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  1. What are you listening to ?

    from the superb trinity sessions album, the cowboy junkies version of the classic blue moon will never be surpassed. oh and other than having the voice of an angel the young margo timmins is an absolute stunner! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lRDT-TyPPo
  2. Joelinton

    i would rather have the present day billy rafferty.
  3. Joelinton

    i'd have him back tomorrow!
  4. Joelinton

    is this lad going to slip in to the list of all time worst ever newcastle strikers or is he already in there with the likes of pingel, guivarch and xisco? how much longer can the getting used to a new league/playing under bruce excuses be trotted out? just thinking of a few who were widely considered to be shit or very average at best where our £40m man (i know) needs to considerably up his game to surpass already, i'm sure there's many more.... tony cunningham george reilly billy whitehurst andreas andersson joselu ameobi carl cort
  5. Politics

    or god forbid your life becomes involved with the justice system, be it as a defendant or a victim.
  6. Politics

    i'm a decade older than yourself mate, sadly it's not that simple, i wish it was. you'll still feel the same utter depression at a tory victory till the end of your days.
  7. Politics

    i feel your pain mate. i've got today off. tomorrow night is my works christmas drinks night. ii's best i don't go, i despair for the stupidity of some the people i work with when they're sober, never mind pissed. i have no desire to spend a night in the cells.
  8. Politics

    aye. i was there for this in trafalgar square.... https://m.soundcloud.com/mattieu-varnham/miner-david-douglas-gives thatcher, johnson it's immaterial. these people will rip the hearts of communities and not give a fuck and they'll still be voted in. utterly depressing
  9. Politics

    getting on a bit now so have witnessed more than my fair share of tory victories. regardless, the feeling of utter empty depression and complete bewilderment that so many of my own 'class' of people can be taken in by these cunts never lessens. fucking shambles and will have no sympathy for those who are about to have their arses well and truly riven.
  10. Politics

    always had a major, major smack problem.
  11. Politics

    fuck off and die horribly farage you utter fucking cunt.
  12. Politics

    why the fuck are the people counting the votes in edinburgh wearing hi-viz ppe? this country is fucking pathetic.
  13. Politics

    she wants fucking. with a sledge hammer.
  14. Politics

    because this country is largely populated by the terminally fucking stupid.
  15. Politics

    au revoir, fucked up country.

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