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  1. I know this was posted on General chat but thought it was worth while concluding this thread. It's official. A poll of 5000+ people, pretty decent even by professional standards, has shown that standers are wrong, in the minority, and dirty bastards. The result is closer than we care, will make all right thinking people feel a bit uncomfortable, but clearly we are the righteous in this matter. Please take pity on the standers and help them see the light. Amen.
  2. It's really disturbing knowing 1 in every 3 people walking amongst is..... sick.
  3. They've already had their arses handed to them. The Russians are waking up to this. Mobilisation is the proof.of it. Putin is as finished as Truss.
  4. I found the translation of that speech more reassuring than concerning. Only one reference to nukes, dating to WW2. If Japan can accept this and Germany with Dresden, I'm unsure of his point. Also he seems to forget Russia is a major part of the world order he is so paranoid about. It just sounds like the ramblings of a mad man. Somebody mentioned he would want to preserve his own life. Of so, he won't use nukes. Next thing is whether his chain of command would allow it. I personally doubt they would. I'm just sick of the cunt at this stage. The world has enough problems with pandemics, climate change, and other instabilities without this twat stirring the pot. I hope someone takes him out, although just like with Johnson, his replacement could be worse.
  5. Would have better been called "Grift". Danny just looks like a blacked up Travolta. THAT'S RACIST. 4/10
  6. The only potentially good thing is I can see this being the end of the Conservative party, for good. Got a link to this site by led by donkeys in that twitter thread, worth looking at. https://kamikwasi.tax/
  7. Yes, not that I'm aware (although she had a suitor), and yes, you did. She was a young lass studying at Oxford when she posted, deleted her account post haste when it was too risky being associated with us retrobates. Still some remnants if you look hard enough.
  8. Ah good old Smooth Operator. I'll be somewhat amazed if his CV doesn't include being a pimp at some point.
  9. She could have hardly wished for a better time to do this like. Edit: piece of piss for her, Paul Scully however hoofed all over. Fuck her though, apparently she is now a MLF.
  10. Bridget is on QT now. Mad to think she will probably in a senior position in the cabinet in a couple of years.
  11. I think the only people who would benefit from the Truss budget working in the NHS would be chief execs of large trusts. PWorks out as about 0.0001% of staff.
  12. Its almost forgotten that under the tories life expectancy has started dropping for the first time in recorded history. You've got to hand it to them. They are fucking with your standard of living, housing, and pensions, but at least you won't live as long to suffer it.
  13. He'll probably become a moderate and centrist himself once his balls drop. Although tbf Corbyn never developed past sixth form politics.
  14. The most CT like tweet of all time.
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