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  1. aye, think the louise court thing became almost cultish until it was outed, quite a career she's had really, although it definitely peaked acting like a medieval loon in a pop music video! as for rachel..... why the fuck did she just decide to give up a singing career and seemingly disappear? and does she like meat other than david gilmours?
  2. @Alex.... (or anybody else who or may not be remotely interested!) been on a bit of a weirdo creep kind of mission to discover more about the lovely rachel this morning and it turns out i'm not the only one who lusts after miss fury! she sang with howard devoto (original lead singer with the buzzcocks) before hooking up with the floyd boys for the d.s.o.t. tour where she was rumoured to have been boned by gilmour, the lucky twat. and after that she disappeared, briefly (and only possibly) reappearing with durga mcbroom in a blue pearl video. there's claims she now lives i
  3. listening/watching pink floyd's a delicate sound of thunder for the umpteenth time on sky arts and will never get sick of it... rachel fury, the minxiest backing singer of all time? I think so.....
  4. just re-read my post, I didn't mean we were playing worse football then, '67ish was when me old man started taking me to games, ive only very faint memories of pop robson, wyn davies , the fairs cup win, the popular side etc.... all infinitely more memorable , despite the haziness than this shite.. I came of age on the leazes as a teenager in the early 70s with supermac, tony green, john. tudor, jinky jim, terry hibbit, ollie burton, david craig, frank clarke.... and by god I fucking miss it.
  5. i'd have pardew back tomorrow instead of this useless fat cunt. pardew, inexplicably, was even more likeable. i can't even fucking believe i typed that.
  6. overseeing the worst football i've seen newcastle play since the back end of the 60s. mcgarry served up better than this shite.
  7. fuck this, i'm gonna chop some birch logs up.
  8. i'm watching it on me phone with mobdro, i strongly advise you not to do the same!
  9. as it stands i'm more interested in trying to spot if we've got even one decent flag thing and it appears they're as shite as the football.
  10. im not entirely sure why but I remain cautiously optimistic this might go ahead. I think the premier league and masters are being squeezed by bigger forces than even 'the big six' however I'll throw my hands up and concede this probably puts me in the camp of the deluded, desperate and very probably fucking demented! anyway, as a slight aside, I doff my hat to the two lads involved with the so called newcastle supporters consortium who appear to have done more towards forcing an issue in a few weeks than the worse than fucking useless NUST have done in months. their efforts amounte
  11. remember arriving at an acid house party put on by new age travellers on minchinhampton common near stroud back end of the summer '89, just as this came on and coming up on a purple om/ecstasy combination....
  12. oh! in didn't know that, i always felt a bit embarrassed by their desperation to be relevant!
  13. got bored with all this, has he not submitted yet? also.... why the fuck didn't the yanks just send all their ballot papers to sunderland? they would've had them all counted in an hour or two.
  14. milan.... hundreds of pissed geordies in the square at the front of the main train station despite the alcohol ban. all became clear when you noticed groups of lads being led to the underground car park and a couple of dodgy turks doing a fucking roaring trade from the back of lwb van packed to the roof with cans and bottles!
  15. good choice and thread um. gonna go a lot older me though, with a few in particular i remember from me youth/young man era. away at elland road mid 70s for a cup game against bolton, fourty odd thousand mixture of geordies, leeds and bolton, fucking electric atmosphere, cars abandoned on motorway hard shoulders, slip roads and absolute pandemonium round the ground. awesome experience as a teenager and we won! away to liverpool in the fa cup with keegan as a player, fucking hammering but still by far and away the greaetest example of why supporting this club felt so unique
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