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  1. mackem messageboard gold

    what a fucking whopping cunt! the tale of sonny and nobby, right up there with the prodigal son and icarus flying to close to the sun. it's bordering on biblical.
  2. thoroughly enjoyed that which makes a very pleasant change. just out of mild curiosity and despite the fact I know its a technical impossibility but.... anybody else think if wes brown and craig bellamy had a love child it could easily have been wor dwight?
  3. aye. I honestly don't think I've got the energy for another season of sports direct mikey, brucey and steve nickson's dodgy multi million pound mega deals.
  4. you can't help but worry about matty longstaff living in italy, poor kid will turn in to a lobster.
  5. would much rather still be watching the minxy ellie harrison in her wellie boots.
  6. if andy let's us down we still have that lintion chap to bring on.
  7. no problem scoring a couple here. Big Andy to get off the mark with a brace.
  8. fucks sake, get the antiques road show on
  9. rest/drop arguably your best player of the season for what is now your most important game. good idea fatty.
  10. pretty sure it was something des hamilton related, maybe that he hadn't substituted him, although to be fair i'd been hurling abuse at the dour faced scottish twat all game. bloke i knew owned a record shop and he'd been to a record fair in barcelona about two weeks before we played them and brought back 3 tickets for the home end. so rather than being up in the gods we were about 10 very empty rows from the front directly behind the dug out. dalglish had already given me several disapproving looks before he snapped, terry mac was stood next to him shaking his head, i still like to think nearly a quarter of a century later that terry mac was shaking his head at dalglish's reaction and not at me. but i could be wrong.
  11. kenny dalglish called me a wanker and gave the appropriate hand gesture in the nou camp the first time we played barcelona there.
  12. mackem messageboard gold

    mind you, one of the bitterest cunts on rtg with regard to anything newcastle related is some fucker called 'bear' racking up thousands and thousands of posts of hatred about us and he's fucking everton supporter. bizarre to be honest, never really had an issue with everton despite the odd bit of pagger in the streets around goodison after rolling out the spellow, but no more so than outside the arkle with their neighbours, shit like that happened a lot in the olden days. on the contrary, i had a lot of sympathy for them in that when they were in their pomp in the 80s they were denied the opportunity to ply their trade in europe because of the antics of their neighbours in belgium. now if everton were to have any kind of footballing success i'd be keeping me fingers crossed for something like covid 20 and a european travel ban for 5 years!
  13. mackem messageboard gold

    aye, i read that shite about sky turning up the crowd volume for us too. they really are bunch of fucking weird bitter cunts. makes me chuckle.

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