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Andy Cole's record

Dr Kenneth Noisewater

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Can anyone remember Andy Cole doing a record whilst he was at ManU?


I think it was a sort of sub-Craig David r'n'b offering. I can definitely remember seeing the video but I'm not sure if it came out as a single.


My mate thinks I'm making it up, can anyone tell me what it was called?

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Tell the world my name

(who's that?)

Andy Cole

I blaze the scene

-Score the goal.

Keep my eyes

On the prize

-My inspilation

To celebrate the life,

To rock the nation.

Gather round

Get close to me

Here's the VIP

To my private party

The host with the most

Got clientele guranteed

To rock the mike well.

Can I KICK it!

Yes you can.

A summer time rhyme

And a party jam

Sharp like a razor.

Speed to amaze you.

Best you like

Ali did Joe Fraizer

I reminisce back

o the school yard.

I used to work hard.

I used to play hard.

Got my kicks

From hitting the net.

Not from drugs.

You bet we're



## [ chours ] ###


Than nobady else

So amazing

Makes me wanna shout


United forever

Whatever the weather

Less than 100%


The son of miner

Funkiest rhymer

Always in the news

My crew the headliner

£7.5 mill record breaker

Rapping on the mike

I'm record maker

Keeping it real

I'm keeping the raw

And I KICK racism

Out front door

Come on everyboy

Let's feel the beats

My bassline

Pumping in the street

And if you like always

That my DJ plays

Someday say HO!

Somebody say HEY!

Jump around

Get down the rhythm

Listen to the message

And the rhyme

That I 'm given

I hope and pray

That you go far

And you can be a shinning star

YO! outstanding


## [ chours ] ###


Than nobady else

So amazing

Makes me wanna shout


For all the children of the world

Looking up to me

It's not about the fame

The walth or the money

Chase your dream

And be the best you can

And if they say

Can you KICK it

Say yes I can

You might become a doctor

A lawyer, a striker

A heavyweight champ

Like Lewis the fighter

But don't let no-one

Get you down

'Cause whatever you do

You'll wear the clown





Didn't know he was a Torquay fan.

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