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  1. in the percy arms, absolutely heaving. an hour to kick off, and my first time at sjp for just over 13 years, had just about given up hope of ever going to a ground my dad first took me to in '67 again, feels quite emotional. @ewerk I'm sorry. @Monkeys Fist I wasn't pissed, but I'm well on my way now.
  2. probably not no. but then, if you want to jump in head first by telling people to FUCK OFF with your capitals then perhaps you shouldn't be surprised by a reaction?
  3. it's from a stiff little fingers song, take it up with them.
  5. desperate for ashley's club to get relegated. then relegated again, then again, then again. it's what he and all those who have actively and financially supported his running of it deserve.
  6. ian wright absolutely nailed it last night. they just don't care enough. corruption and a dismissal of what's right or wrong is endemic in football, not just fifa.
  7. there's a reasonable chance I wouldn't see eye to eye with one or two of the clientele in there either.
  8. I'm not angry, more incredulous. I hated thatcher's government with a passion, would've been a bit stupid really then to have funded it by drinking in the local conservative club, don't you think?
  9. is that a young liza minnelli? I do wonder at times about the folk who go to sjp, be they the ones who pay ashley or the ones who are happy enough to be a backdrop for his grotesque advertising hoardings as to just what it would take for them to throw in the towel? was keegan for me, fucking idolised (not in a sexy way) the bloke both as a player and a manager, as well as a principled man. been lucky enough to speak to him at length on several occasions including when he unveiled the memorial for the stanley pit disaster. the absolute dictionary perfect description of 'antithe
  10. they grow in car parks? no wonder I've spent many fruitless hours wandering round cold damp fields!
  11. ah, and here was me thinking it was all to do with sheep shit!
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