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  1. Europe --- In or Out

    Yes. I hope Flint is thrown out the party.
  2. Europe --- In or Out

    No deals off the table and the pressure is off. There will be proper scrutiny and hopefully an economic analysis. The deal won't pass now. Or there will be a PV amendment attached.
  3. Europe --- In or Out

    Is he seriously just going to ignore the law?
  4. Europe --- In or Out

    What the fuck is Johnson on?
  5. Europe --- In or Out

    @Rayvin it's not over yet.
  6. Europe --- In or Out

    Clear, calm, logical, likeable. He would wipe the floor with Johnson.
  7. Chelsea V Steve's Little Soldiers

    Defeatist. 4-1 imo.
  8. Europe --- In or Out

    BBC cutting off Starmer responding to that prick Barclay there. Shameful.
  9. Europe --- In or Out

    Mark Francois. What a pompous tool. I must be watching a sit com, this can't be real.
  10. Europe --- In or Out

    Caroline Flint. Fuck off to the tory party you utter cunt. How the fuck is she not losing the whip? I actually met her a couple of times back in the good old days when new labour were in power. I liked her (fancied her tbh) but got the impression she was s careerist only in it for herself. I think my suspicions are proven.
  11. Europe --- In or Out

    Aye! Nice figure hugging dress that. What did she say again? Edit: Swinson, not Francois!
  12. Europe --- In or Out

    Bet he made you touch his sweaty chippollata though.
  13. Europe --- In or Out

    Hasn't happened yet mate.
  14. Europe --- In or Out

    It might come down to just one vote. Maybe Ronnie Campbell will suffer a fatal stroke. Looked close to it last night.
  15. It's a testicle jacuzzi. Told you @ewerk was a wrong un.

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