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  1. Emery's record in that competition is ridiculous. No way do I want those cunts winning trinkets before us.
  2. Worse than that mate. Male, mix the worst points of both your suggestions, and you're not even near how bad this guy is! He's come over from Morcambe to do this, hope he gets a slow puncture back. Not really, sure he's okay really and feeling very sad inside.
  3. Lot's of things aren't fair in the football league set up man. Logically three points for a win isn't. But it makes it exciting, why we all watch games like today (I didn't like, right now I'm watching the worst ever entertainment in the Patterdale hotel). The relegation idea of yours sounds like a goer imo. 👍
  4. They're taking it to a new level of madness, they really are. And it's wonderful to behold. 🍿
  5. That word again, imagine. In that scenario, I imagine this would be be me travelling through the Tyne tunnel.
  6. I'm paying well over 2k on my mortgage now and yes, I heard, yesterday they're expecting another three fucking rises. Each 0.25% rise costs me about £20-30 I think and there's been 12 in a row now. Half my mortgage is fixed for two years, half is a life-time tracker 0.75 above base rate. Think my fixed rate ends in 2 years. Let's hope things have improved by then. Then energy, food, etc. My outgoings are horrific. And fucking taxes, which I wouldn't mind if services were improving but fucking hell, the country is falling to bits.
  7. To the bean counters out there (ewerk, Gemmill), is this something we should be worried about?
  8. Shearer sent a tweet about never seeing a mackem in Milan which is causing epic levels of fewm. They're wanting him banned from the BBC again. I'm in a bit of a hurry at the moment because I'm off to the mosque for Friday prayers, maybe meet some of you there. Also I'm obviously going to Saudi on holiday this year, anybody got any tips for the best places to stay? On a more serious note, I go to most home matches, never seen or heard any of the daft stuff they go on about. What has happened though, perhaps to an unepxected extent, is the football club has promoted great cultural pride in the region, the North East of England. You look at wor flags, it is all about regional identity. Nobody dressses like an arab, no references are made to Saudi other "Saudi Boys" which is ironically sung in response to away fans (still don't like it like). For me personally I feel no softening of my views on wahhabism. although I have a more nuanced view on the geopolitics, which again pre-exists the take over. Anyway, I've lost count on how "we are not their rivals now" and they don't care as their spring thread on us now approaches 9,000 posts with countless offshoot threads like the one on Shearer (itself several hundred pages).
  9. It would but Gateshead is in county Durham marra.
  10. So Gateshead is theirs cos its county Durham. But also, apparently everywhere their little river runs through is also theirs? And look at the cathphrases they're coming out with? We're fucked lads, may as well just pack it in now.
  11. Th This infomercial was brought to you by the Bari Tourism board d'Italia, courtesy of Robert Patterson. Or as they say near where PL is originally from, "Ken Bari ay? It's barry".
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