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  1. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    it's not a bad article, with the exception of this... 'Supporters are sick and tired of having the piss taken out of them' tragically there's tens of thousands who are that stupid they don't appear to realise that's what's happening, prefering even to defend ashley in some cases. until people start seeing the blindingly obvious and walk away they'll have what they deserve... a dying club.
  2. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    the usually reliable george caulkin seems to have ruffled a few feathers on his twitter by stating that bruce isn't the problem at nufc... Steve Bruce isn’t the problem at #NUFC. Each game, each result is portrayed as a referendum on his management and another week goes by, ignoring the bigger picture ... that the club is built to fail and that’s exactly what’s happening. Nobody can be surprised by that, surely? i think as a stand alone statement it's fair enough, we all know ashley is the biggest cunt, however bruce is far from deserving of much defence, if you willingly play with fire george, there's a reasonable chance you'll get burned.
  3. Joelinton

    all subjective of course, but this is just one list of many of footballing flops... https://www.90min.com/posts/6272728-30-of-the-worst-signings-in-football-history some noteable premier league striking inclusions... shevchenko to chelsea torres to chelsea mutu to chelsea benteke to liverpool alves to middlesbrough jo to manchester city soldado to tottenham carroll to liverpool (ranked no.1) all of the above have a superior record for their clubs than joelinton has for us. bearing in mind the above list was made in early 2019, is it not beyond the bounds of possibility that in a new list joelinton could leap straight to the top of the charts as the biggest flop in football history?!
  4. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    "Our biggest problem all season has been evident - we have to create more of a threat in the opponent's area. We have to look at it and analyse it. Maybe change is sometimes for the best." analyse it? you've got a £40m striker (i know) who hasn't scored a goal for 2000 minutes. you've got another fucker who's perpetually injured and shite anyway. another fucker who's in competition with carroll to rack up the most time in the treatment room but can't score in the top flight anyway. you had 31 days to tell your mate lee to get on the phone and get mikey to buy somebody to score a goal, but instead you claim there's nowt better out there than what we've got. you fucking fat, complicit halfwit.
  5. Roy's Rolls V Brucies Baps

    no better strikers out there than the one's we've got! the fat cunt's hilarious.
  6. ever evolving relegation guesswork...

    8/1 with william hill. i reckon that's fairly generous odds. our best hope of points between now and the end of april are home games against villa and west ham. but who the fuck's gonna put the ball in the net?
  7. Roy's Rolls V Brucies Baps

    battle of the teams whose strikers aren't really that interested in scoring goals. seeing as joelinton is winning hands down in demonstrating his complete detachment to putting the ball in the net, we'll probably get beat by one goal, scored by somebody else who's not that fussed. dropping one place nearer the trap door.
  8. ever evolving relegation guesswork...

    don't think they're necessarily worse than us. they just haven't shared our freakishly good fortune.
  9. the fat cunt could rename us sunderland north fc. change our strips to red, white and blue. build some houses on barrack road and knock down the leazes and west stand because they were blocking their light. publicaly execute wyn davies, pop robson, malcolm macdonald, tony green, peter beardsley, chris waddle, paul gascoigne, kevin keegan, andy cole, les ferdinand and alan shearer. and there'd still be halfwits saying ashley saved the club and singing brucey giz a wave.
  10. there's not a fucking chance that bruce would take us straight back up mate. he's a poor mans moyes. bring it on.
  11. spot on. if there's any justice the fat cunt will be reduced to selling his arse for spice in shop door ways. i'd take a triple relegation now to be rid of the cunt and see him lose the lot. in the time i've got left i'd rather support a pheonix club i could be proud of rather than be stuck in footballing purgatory following something which survives only to benefit a peice of human scum.
  12. only teasing mate, you've got 26,000 of them to trawl through and i'd rather watch call the midwife. maybe you could make life easier for me and let me know just how much of a bigger cunt he needs to be than he already is before the penny drops to the 30,000 payees and 10,000 freebies that they're having the piss taken out of them and stop being anything other than held in contempt adverts for a shite shop? this isn't a personal attack on you, it's a genuine question.
  13. is there any other club out there clinacaly insane enough to buy him?
  14. think charnley negotiated the only transfer in football history where the fee goes down based on appearances.
  15. ever evolving relegation guesswork...

    we will be the team that sinks like a stone.

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