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  1. Even if they do, it will only harm them. Say it happens as planned now in June. Very easy for Labour to attack it based on expense. It obviously has zero deterrence value. When's the weather most settled and when will the most small boats cross? The scheme is a disaster for them imo.
  2. And say what you like about Howe, but he's never injured, unlike the rest of the sick notes.
  3. Her voice is grating too, even when she's not saying daft shit like "it's a disgrace".
  4. The other says "This perch is shit" What? It's better than your tragic attempt you simian knuckle collection.
  5. Aye. The tory member blokes fancy her (decent rack tbf) and the ladies think she looks like Thatcher. Everything else, from being the most hilariously bad political orator of all time, to wrecking the economy in 4 weeks, to being a fucking horrible human being, to being batshit crazy, is just secondary.
  6. tl:dr. HMHM is shagging his cleaner and his wife isn't happy. 👍
  7. Did/does anyone do this. I used to make some epic explosions lighting my farts back in the day.
  8. Unless he's cremated and becomes Ashes.
  9. She's in a safe seat and is unfathomably popular with the party members so don't rule her out as returning as leader. I would literally piss myself laughing if this happens. Edit: I honestly don't get how she blames "the left" for her budget disaster when it was the markets that reacted to it and caused the bonds to collapse. She literally cut out "lefty" organisations such as the OBR and OFR when she did this. It's cost me a fucking fortune. #
  10. Netanyahu may be unpopular but support for the war is strong. I've watched some horrendous vox pops and seen opinion polls. And here you say Iran have escalated this from a proxy war without mentioning that Israel committed a fatal strike on a diplomatic target 2 weeks ago. I think they did this intentionally to elicit this response from Iran. They are pulling the strings here. Alos, wiping out Hamas and rescuing the hostages are mutually exclusive goals.
  11. I underestimated how brutal and indiscriminate Israel's response would be. The survivors of the holocaust, enacting a policy of ethnic cleansing at best, genocide at worst. Over 30,000 dead, mainly women and children. From what I understand, largely supported by the populace of Israel. No, nothing good can come from this.
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