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  1. not the classic by legendary greek crooner demis roussos surely? I hope not, I might have to start liking them!
  2. imagine (™ rtg) .... a 6 game winning end to the season, a tottenham implosion an awarding of a 5th champions league place. I'd hear exile's head explode from monmouth.
  3. I can't remember that. thoroughly enjoyed having my eyes opened though!
  4. tragic lack of capital letters in that post.
  5. back in his days writing for the newcastle journal he was a massive apologist for sicknote 80kliks dyer, who when not on the treatment table was busy being a whopping thindercunt who couldn't hit a cows arse with a banjo. (for Alex )
  6. you're a more tolerant man than me. fought his way through multiple layers and folds of arse fat before finally reaching bruce's hoop. then stuck his tongue as far up it as he possibly could. never forgive, never forget. fuck him.
  7. my post from last night was me being at my most benevolent best.
  8. lest we forget...... bless him, one of the funniest things ever and a rare moment of light relief in the ashley era. happy onward journey joe.
  9. not so much unrequited love, more like stalking. https://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/bbc-article-inaki-and-nico-williams-two-brothers-one-club-and-a-40-year-wait.1631084/ this aupaalaves is a fucking loon, surprised the museum director/historian hasn't had some kind of restraining order put out on him. DanceoftheKnights comes up with the killer punch at the end of thread.... looking forward to aupaalaves reply!
  10. puts asprilla's somersaults to shame there too.
  11. canny photo, although why's there a couple of the bad guys from the descent been photoshopped in the middle of it?
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