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  1. Also thought I would pop my head in and say I'm saddened to hear this after finding out on twitter. One of the good guys, RIP mate.
  2. Great post mate. I was going to mention the Play Off game. That is still the lowest point of supporting the toon for me, lower than any relegation. I was in fucking tears that night, and my old man turned round to me on the way out and said pull yourself to fucking gether, if you let this spoil your week then you're a tit. This is football, get used to it. Never a truer word said. It's not about not caring, it's about perspective. I remember when we were crucifying the mackems during the 19 point season when Murray was running them badly, the fans refused to go, and we were calling them all fickle deserters from our lofty perch. The 'Thin' of 'Thick and Thin' happens when boards and owners make poor decisions. Like I've said, I understand and respect those who want to give it up, I know lots of lads who have in the past, quietly and in a dignified way. It's the fucking shower of knee jerk look-at-mes over the past couple of days that have boiled my piss. Fine, you don't want to go back, now shut the fuck up about it.
  3. Brilliant by whoever is representing DLT. Let's have lots of older men testify as character witnesses and say they saw no wrong doing. You need WOMEN as character witnesses man. He's doomed.
  4. He's been sussed, so it's all about the manager's tactics(!) and the player to adapt. Unfortunately, with the departure of Cabaye and the acquistion of De Jong the plan is going to be to hoof it. That might work, you never know.
  5. I could not have put this better, exactly my stance on this. The thing that has fucked me off most in the couple of days since the derby is a section of our own fans. If it's not arseholes gloryfying pitch invaders (bans for life - fact) it's attention seeking whinging martyrs telling everyone again and again how they're not going back wah wah wah. Totally agree with your sentiment, lots of fans claiming they're 'proper' supporters through think and thin but they're not supporting while Ashley is in charge. You know what? History dictates in football that when you are well run then things tend to go well, when you are badly run then things trend to go tits up and you get the thin wedge. I saw all of this under McKeag, the best players being sold, no investment, being relegated because of it. It's shite, I fucking hate the owner with a passion, but I was here before him and I'll be here long after the fat cunt has fucked off, which he will, and I won't stop going just like I didn't stop going under McKeag and that rabble of shite. I respect you if you want to jack it in, and totally understand why, but I wish some supporters would stop using it as some sort of badge of honour ffs.
  6. I'm no Shola hater (too much hateful bollocks aimed at him) but why the fuck do we continue to plod this useless tactic of bringing him on and sticking him up front miles away from the rest of the team. We stick him up there isolated yet he must be one of the most immobile centre forwards in English football. It's the same fucking shit of lumping it long to him where even if he wins a header there is no one within 20 fucking yards of him. We end up constantly giving the ball away and putting ourselves under pressure. I know a lot of fans think he's useless, which I generally disagree with, but I do agree to a certain extent as up front on his own he is completely fucking useless. Seriously, what am I missing?
  7. It's a shite result all round really. Should have put them to the sword but couldn't so there's 2 points dropped. Remy wants shot with shit for putting his head in, the kid takes a dive but you can't go pushing and sticking your head in, refs come down hard on it. Walk away ffs.
  8. Neither club would allow it now the deal had been agreed. He could get injured, quite seriously, then both clubs would be fucked.
  9. I'd be very surprised if anyone came in this week. Like I said before, we're safe this season and in no cup competitions. So it's not like we have to buy to save our season. They'll wait to the summer. It's actually probably the most sensible thing to do if I'm being fair to them. This is pretty much mirroring the nufc model of the 80s though isn't it? Bring in cheap (then it was local players) and sell high. If you remember as well, once players knew this was the ideology of the club then they were always on the lookout to jump ship knowing the club was going to flog them to the highest bidder as soon as they got the chance. Pedro has gone on record in his book saying he would have stayed but the club had no ambition whatsoever so he buggered off first good offer he got. That's the problem, the club are giving the message to the players that if they play well and hit a high level of form then they'll sort out a nice big fat transfer to a top club for them so everyone is happy. What's wrong with saying to players 'we're aiming for xyz' and 'we want to build a team around you.' Depressing as fuck this transfer.
  10. The kids on bikes with sheep tied to the back of them taking them yem for lunch man.
  11. Absolutely. The club have hurtled towards 40 points (probably shitting themselves in the process) so limped out of two cups and now have the pipe and slippers out. Job done for another season, sell who you want at a profit, there's fuck all to play for.
  12. The point about the players having their heads turned was that there was nothing at this club to point their heads back. If the club had showed some ambition and communicated to the players that they had a big plan and were going to strengthen then I think Ba, Enrique etc might have stayed. If a team fighting for the top 4 comes knocking then why shouldn't you go if your own club is basically saying 'Top 4? Fuck that.'
  13. The club will be praying he has a superb World Cup. £££££££££££
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