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  1. I know you don't like people telling you this but you are wrong. You bang on about how Allardyce cocked up your club (which he did), Kean has done it far, far worse, just fucking trust me on this. He is rubbish and that is that, just as you are an arrogant so and so when you get on your high horse about how fucking wonderful everything Newcastle is and put everywhere else without NE3 postcode down. You really do have a streak within you that makes you like one of those mongs who embarrass the geordies by giving it the billy big beans on SSN by trying to pull rank just because your club has a bigger stadium etc. Have fun looking back at the attendance figures and the Inter-Toto trophy. Now jog on and light a candle on your Jimmy Nail shrine you 1 dimensional Geordie Nationalist. I did wish Kean would be a revelation and really push on after the stability Allardyce provided, but he and those useless cunts who own the club has smashed that. Kean and them are doing a fucking Leeds/Portsmouth to us.
  2. Trust me, he is worse than Paul Ince, and you know how much I hate him. If he was your manager when Hughton left, you'd be in the championship this season, buying crap players who are heralded by Kean as 'the next Maradona/Lampard/Rooney' etc. We have signed a Brazilian/Portuguese full back called Riberio who has barely played 40 professional games despite being about 28. He is apparently as good as Dennis Irwin. Oh and we have signed Myles Anderson, a player fans of his former club Aberdeen thought was utter crap. It is pure coincidence that he is the son of agent Jerome Anderson, who represents Kean and is close to the Raos, of course. Anderson Jnr. apparently is the next Chris Smalling. The protests are a reaction to the apparent view that Kean can basically rape and murder 200 children, and the Raos would still think he's the best man ever. Their arrogance as owners, and their refusal to look at the obvious disaster unfolding brought us out. It takes a lot to move fans to these lengths.
  3. Other games

    Dunno, there is Peaches Geldof etc.
  4. Pretty much LoveTheBobby. The judge/magistrate more or less called him a bullshitting liar in his summing up, saying that he is a fool for using made up stories to cover the fact he got a bit pissed. He tried to lie to the copper taking the test too, saying he only had a bottle of bud. Oh and one of the losses was partially blamed on dew on the pitch making the ball zip about too quickly. No new contract yet though. Yet. The Raos are such arseholes you expect Gary Glitter to organise the kiddies kickabouts in the schools.
  5. 2011 Rugby World Cup Thread

    New Zealand tried their best to choke again though. They just played like England, but got away with it.
  6. Robin Gibb

    For whom the bell tolls Gemmill? As for the hair, Robin must be Mr. Natural but he does look like he's come down with a bit of night fever. He does seem to have living eyes though.
  7. Spurs will never be a big club is point one. Point two is, when in the last fifteen year, when has someone spent £30m-£40m taking the club fucking BACKWARDS like Allardyce did in 6 months? Kean was forced in to selling his best youngun and didn't even get all the money to reinvest. Blackburn have played well in games I saw them, they've had too many games where they've been unlucky, Sunday was one, but there is some character there shown by the victory over Arsenal. Like I say on an even level playing field when resources are taken in to account 16th/17th is Blackburn's level coming 10th is overachievement. How is Kean arrogant? He speaks to the fans about what they want him to do better. FFS Blackburn Rovers were in the second division for 40 years before they went up in 1992, I think the club have done amazing since then. Point 1: I use the term big club in inverted commas when talking about Spurs, which sort of was my point. Point 2: Kean's distortion of reality has affected you. His arrogant remarks about 1% of fans not liking him is an outright lie, just like the lie he gave in his drink driving case that Rovers fans may have spiked his drink, that the summer transfer budget would be 'the biggest in years', (it was £0m net at best), that the flukey win against Arsenal was a testament to his brilliance. We are dire under him, plain and fucking simple. Should I be grateful for relegation just because the team I support is not a so-called big club? Point 3: Newcastle were nowhere until about 1992, or whenever Sir John Hall and Keegan came and turned you into everyone's 2nd favourite team. So your club does not have a divine right to be at the top table either. So in some ways both our clubs are similar. Both got rich owners and good managers at the same time period, enjoyed some success, and ended up mid table teams. Point 4: We have been shit all season. We may have been unlucky against Spurs, but over the period of his tenure he has led the team to implosion, disaster and driven fans to despair. You say we are acting like spoilt children, well 6 wins out of 30 says it all, after Allardyce turned us into a boring but respectable team, after Paul Ince. If he is learning his trade, his smugness can go to somewhere like Aldershot. He can take Jerome Anderson with him too. If Kean was given another 2 seasons, then we'll follow Coventry City and Bradford City. Imagine seeing a disorganised Newcastle United lose 6 games in a row get 7 points out of 30, then lose to Sunderland 2-0. Right, now it comes to the post match conference, and the manager says we played well against the mackems, managed to get into the penalty area 13 times, and are on course for Europe and the 6 or 7 losses are not referred to, not seen to be a problem and the fact that Newcastle are sinking to the bottom of the table is ignored. Wouldn't that situation piss you off?
  8. Mario Balotelli

