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New Nigerian prospect?


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just got this email in the contact@shearer9.com inbox


my name is furtune ozoemena fidelix, nigeria by nationality  presently in dakar senegal to continue my football carrier,right know iam looking for reliable  and honest  soccer manager  who will stand in this position for me.i promise to abid by the law and order of whom might stand for me.Right know i'm a free player my contract with my present club just end up.


Below are my curriculum vitae.


name--                furtune ozoemena fidelix

nationality--          nigeria

date af birth--        15  july 1985.

possition--            Stricker

height--              182


preciouse clubs--    jet  fc lagos nigeria , frontlineas fc lagos nigeria.

present club--        nairy tally fc dakar senegal.

quality--                strenght ,skill ,staminal , good in left and right.

award                    highest goal award in 2005 ambassador cup

                            11 goals in 16 matches.

i promise to give more neccessary information that you may require upon

your request.

best regard.

furtune fidelix.


we should sign him. I bet he's better than Shola.

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