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The modern day footballer personified

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Insulted team mate who is a club legend .............check

Involved in assault/sexual assault scandals.............check

Got into a fight with a senior member of the coaching staff...........check

Picked up a ridiculous amount of yellow cards for dissent...........check

Fastest dismissal in Champions League history.................check

Hit team mate with a golf club.........................check


Damn, one short....


Oh wait, Thrown the biggest of hissy fits once you've managed to get recognised for playing football again..............check



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it's a pity west ham are in the financial trouble they are, and not in a position to say "fuck it your not being sold your under contract rot in the reserves and until you show up for work you don't get paid"


slap it up the little git

hope he signs for spurs walks out on the pitch, starts to jog to the center of the pitch then hits the floor clutching his knee in severe pain.

bad for spurs

bad for bellend

good for the rest of us

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They believe that Bellamy has already held secret talks with Spurs and was due to meet them again yesterday afternoon to discuss a move.


'Arry and Bellamy, a match made in Heaven. :rolleyes:

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Through work i meet a lot of the footballers coming in and out of the region and they are mostly a bunch of trumped up ignorant gets!! who on their huge salaries find it too difficult to muster a polite nod or hello to anyone who does not have a tv camera in their hands. although i have to say that the portsmouth and man city players were by far the most ignorant i have ever met.

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