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  1. thats the funniest thing i have watched in ages...... the red and white crumbled. And at the end all he could cry was "it's not a clean sheet" love it.
  2. I am quickly becoming impressed with Hughton. The first time for a long time it looks like the manager is running the show and not a group of prima donna players. No players running to the press to air their views prior to matches and for once a team playing as a team, makes such a difference.
  3. having a bit of inside knowledge, i can honestly say this is just tittle tattle, and not a request that would be made anyway. and lets have a fair balanced argument, there are good and bad in every job.
  4. this is totally dire, i do not think i have ever felt such impeding doom about an upcoming season
  5. my worry is he will drag us down into administration rather than take less than he wants.
  6. I have been on my hols for a couple of weeks and just got back, and trying to catch up, what is happening, are we any closer to finding out if the club is going to be sold...? three weeks ago it was almost a done deal have we had anything further..... or are just looking down a barrel.
  7. crouchy came in through the airport this morning to see sunderland and then back out this evening about 6
  8. apparently he drew his last breath..... i will leave you to draw your own conclusions
  9. Kinnear - the one contract that should not be up for consideration, wound down more like
  10. There's some people who sit near me at the match who've been going longer than I've been alive and they're clueless as well. I think that while he is not to blame for the situation at the club he is quite clearly nowhere near the quality of manager we should be trying to attract and now he's been offered a new deal. That's where the anger comes from. His four years out of the game speaks volumes (something else he's felt the need to lie about btw). I agree, and everyone saying its a knee jerk reaction who should we get in etc, the longer he stays here the deeper in the doo doo we will
  11. I can only wish that he does, the talk of him saying he has a lucrative contract leaves me in a cold sweat, the man is making this even more of an embarrassment as it is..... thank god i no longer work in sunderland, i would be having the piss ripped out of me on a daily basis.... leave.....
  12. Through work i meet a lot of the footballers coming in and out of the region and they are mostly a bunch of trumped up ignorant gets!! who on their huge salaries find it too difficult to muster a polite nod or hello to anyone who does not have a tv camera in their hands. although i have to say that the portsmouth and man city players were by far the most ignorant i have ever met.
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