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  1. Kitty throws a dead cat for operation Big Dog. Because Johnson is definitely worth breaking an international agreement, becoming an international pariah, and breaking possibly the greatest peace agreement in recent history, isn't he?
  2. I counted 6 bottles of wine and a half empty bottle of gin in that photo. Perfectly normal for a work meeting. I've no doubt the cunt will cling on. But for the first time I think he's a bigger liability for them than any of the useless contenders. A picture speaks a thousand words. It's not some abstract thing he did any more. Anybody not revolted by this is beyond help. He stays, he takes the party down with him. Actually hope he does stay, I will revel in his defeat and possibly even his unseating.
  3. Not sure the PR behind Labour's next Campaign posters have a difficult job.
  4. Maybe a year ago I would have argued against this. Sadly not now.
  5. Just about to post this, work meeting my arse. A few months later, I couldn't have a wake for my sister. Couldn't even have a relative into the house for a cup of tea. Does he think people are going to forget this?
  6. Funnily enough I was reminded by Fantastic Mr Fox when I read this. Probably because Bunce is one of the farmers in that book.
  7. My nephew's emigrating to Melbourne on Monday. I'll miss him a lot, but happy for him. Glad at least Australia have opted for a more progressive future at least.
  8. Aye. Fucking track and trace. Called me dozens of times asking for the same information over and over. Ridiculous waste of money, still ongoing as you say. There's simply no competence left in this government to govern, Johnson and Cummings purged all the half decent tories. Johnson has probably destroyed the Union as well as his party. The penny is beginning to drop though and the bullshit isn't working anymore.
  9. Meanwhile, what happened around 2015ish to make us the sick man of Europe again?
  10. Looks like the next tory target is the civil service, not that we didn't know that. Daily Mail has gone fully swivel eyed on the issue, and the ludicrous attack dog Fabricunt has been unleashed.
  11. What am I looking at here? What's wrong with the face of the guy on the left?
  12. I reckon they will be in the championship for at least 5 years before possibly becoming a champ/prem yo yo club. That's a pretty much best case scenario though. Also it's pretty much much their station since WW2. If we're honest, the third tier isn't their natural position. Provided us four glorious years of hilarity though.
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