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  1. Politics

    This country is so fucked. How do you think radical politics on either side can unite the country? The only thing that can do that is a form of, yes, pragmatic centrism. But through a butterfly effect of unforseen consequences on both the Tory and Labour sides the centre has been hollowed out, it doesn't exist any more. Your mistake is thinking its because its not popular with the electorate. I maintain its not, its because its not available to the electorate. The LDs are largely irrelevant in this, with FPtP they just aren't viable, so don't tell me Swinsons lack of support is evidence people don't want moderates in power. Most people this election are voting to try to stop the party they don't want getting in power. Think about it. Will any Corbynite ever be able to command a majority?
  2. Politics

    Which in itself is ridiculous, halfing the potential candidates. Feels like it will be RLB by coronation.
  3. Politics

    I agree. Quite impressed by him personally but he's fucked by his baggage.
  4. Politics

    McDonnell is also unelectable. Nobody trusts a scouser.
  5. Politics

    Well what is the answer is the question?
  6. Politics

    Being reported on Marr that Long Bailey will be Corbyn's replacement in the event of an electoral loss. She reminds me of a semi finalist from the Apprentice. I think at this stage, the Labour party is finished and we are into unknown territory. Thoughts?
  7. Politics

    Agreed. Although i would fucking love to see Raab lose his seat live, were it to hàppen. Portillo losing his is still a personal political hhighlight for me.
  8. Politics

    I'd rather have a hung parliament than an outright labour victory tbh. Like Blair, I don't think Labour at present can form a credible government. Corbyn needs to go. Doesn't look likely though at the moment. Main hope is that the Tories have flat lined and labour will keep squeezing the smaller remain parties, get the young out, get moat the undecided, and that ultimately northern brexiter types won't stomach voting for them. All this is possible I guess. I'll probably watch til 2am on Thursday, get a bit pissed, and feel awful at work on Friday, especially if the tories get a large majority.
  9. mackem messageboard gold

    Bravo! HMHM lyrical genius.
  10. mackem messageboard gold

    Or win. That proves Benitez was shit, remember?
  11. mackem messageboard gold

    There's a lot of vitriol towards Donald Stewart on this thread. Who could have seen this happening? https://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/donald-out.1496733/
  12. mackem messageboard gold

    Is it? They've changed owners, managers, players, and even the stadium. They're still shit and getting worse. So what's the problem, what's not been accounted for? Ah yes, the fans themselves. They need a fuck ton of self reflection.
  13. mackem messageboard gold

    They've already hit the ice berg, have broken up, and are sinking rapidly halfway down the depths of the cold North Atlantic. They're so fucked they're almost not funny any more. Where's the fun in poking a dead body with sticks? But then the next low happens and it still raises a amile. All they have left now is bitterness. The main targets being Ellis, Moyes, and us (DS and CM also now appearing). Take this ridiculous thread for the bitterness stakes for instance. https://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/who-would-you-rather-see-relegated-a-moyes-led-everton-or-our-beloved-neighbours.1496480/page-2#post-30857594
  14. Politics

    Policies alone haven't been enough for 4 decades.
  15. Politics

    No shit. You knew this 3 years ago though, so did most of us. Corbyn would struggle to head the sixth form debating club. Politics in this country is beyond fucked, and i reckon we haven't seen anything yet.

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