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Here's a poem..


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Here's a poem called 'Toon Army', hopefully you like it. Also check out our 3 free Newcastle wallcharts from www.wallcharts360.com (1 of the 3 designs shown under the poem)


"Toon Army"


Supermac and Shearer, top strikers we know
They guaranteed always to put on a show
Tried hard to win trophies, and nearly got there
Hard luck and missed chances, they’ve had their share


Kev Keegan, he’d ‘love it’ if they beat Man U
They nearly did it, he got in a right stew
Steve Bruce came from them, he knows the score
He’s a true born Geordie right down to the core


Gallowgate roar, a thing to behold
Gascoigne a genius, fearless and bold
Waddle they feared, his dribbles were great
Didn’t think trophies would be a long wait


The owner is one on his own, that’s true
Not sure if he’ll stay, we haven’t a clue
But fans are so loyal, they’ll follow the team
Get behind the lads and follow the dream




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