    My sister absolutely hates him because of his antics, she is a Man Utd fan though. I think he's great value as he is simply mental. He's like Edmundo, the Brazilian international once arrested for getting a chimp drunk at the Rio carnival.
  9. Stevie, either you're pulling my leg here, or you really have no clue about the state Blackburn are in. Kean is a fucking turd of a man. He is an arrogant, manipulative liar who bullshits statistics. The team is playing like they have only just met, and are so easy to beat that even Shola could get a hat trick. There is no organisation, not tactical plan, no fitness and no direction. Out of 30 or so games he has won 6, and has taken a team that was likely to finish about 10th and made them into likely relegation candidates. I am not happy with 17th place as we have been 10th or around there under the previous two managers, and have been a well run club. Unspectacular, but solid. Kean and the chicken fucking cunts who own the club have destroyed that solid base. You all hate Allardyce and say he did shit at Newcastle, but his spell at St. James Park has nothing on Kean's reign of terror. Just because we don't have a 55,000 capacity stadium and suchlike that Blackburn shouldn't be thankful to even be allowed into the stadium to play all these 'big clubs' like Spurs, Citeh etc. The club has earned the right to be in the top division just like anyone else currently there, and we fans will be livid to see it ripped apart by incompetence that would tower over the last time Newcastle went down.
  10. Not sure how long his contract is, but even if it finished yesterday, it would be too long. If true, the news is as welcome as finding out that your wife has given you AIDS after fucking 100 men behind your back, and you've been made homeless after she lost all your money betting on the horses. And the kids are not yours. I'd rather have seen Margeret Thatcher declared Emperor of the Universe and manager of Blackburn than Kean given a new contract.
  11. Rumours abound that Kean is about to sign a new contract. If true, you might get a bye to the next round of the league cup, as there will not be a club for you to play against.
  12. Nile Ranger: Arrested Development

    See, Balotelli does it in style as he is just mental . And him organising the christmas party sounds hilarious. Can you imagine what Tino Asprilla would do with a chance like that??
  13. General Random Conversation..

    I'd not bother. Their live shows have been crap for years. They're just too old, rich and tired to rock out with their cocks out now. They just go through the motions.
  14. to occupy or not?

    They need to bring down the banks, the stock exchange etc. to be really effective. However, that would probably involve violence so most will stop short of that. Personally, I'd get the state to take all the assets of those responsible for the crash, the Fred Goodwin types, ban all companies that hide their money from fair taxes abroad (so no U2 gigs then) and then nationalise water, electricity and gas suppliers. As for the occupy movement, it needs more than 'stock brokers are wankers', it needs an ideology and a solution to be effective.
  15. Most exciting thing you have done today?

    My wife went last weekend. Expect very very long queues.

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