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So this is my first thread on this place and wary of the conventions and standards of the board, I'm more than happy for this not to exist and its content be collapsed into the Generic small time football blather thread. So delete should there be an uproar.


Anyway, there's this really good section on F365 that highlights and comments on lazy, stupid and basically hilariousness journalism from across the footballing world. They update it quite often, so you could easily just bookmark it and forget this thread exists, but I thought I could shamelessly steal this thread from another forum I visit to allow us to keep track of the cream of their publications.




Now is the time of the football countdown, where many sites (us included) chose their best, worst, funniest and most shocking moments, players and goals that have brightened up the last nine months of Premier League football.

Such lists are normally sensibly limited to ten or 20 selections, but the Daily Telegraph website has gone balls out with their '100 things we've learned'. They pay for such greediness, too.

In traditional Goal of the Season stylee, just vote for your favourite:

A) 'Forget the biting and the racially-charged insults. This was the season Suarez proved there is no finer striker in England.'

Yes, you heard them. Forget the racism, he's scoring goals.

D) 'Huddlestone had never scored before this season. But then his previous managers were Martin Jol, Juande Ramos and 'Arry Redknapp.'

Apart from the 15 he had scored before this season, including goals under each of the managers that you name. Solid stuff.

C) 'Christian Benteke - one season wonder. Remember him? Last season he was touted as the answer to every big club's thirst for more goals. He signed a new contract at Villa and promptly gave up scoring.'

We remember him. He also scored ten league goals in 24 starts this season before his serious Achilles tendon injury.

D) 'Hull have a player called David Meyler. Nope, we'd never heard of him before that Pardew moment, either.'

Ouch, those four years in the Premier League with Sunderland, promotion from the Championship with Hull and five Republic of Ireland caps really didn't register at the Telegraph.

E) 'A glorious ending is never guaranteed. There was nothing to play for on the final day.'

Just the small matter of where the league title would end up. Small fry, really.



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I remember him being an unctuous shit at sunderland... but then, I am better than you Brockles.




There should be a more serious fact-check site that could hold Journalists accountable, shouldn't there?

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Your mum's unctuous. :handbags:


You take that back, Mrs Watson is a saint! Got a national award for basically being lovely as fuck.

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