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Gateshead United Shirts

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What a fairytale it would have been in Gateshead had made it into the Football League.


Punching well above their weight in a Conference Division, made up mainly of much better supported teams, who dont have the third best supported club in England within spitting distance.


(To feature like Dean, send in your letters/articles for our website to contribute@themag.co.uk)


Wembley was a fabulous experience and Gateshead owner Graham Wood and manager Gary Mills deserve every bit of credit for coming within a whisker of pulling it off.


Many of the travelling support at Wembley, including me, have taken this end of season Gateshead near miss as an antidote to the misery Mike Ashley is inflicting on Newcastle United.


However, I had to have a little smile as I looked around the Wembley terraces at the number of regulars I spotted from St.James Park, proudly sporting their brand new Gateshead strips bought specially for the occasion no doubt.


Yes, there are very few places that the reach of Mike Ashley doesnt get to these days and sadly every fan buying a Gateshead kit was putting a few quid into the Newcastle owners back pocket.


Sondico are the Gateshead shirt manufacturers and yes, they are part of Ashleys empire of companies/brands.


The more eagle eyed of you will recall seeing Sondico (as well as countless other Ashley brands on top of Sports Direct) flashing around the advertising hoardings in the course of last season.


Ironically, despite living in Newcastle I have seen more freshly bought Gateshead shirts in the last week than I have spotted new NUFC grey change kits.


Where Mike Ashley is concerned you often feel that you are constantly swimming against the tide but when the alternative is submitting/drowning, what choice do you have?

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