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  1. Coronavirus

    Well it worked okay for Chez Given iirc. Got him off the streets sucking cocks for baccy, and now he eats pigs legs in a swanky pad in Paris.
  2. Coronavirus

    Owning shares in a pharmaceutcal company is not a crime. Its a potential CoI but these are transparently declared at all committee level medical meetings and briefings ive been to. Vallance has done nothing wrong at all. I get sick of all the pharma bashing. These companies, and GSK in particular, are going to be the solution to this crisis. Its one industry the UK haa excelled in and we should be proud of. Instead, we've massively fucked them over with Brexit. Lets see how that works out.
  3. Coronavirus

    i heard that but can't see it happening. But aye, students will be the superspreaders this Xmas.
  4. What mood are you in and why?

    It comes in waves for me. My anxiety from covid has been replaced by more immediate concerns, although its made practical issues much harder. Then the added day to day stresses (work, my roof is leaking, money, kids etc) and its easy to see how you could have a breakdown. Ive had one before and never want to go back there, plus I'm needed more than ever. I don't use social media other than here, and here helps.
  5. Coronavirus

    Hold on, I didn't specify whicj one of us was filling our pants, did I?
  6. Coronavirus

  7. Europe --- In or Out

    The United Kingdom of England, Wales (maybe) and Kent. Not really got a ring to it, has it?
  8. Coronavirus

    6 people out of about 50 I'm guessing have been made to self isolate. Shared kitchen, toilets etc. I bet its those dirty bastards from diagnostics....
  9. Coronavirus

    6178 cases today, we're getting there tbf.
  10. Coronavirus

    If we get figures like in spring I think we are going to need a full lockdown at which stage I'd stop schooling for 3 months again. Werenot anywhere near there yet. School and hospital closure has to be the last things to shut. They might well have to.
  11. Coronavirus

    Just been informed a member of our team has tested positive but they remain anonymous and not to worry unless I am specifically contacted. Ffs.
  12. Coronavirus

    I was a covid Cassandra more like. There's only one of us filling our pants presently.
  13. Coronavirus

    What, the new normal is going to mean no physical schooling? We're not at carnage stage yet. Get test and trace sorted, open only essential utilities, which to my mind is hospital and schools, and fast track a vaccine using Gemmill as a guinea pig.
  14. Coronavirus

    She'd never had a day off in her career, suddenly came down with acute cough and fever. Same with lass in front, I was in a covid sandwich. A middle-aged covid sandwich.
  15. Coronavirus

    He's gone mad, he has. Lack of glucose to the brain I suspect.

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