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  1. Politics

    Aye, it's a think tank proposal but you can bet your house these cunts will get this through before you retire HMHM. It'll be done incrementally of course, Brexit is part of the plan. Welcome to the 51st state. Breaking the union and securing England as a forever tory outpost also. My sister lost her DLA last week after her PIP assessment. She's profoundly disabled and will now live the rest of her life in poverty if we lose her appeal. Shes mentally ill and the stress is likely to cause her another break down. I also hate these cunts vehemently and the cunts that have enabled them. We know who they are.
  2. Politics

    Its interesting. This whole mess was caused by the Tories infighting and warding off Farage. A pact with him would be the ultimate irony, and certainly the death of the party as we used to know them. I can't see it. But then again I'm being proven wrong about everything recently. Aren't we all I guess.
  3. Politics

    I'd expect at least one Tory MP to cross the house in recess. A GE looks inevitable.
  4. Europe --- In or Out

    Urghhh. CT is back.
  5. Europe --- In or Out

    He's fucked any which way I'd say. Is there a minimum time duration you need to be in office to get your portrait on the Downing street staircase? His best be for prolonged power is to call a GE very soon and campaign on an unambiguous no deal ticket, to neutralise Farage (or have a pact with him). That would be borderline psychopathic behaviour but would not surprise me.
  6. Europe --- In or Out

    What a cunt Raab is. He's saying no deal was always part of the leave campaign, and accusing the BBC of institutional bias in not reporting what he said before the referendum. Turns out nobody can find any reference to him or anyone else of this pack of cunts saying this was a possibility. Quite the opposite in fact. The only people who predicted it were remain campaigners who were silenced with PROJECT FEAR. Of course, who can forget the cracking deal we were going to get?
  7. Europe --- In or Out

    Parliament can do shit all to prevent it. It is the default option and please tell me how parliament can force this government of nutters to ask for an extension. The nuclear option is all that's left. I think it'll be used but am not confident of a good GE result, it might get worse
  8. Europe --- In or Out

    I can't see any way out of no deal now other than a VoNC very soon to trigger a GE. Trouble is, I think the conservatives will stand on a no deal platform and likely win an overall majority meaning we crash out on Halloween with an extreme right wing party in power led by a cunt for a guaranteed 5 years. Our parliamentary system wasn't designed to cope with this. Johnson will effectively be king with absolute power and it would require a literal revolution to topple him. I hope I'm wrong about him getting elected but the main opposition is pathetic with Corbyn as leader, and I can't see Lib Dems doing anything but split the opposition vote. There are simply too many gammons like CT who are thick as pigshit. You can get an absolute majority with 35% in this country and then you have complete unfettered power. This is the start of our disaster, not the middle or end, I fear.
  9. Europe --- In or Out

    So Johnson will not engage with the EU at all now unless it completely drops the backstop. Looks like the ERG have taken control and this was the plan all along to me. Meanwhile the pound is plunging to new lows against the dollar. Great news for disaster capitalists, not so much for my holiday kitty. We're so fucked at this point, it's untrue. Oh, and we're spending 100 million quid of our own money on an ERG propaganda campaign. Whoop.
  10. Politics

    Is this your pitch for the job?
  11. Politics

    From twitter and supposedly a proper poll but I haven't checked the source. At first I thought it was a bit counterintuitive as some of the movement is from conservative to labour. But it makes sense. Tory remainers (wets) will not vote for Corbyn, who is percieved as an extremist. But they would hold their noses for a centrist labour candidate on a remain ticket. And of course people like me wouldn't defect to the lib dems. Corbyn is a fucking disaster for this country, rightly or wrongly.
  12. Politics

    Talking of which...
  13. Politics

    Nobody under the age of 50 will know what imperial measurements are. Not a single scientist or engineer this side of the Atlantic use them. These are the people that make things work. Basically there aren't the demographics to make a proposal like this work. It will merely fuck off millions of people. So is he just a stupid cunt or are we missing something? I've been on holiday for a week and it appears the country has literally gone insane.
  14. Precedent Trump

    That's exactly what I was thinking watching the news yesterday......
  15. Recommend me something to watch!

    About 2 years late. Btw, it's alright to fancy them. They're in their 30s in RL.

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