjoyable, they had the distancing done perfectly. Walked back through the village, some pubs were still shut. The Salutation packed with queues outside and no social distancing at all inside. The problem with turning all the taps on at once is when the place floods, you don't know what tap caused it. IMO restaurants should have opened first today, with a 3 week break if everything was okay before pubs reopening. Now if there's a spike, everything will have to close. Complete incompetence as usual.
  13. Recommend me something to watch!

    Frozen is class man. I've seen it 17 times, even spotted the cameo by Rapumzel. Frozen II is out this weekend on Disney as it happens.....
  14. Coronavirus

    Random invite. A colleague is on it, it's for 12 months of testing mind, not a single test!

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