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Having lived in London for years I'm used to tube strikes etc however the London Fire Brigade has chosen to strike over the bonfire weekend. Where do you stand on this? From my own point of view the fire lads do a good job under hard conditions (certainly compared to what I do) however they are paid well for this ( not to mention the side jobs they all have) and I think striking on the busiest therefore most dangerous day of the year is a disgrace.


Like I say I have all the respect in the world for them however they have gone too far with this.

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Amending contracts (hours/money etc) - may have actually seen sense and binned the stirke. As you say it's no way to get public support.


It's like the tubes - when they strike now everyone just gets on with it and make other arrangements - they'd be better off turning up for work and letting people travel for free. As is they just piss everyone off.

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err....it was called off around late Thursday afternoon




Don't blame them for trying it on to be honest....lots of folks with old school pay and conditions have been completely shafted without any discussion or consultation by greedy employers taking advantage of the credit crunch/recession and politicians who will never be affected by the cuts they impose on the rest of us.

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