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  1. Aye. People were so ANGRY. About SOMETHING. It was a bear pit for Morgan and the Labour lass. Honestly feared Morgan would get lynched at one point. I mean who doesn't like professor Winston? Got the feeling him being a lord and god forbid an expert he would be up against the wall too. Mind, I went to Barnsley in the 2009 promotion season. Fuck me, what a place.
  2. Does May actually believe the complete bullshit she comes out with though? I honestly don't know. She's humiliated on a daily basis. By proxy, this a humiliation for the whole UK.
  3. It's almost like they don't need us more than them, aren't desperate for a deal, and we dont hold all the cards!? How can this be???
  4. I doubt CT has ever a read a document with super scripted citations in his life. Anyhow, my reading of this is that, because of NI, it ties us to a soft Brexit. As I've said all along.
  5. Intentional or not, that's quite funny.
  6. Completely agree with the Institute for Government here and this is what concerns me most. As a country, losing sight of the value of evidence in informing policy puts us at a huge competitive disadvantage.
  7. Thunder boxes iirc.
  8. DExEU has 330 full time staff. Seriously, what the fuck have they been doing?
  9. Irony here is that the UK were known for their insistence on impact assessments for relatively minor policy plans. Now apparently they don't matter. It's lunacy to take this approach, which is why I am many others just can't take in what is happening. But bottom line is, we've run out of time to do the necessary analysis and probably to strike all but the most rudimentary deal. Ffs it took 9 months to come to an arrangement on the first 3 points and even that isn't finished or fully agreed. There's a podcast on the Been called the leavocrats. It's old now, but basically it was a look into how the civil service will cope with Brexit. There was overwhelming consensus from the people that matter, those in the civil service, that they have an impossible task. And the reality is it looks much worse now than it did when this podcast was made (pre A50 being triggered).
  10. May has discussed her desired outcomes already in her speeches at Lancaster house and Florence. Problem is they are contradictory to the extent they are mutually exclusive and therefore literally unachievable. Just vague cake and eat it nonsense for the proles to lap up which the EU couldn't have been clearer they won't accept. And now it is confirmed parliament cannot amend them or event debate the wish list. Best guess, as Davis has admitted, is we are looking at a CETA type deal which will destroy our services exports. There won't be time for anything else. This will be a good deal for the EU though. As for the last point, categorically, yes.
  11. Was thinking it should be called Pikey Blinders last night as it happens.
  12. Was worried his pacemaker had stopped there for a minute. HB you old fucker.
  13. So the EU have confirmed we can't renogiate past next October anyway do last nights vote was largely symbolic. We accept whatever shitty CETA like deal we get or we lump it leading to catastrophically hard Brexit. Wonderful. It's taken us 18 months to get to this point. How the fuck is a trade deal going to negotiated in the months from March to October, which obviously includes the summer holiday period? We are so fucked.
  14. Which returns us to the fact that either the assessments haven't been done, or that they are so bad they have been buried. The former is criminally negligent, the latter is simply criminal.
  15. As expected. Thus setting the precedent that it is perfectly acceptable to lie to parliament. This is the sovereignty Brexiters want?