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  1. jordan henderson's substitution.... just under 24 minutes.
  2. for the forest game the place was fucking heaving, there was as many people stood drinking in the alley up the side and in the car park behind as there was in the pub/beer garden bit. for the man city game they had staff outside stopping folk standing in the car park/sitting on the wall/or even resting your pint on it. guessing there's been complaints? love the place me though and reckon it's by far and away the most glorious shithole in town since they pulled the doll down.
  3. problem is as well, whoever it was who hosting talksports phone-in yesterday after the match was opening the conversation with every newcastle supporter who rang in by asking what their expectation was for newcastle's finishing position was this season? before they even had the chance to answer he was stating that he believed it to be comfortably top 8 with the money invested and that if it wasn't achieved he believed the owners would sack howe. tragic really.
  4. thought of another plus point actually.... £6 for a pint of strongbow and a pint of guinness in the sumptuous surroundings of the percy absolute bargain! not so sure about the replica of the berlin wall they've built around the back outside space or the couple of reproduction stalag 13 huts for when it's raining. but hey, small sacrifices for 2 pints for six quid!
  5. desperate people from a desperate town. wherever they may wander.
  6. sombre in the title, sombre drive home last night, wasn't in the mood to catch up with the thread till this morning. think it's all been said already with regard to the match, just so very disappointing really, no one had a good game, one or two aren't particularly capable of it. on the plus side.... I now know that if I leave the percy arms at exactly 14.47 I'll arrive at the top of access 15 in the leazes jprecisely as the ball in being kicked for the start of the match. avoided all the majestic queenie and king stuff.
  7. my mate I travel up with from cheltenham has realised he's left his season ticket card thing at home, the daft twat. just tried ringing the club and whichever option you choose doesn't allow you to speak to anybody. anybody know if there's a way he can still get in, ie will there be somebody at the ground at all he can speak to, or is he fucked?
  8. john beresford on talksport just been saying he expects us to hit them for 4 or 5. reckons that when he was playing keegan would have been demanding it in the dressing room and that howe should be doing the same. I like beresford.
  9. my money's on polarboy having followed his career since he broke in to the u13's team.
  10. or chelsea v liverpool. very odd, especially man utd leeds. no reason given for the postponement of the two games either.
  11. about fucking time! not quite sure why it would take 8 months to mull over that mind, but patience is a virtue I suppose.
  12. great isn't it? can't wait to wave me little union jack flag about shouting hoorah for the filthy rich privileged people.
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