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  1. I was there Remember we battered them but Poyet scored 2 against the run of play. The mantra from them was "it's goals that count, innit". True, but they're still cunts.
  2. Passing the buck. Use common sense. No such thing as public good. Gammons and quiff agree.
  3. Combined flu and covid jabs is your answer.
  4. Comply with what? They're advisors, not the government. The government don't listen until its too late or they have sufficiently lined their own pockets. But Joe public doesn't give a shit apparently.
  5. I'm fucking hacked off too like. I just think SAGE are probably the people to trust on this, not the government or "people on the internet". It sounds to me they may have access to some worrying data.
  6. I don't know either, but the point is, I know who I want to listen to.
  7. Good for you mate, as long as you're okay, I thinkbwe can all agree that's what matters.
  8. Now that is fair enough. Just stop the flights now ffs, the tories have completely fucked up again.
  9. Yeah, what do the experts know, the same experts that warned about the first and second waves? They're obviously talking shit.
  10. Ant, we need a "fuck you" button". 🖕
  11. My philosophy is, if its something I can't do, or if someone else will do it for less than my own hourly rate, pay them to do it. That covers pretty much everyone including the gardener. I'd rather try and earn more money in my job (which I mainly enjoy tbf) than do jobs I hate or will make a hash of anyway.
  12. Hmmm. Full time job, 2 kids, and 2 parents who are becoming kids. Having a renovation project on top of this practically killed me without actually doing the work on top. (Full credit to HMHM who I believe did all this and the work itself!)
  13. Not far wrong tbh. Mind, was just unlucky this time round. Chose an award winning builder who went bankrupt half way through the build and massively cut corners, the twat. All the problems stemmed from that, not sure it could have been prevented. Would help of I had the knowledge and motivation to do anything myself like, but I don't.
  14. Never watched it. Anyway, if only I'd bought me windows from Dave.
  15. I also feel your pain. Got all the major building work done just before the first lockdown. I've now ran out of steam and money so the house looks shit. Large bits of bare plaster. The roof leaks and the windows were fitted by a cowboy and are going to cost thousands to replace. But worse, the house is cluttered full of the wife's and kids shit. I can't stand it, I mean I'm not going for the minimalist look or owt but ffs keep the floors clear. It wouldn't matter if I inherited a footballers mansion, it would still look shit within 48 hours.
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