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  1. not me mate, practically teetotal today. anyway, of much more pressing concern... how's UM, has there been any more updates?
  2. in the boathouse at putney bridge. loads of newcastle supporters in here but can't see anybody drinking vodka and coke. worried for UM and his azuma.
  3. on a gwr train from slough to paddington. it's green. hang on in there for another groovy update.
  4. luton town...... tiny little tinpot club from mosque infested bedfordshire, showing the mackems how to do it. fucking camel humpers.
  5. bit of a conundrum isn't it? with ashley I think regardless of any football ground he owns I'd rather he just ate the ghee heavy dhansak that finally tips his right and left coronary arteries over the edge. from a football point of view a win for jimmy hill's old boys, preferably about 15 minutes after the game should've ended would ensure tragic mackems shaking their fists and hurling obscenities at statues until at least 2075. I'd quite like that too.
  6. aye. never heard of the cunt either. shite article which I didn't pay to read. looks like a young rolf harris. all in all, nick's probably best avoided.
  7. a penalty for no contact whatsoever. not even remotely close to. fucking madness.
  8. they would never have took the doll mate. even the sunday afternoon crowd tanked up on slalom d would've resisted the mackems with ease.
  9. very worrying isn't it? only a matter of time I think till they claim the percy arms.
  10. the pub opposite where the old marlborough crescent bus station was used to be called the durham ox. clayton street has fallen.
  11. did a 3 week tour of northern spain going back a few year in the van, being a tight cunt we wilded for the vast majority of it. anyway.... my birthday fell towards the end of the trip and she said as a present she'd pay for a campsite in nearby hondarribia and we'd get at taxi into san sebastian for a meal/night out. went to probably the busiest and poshest looking pintxos establishment in the old town and loaded me plate a foot high with everything the had squid/octopus/prawns/crab on it and generally looked like it could be expensive while she dutifully waited by the till to pay for it. never seen anybody's face turn so ashen grey so quickly when she was handed the bill for my birthday treat. stunning food, but fucking extortionate! we wilded and ate sandwiches for the rest of the trip.
  12. they appear to have made their parsnip section even more private. the account I registered (but never actually posted with) just so I could have a nose and a chuckle at their expense now won't let me look on there. the unsociable twats!
  13. fucking disgrace to his profession. he was nearly in tears again last night on skysports listening to everyone else praising the fantastic job howe has done turning round the club's fortunes in less than 18 months. fuck the cunt. @Dr Gloom is right.
  14. fuck me, there's some tortured souls over in the dark place! they've had weeks to come to terms with us likely to qualify for the CL, but no, last night has properly tipped the slobbering masses overboard. they've got threads on flag displays, keith downie, alan shearer, their mods are struggling to parsnip stuff quick enough or merge them all in to the sportswahing thread. thankfully their voice of reason, sofatester, whose only rival to having his life totally consumed by nufc is the certified lunatic exile1968, popped up within half an hour of our match finishing, in our thread, to tell them all they shouldn't be bothered about us! they don't appear to be taking his advice!
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