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Violence as England game screened

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Violent confrontations involving up to 200 people that left 16 people injured have marred a screening of England's opening World Cup game in London.

Several arrests were also made at a showing in Liverpool after what was described as a "mini riot" broke out.


As a result police shut down the transmission, on big screens in Clayton Square, Liverpool and Canary Wharf.


Six people were taken to hospital in London, but police in Liverpool said the disorder resulted in no injuries.


Police said 2,000 people had turned out to see the match in Clayton Square. Up to 6,000 attended the outdoor screening at Canary Wharf.


Fans began hurling bottles, cans and other missiles at the screen, the crowd and officers during the second half of the match in Liverpool city centre.


Stores surrounding the screen locked their doors as police attempted to restore order.


Officers said there were "small pockets of violence" as people were dispersed and further incidents were swiftly dealt with.


Supt Andy Fisher, of Merseyside Police, said: "In the most part, it was good-natured, however a minority of people decided to spoil the event for everyone else by throwing missiles.


"This kind of behaviour will not be tolerated and individuals can expect to be arrested if they are involved in violence and aggressive behaviour."


John Rowland, who works in a shop in the area, said a number of people had sought refuge on the premises.


"Everything just kicked off into a riot and so we had to put the shutters down on the shop," he said.


"It is an absolute disgrace. This is the start of the World Cup - is this what we've got to look forward to? People were terrified."


Police said they were continuing to monitor the area and promised to crack down on any drunken violence.

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Morons, but I'd rather they were over here causing bother than embarrassing us in front of the rest of the world.


It's good that everything more or less went all right yesterday in Frankfurt as the city is somewhat like Jormany's capital of hooliganism (and dickheads in general). Only relatively few arrests.

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