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Goodbye - for now!

Glasgow Mag

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It is with regret that I have to hang up my keyboard for the time being. Believe me, it is a sad, sad day. However, circumstances change, and we all must move on. I started a new job this week where I will be living in, and am moving out of my flat with its broadband connection. I don't think I'll be able to post at work much - they tend to ban such sites. Maybe I'll be able to post from the library but I can't guaruntee that.


I know the 'Meet the Members' series has been popular, so I hope that Peaseud will continue it in the true spirit I started it in. All those who answered questions but who have yet to be featured, hopefully Peasepud will take care of it. I've not asked him yet but I hope it's okay mate I'm sure you understand. I have to admit I didn't think for one minte it would be as popular as it is - I probably took on too much to be able to commiit the time to it. I'm really sorry.


Anyone who wants to keep in touch - ask Peasepud for my hotmail address.


I hope to be able to lurk around the forum - but maybe better not post in case I get in shit at work for surfing when I should be working.


It has been a bumpy few years on Toontastic for me - lots of ups and downs but I hope you think I was a decent poster on the whole. Too many people who I respect on here to mention but particular mentions to Peasepud (my ultimate drinking partner), Gemmill (funny bloke), Catmag (a sweetheart), JJ (surely a future Chick Young), Alereetlike, Bridget, Gejon, Meenzer (all round top bloke in a non-sexual way), Southern Geordie (Remember our shared hatred of Steph) Isegrim, Medina (Joking!), who I respect and consider to be friends in a funny sort of way.


Alas, all good things come to an end. Thanks for the memories!


Colin (Glasgow Mag)


PS JJ, sorry about all that business last year. Hateful, spiteful stuff was said. A true regret in my life. Good luck with whatever you end up doing. You are a decent bloke.

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