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  1. I've come to the conclusion that participating in the 800 metres is the ideal sport for a young lady to keep fit and trim. Ahem.
  2. Glad you're enjoying it CT. Take a trip down Glan Nevis and visit Steall falls if you can, magnificent. And have a pint at the Clachaig in Glen Coe. Scenery doesn't get much better. Well actually it does even further North but then civilisation also runs out, so swings and roundabouts I guess.
  3. Can't remember the last time I sat in front off a telly for 6 hours watching sport and enjoyed it. BMXing is fucking epic. Maybe CT should take it up.
  4. Mad Italian love in! Italy on a roll like. Euros, high jump, 100m sprint, and best of all, Eurovision. I'm having pasta tonight.
  5. Well done to Yazz too, that was some triple jump.
  6. Tamberi, the high jumper. What a reaction, even by italian standards. Shared gold medal. Pure joy.
  7. I d wonder though if the Express now has settled to be a parody paper like the Sport used to be. A few days they go they had a "serious" article about secret EU plans to merge England and France. My neighbour is actually a nice bloke but gets this delivered every day. It's just odd.
  8. Love this response. Bridgend is such a stupid cunt.
  9. The plebs should know their place. Don't strive to be a top doctor, scientist, artist, lawyer ecinomist etc. Get yourself sat down on your fat arse and drive HGVs 60 hours a week for minimum pay, and be grateful.
  10. Watched us win the pommel horse. Love this sport, full of euphemisms. Even the title of it. "Love, I'm just off to pommel the horse".
  11. My Grindr name is "BigBear" and I can still do sharp edge.
  12. Catbells is the answer. Ferry there, climb, wonder at the views, descend,.flat walk to Lordor, go to St Mary's Mount pub for lunch and drinks,.ferry back to Keswick. Can't beat that.
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