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  1. Rafa Gone

    Oh great. My (ex) mate who I sit next to has just called to say he's not renewing. My renew lwas in February and his is now. He promised me no matter what hsppened he would renew. The massive cunt.
  2. Rafa Gone

    Was Rome nice?
  3. Rafa Gone

    When you put it like that.
  4. Rafa Benitez

    Must admit, it'll be hard to get behind the team without Benitez. He made a huge difference to the team and support. The last few years were the most enjoyable since Robson. What an utter cunt Ashley is.
  5. Rafa Gone

    I'm asking if we should boycott the ground for the entirety of Ashley's reign or if it depends on his choice of manager. I'm gutted btw, nor looking forward to next season at all now. And I won't renew next year.
  6. Rafa Gone

    Purely cos it's paid for. I'll not renew next year if the predictable happens. I just think you should reserve your anger for the fat cunt and not match going fans. It makes fuck all difference to him anyway. Out of interest, would did you think we should have boycotted last year when Rafa was here?
  7. Rafa Gone

    David Kelly is a scab too iirc. Yep, we're to blame.
  8. Rafa Gone

    I might add that it's match goers who actively protest against the fat cunt too. With Benitez gone it'll happen every match.
  9. Rafa Gone

    Don't be fucking stupid. Going is the only time I meet up with certain mates. For the record, I wouldn't have renewed in February knowing what I do now but my presence at the match has fuck all bearing on Mike Ashley's decisions. Nearly all the money he makes is from TV anyway. Does watching us make you a scab?
  10. Rafa Gone

    Two people on this thread have already blamed the fans. What are you supposed to do considering the ST is already paid for, under the hope that Benitez would be here? Does not going help things?
  11. Politics

    Caroline Flint on Marr there unambiguously saying she would rather we leave without a deal rather than revoke or second referendum. Interestingly she literally had a massive unicorn necklace around her neck. I fucking despise her.
  12. Politics

    Daily Star has the correct headline today. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs/the_papers
  13. Politics

    I can't handle all this good news. Out of tht list, I most fear 1 and 5, because they may be irreversible. I want 4 now. Can he survive 2 and 3? Doubtful, but thats where 1 comes in.
  14. Politics

    He hadn't thought of that man.
  15. Politics

    He's deliberately trying to get disqualified, as l predicted. He'd murder his girlfriend and do life to get out of this gig.

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