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  1. you know cain gorge mf? hard to decide which is the most spectacular between that and the gorge du verdon in france.. just as an aside to the whole trafalgar square/mull/pyranees comparison. I never saw any mackems dive head first in to a foot deep pool from a head spinningly deep gorge in northern spain. which is a damned shame I reckon.
  2. first time I saw an otter in the wild I'd turned right off the a83 from oban to campbeltown on a single track road to ardfern. fucking thing hurled itself out of a hedgerow right in front of me lwb sprinter and I nearly catapulted mrs bd and the 2 dogs out the windscreen to avoid flattening it! wouldn't for a second dispute your claim about eagles on mull mate, but a few years ago we walked cain gorge in spain's picos de europa (jaw droppingly stunning) and eagles and vultures were as numerous as pigeons in trafalgar square!
  3. vern-we to be honest I've been there before and just avoided mentioning it at all, particularly to the welsh. however after hearing ellie harrison pronounce it as above on countryfile I'm confident that must be right. little ellie can do no wrong in my eyes. as regards islay... I hedged me bets and called it all 3 in me conversation. by the time I'd finished booking the ferry I'm still undecided as to whether the lass on the phone was filled with deep pity or hatred for me!
  4. just finished planning a van trip. headed for lake vyrnwy in wales for a night on 23rd july then booked on the zip wire thing in snowdonia on the 24th. heading to an old wild camping haunt near troutbeck the next and then off to midge land in the trossachs for a couple of nights before catching a ferry from kennacraig to islay and jura and hopefully puggying a sea eagles nest. (joking!) back to the mainland for a couple of nights wilding near ardfern and then a bit undecided as to boulmer/alnmouth or carrying on down the east coast to revisit the gannet colony at bempton. a night or two near e
  5. in the premier league statement it turns out they've not been fined... As a gesture of goodwill, the clubs have collectively agreed to make a contribution of £22million they're the good guys now with their lovely gesture! good to know though that the smarmy tory cunt and his sidekick hoffman are capable of conducting and finalising an investigation in less than 2 months when the chips are down. makes you wonder how the fuck they weren't quite so adept with our takeover!
  6. unless I've completely misinterpreted the reports I've read then the corrupt 6 were involved in agreeing a punishment with the corrupt premier league. you honestly couldn't make this shite up man, the sooner this fucked up abomination of the sport I fell in love with as a five year old spontaneously combusts the better.
  7. I'm gonna fully embrace our new saudi overloads to be honest, but then me heads been full of ashley, charnley, bishop, pardew, bruce and a mixture of steamrollers, jet engines, chainsaws and skips full of razor wire and the resultant death and gore for well over a decade now. the odd swift decapitation now and again is gonna seem like light relief.
  8. sorry mate, I can't click on that. and to be honest it's not even necessary, it's all too easy to predict the verbal diarrhoea he pukes up. I'd piss meself laughing if edwards tripped up in front of a steamroller.
  9. I've read that before PL and it's a fucking difficult read, both harrowing and a catalyst for seething anger. I would personally still be livid that despite the unlawful killing verdict nobody other than a ground safety bloke at hillsborough has ever been convicted of an offence. the unlawful killing verdict was all they were ever gonna be allowed as far as justice is concerned. for fucks sake man, the west midlands police conducted an inquiry in to the conduct of the south yorkshire police. the mind boggles, these cunts were the human scum who tortured false confessions out the birmingha
  10. sorry gentlemen for both the rant and intrusion to the indiana jones stuff but I didn't know where elsr to put this.... anybody else following the murder trial of dalian atkinson? first of all it's bordering on surreal that the media are actually reporting both the prosecution and defence cases, certainly something which was never afforded to the young traveller kids in the pc harper case, not one word of their defence was ever reported by the press who had the 'pikeys' hung before their trial even started. if this benjamin monk gets off with murder it would have to rank up ther
  11. fucking disgusting, but then nowt ever changes. the justice system in this country is fucked.
  12. bearing in mind how brucey and his boy have turned out, you can do nothing other than question the parenting skills of joe and sheenagh.
  13. I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised, would you if we did? dangle a profit in front of ashley's eyes and he'll bite your hand off, unless of course wor brucey intervenes and tells mikey he can't do that. the subject will probably crop up at same time they're having a meeting about improving the training facilities.
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