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PAYE query

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I know i can just wait until tomorrow or browse the web but does anyone know why a first salary payment from a new employer which will almost certainly have been done with no P45 input would suddenly see the net percentage of income tax go from about 21% to 30% and the NI go from 7.5% to 8%? (edit: compared to last payslip from previous place)



Is this some kind of emergency measure which will be adjusted over time or as a one off?


I think PP is the bloke but any other guesses welcome.

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Aye, if they dont have your P45 and tax details etc they will put you on an emergency tax code. Any overpayment should be corrected when your correct tax code is implemented.


Or the lass in accounts is skimming your wage :razz:

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Just in case my comments were misconstrued as to think I thought lightly of the subject. Nothing could be further from the truth.


Sincere apologies if anyone who read it was disappointed in me.

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