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  1. cheers mate. frankly I'm ashamed of my earlier effort!
  2. honestly man, it shouldn't even he feasible that I could hate a man managing newcadtle more than I did pardew. hat doffed bruce you've achieved the unachievable. the snide arrogance and the ability to lie every time he opens his mouth is fucking staggering.
  3. I seriously doubt he ever was one of us. be interested to know prior to fucking off to gillingham when he last stood in sjp as a supporter because I'd be willing to bet he hasn't since. I mean, I know it probably wasn't the most prudent and tactful decision lee clark ever made to wear the sad mackem bastard t-shirt at wembley but at least as a newcastle supporter it was understandable. contrast that to bruce, I have never, ever, not once heard an nufc supporter refer to the mancs as 'united' no true nufc supporter could possibly have celebrated gyan's fluked equaliser in the ma
  4. shamelessly stolen from elsewhere..... made me chuckle anyway.
  5. well, other than the fact they're both cunts! it should really be unbelievable that he attempts to justify this shitshow by suggesting the four or five clubs above us are in trouble too. fucking hooray, we're struggling beneath the exalted company of burnley, brighton and crystal palace. the very fact he doesn't even know fulham's result in midweek would suggest how dismissive he is of them being to catch us, but then so too are the little bald cunt who employed him and the fat human parasite who owns us. i sincerely hope all three of them are not so much bitten on the backside,
  6. never, ever, ever get sick of punching this cunt. right up there with mike ashley, matt hancock and margaret thatcher.
  7. for fucks sake, I need to up me game then. my ambition is to be name checked on talksport by alex bruce.
  8. ashley on his knees in the centre circle wearing an orange boiler suit would make me very, very happy.
  9. aye, and he'd fail, which would be glorious. if there's to be no resurrection of the takeover, which obviously seems very unlikely, then I want the club as it is to die. harsh as that seems, I'd rather see ashley lose every penny of his £130m investment and actively support a phoenix nufc (from whichever division) than be stuck in a sports direct fc football purgatory for however long I've got left on our flawed but beautiful planet.
  10. I just find it extremely disappointing that the people who bishop.invented who up to now have been gonna slice up ashley and his entire family as well as dismember bruce and son have all as yet failed to deliver. it's the hope that kills you.
  11. I was sorting out the garage a few weeks back and I found an old changa pipe, the last time it was used was 2012 at ozora festival. I know this because I had the black void of nothing death trip and I never smoked it again. anyway.... the thing still absolutely reeked of dmt, it has to be the most recognisable and unforgettable smell on the planet, either this one or the worldly one the fucking stuff transports you to!
  12. I don't do facebook or twitter or owt like that, but I desperately hope bruce has got wind of the fact I'd love to see him and ashley fall simultaneously, jugular first in to a skip full of razor wire . far from it being obscene it would be quite comfortably the funniest thing that's happened in the last 12 months or so. I appreciate I probably need help!
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