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mobile package for net access


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DUe to turbulence in the system my current rule of the world from my bedroom, is straining at the bit.


AM looking to bring a second PC online and thinking of using a mobile to connect to the net. or are their devices that take a simcard and plug into a pc?


I dont need voice or txt on it as i dont use phones. I use my current nokia, boughtin 2003 as a digital watch and nothing else.


Far as i know i will need 2gb a month data useage.


Can anyone suggest a suitable package? I cant find one that doesnt bundle in free mins and shit, which i dont need.


eleven quid per month is cheapest ive gotten so far.


am but swamped by all the options. Havent even looked at payas you go yet.



I was gonna go with dialup, but they having a very hard job finding any monthly fackages for that. Seems to be all 7p a min access, which is far too expensive.


Also thought of hackin my neighbours wifi and surfing free, but that might not end well....


and no a router on one broadband connection is of no use to me. Need 2 seperate ip addresses. DOnt think vpn is what i need either.

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Is this a sophisticated bot or just another one of those slightly odd individuals who sign up to forums specifically to talk about things that the forum isn't really about...?

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