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  1. so, the sort of thing if you've worked in heavy engineering all your life you'd stick an elosplast on and do ad couple of hours overtime at the end of the shift. nowt to worry about.
  2. immensely proud of what we've achieved since the turn of the year although even then it was hedging towards the back end of the first month. magnificent from everybody involved.
  3. apart from the statue of jimmy hill, which is already sitting itself.
  4. this is quite clearly him before he grew his beard.....
  5. aye, I remember going in there a few times. main meeting up points I recall was the globe at liverpool street market, especially for those who'd got the friday night mail train down getting in to london at 6am, was then off to summer's bar at king's cross to meet the late arrivals! just as an aside, I once chatted to john conteh in the globe, he was already pissed at 8am, mind you, so was the vast majority of newcastle's support in there too!
  6. the bloke on the left looks like fletcher's escaped from slade prison.
  7. just out of interest why did you assume the point of the thread was a jab at hurst? I never mentioned him at all. perhaps it's telling though that the mention of superfan would bring you that conclusion! I considered joining at the time a membership cost £1 annually but being as they'd already been at pain to point out that they weren't a protest group i decided it was too expensive. their recruitment drives however always seemed to coincide with whatever latest atrocity ashley had committed. as far as communicating with their membership goes I obviously wouldn't know but I do occasionally look on their website and it appears to not having been updated since the time of their 2021 elections nearly a year ago other than a note to say they'd abandoned the 1892 pledge (not dated) and were working on how to donate the £200k raised to charity, something which appears to be taking a lot of mulling over! as far as the pledge goes, I thought it was well meaning although the idea of raising £6m was fanciful at best and very possibly delusional, but when they do get round to handing out the donations it will at least have been worthwhile, so credit for that. I'm gonna take a punt and guess their membership is on the decline (hence the topic) no doubt as a result of the takeover, especially from those who joined as a response to ashley being a cunt, although I could be wrong and they're beavering away on other projects I know nowt about as the only time I ever actually hear them mentioned now is when michael martin gives them a plug in his truefaith editorials. as far as hurst's podcasts go, i've never listened to one, nor do i particularly want to. he does appear to be skysports and jamie carrigher's go to voice of newcastle so his self promotion appears to have done the trick. personally don't see much difference between him, wraith or the training ground stalker really, but there you go!
  8. I'd so no, other than to serve as a platform to boost the ego of a few superfans. whilst a 'proclaimed' membership of 13,000 seems respectable enough it was built up largely on the back of opposition towards ashley but failed miserably to ever particularly take any reasonable stand against him. iis there any need for it at all now?
  9. just got home. there was a thatchers in the fridge, rolled a single skinner sat in the back.garden looking at the full moon and thinking life is fucking wonderful.
  10. that was fucking outstanding. performance, atmosphere and a fucking privilege to be there.. nowt else to say really other than, this could take off, big time!
  11. @Dr Gloom you've shamed us expats here I'm afraid. since I've started going to matches again I've gone practically naked, just to show how tough I am still.
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