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  1. Especially as starting with the likes of Diane or Joselu mean playing with 10 players anyway.
  2. Fat Sam is probably practicing his smug grinning at half time.
  3. They should announce the takeover at half time to lift spirits.
  4. I still wonder what fantastic terms this magical new trade deals will involve in the future in comparison to the single market and those trade deals negotiated by the whole EU with heavyweights as us. does it involve free trade in unicorns (excluding pixies from Ireland).? Maybe CT can explain it to me.
  5. I still want to hear from CT how the EU did bend over.
  6. How did they bend over?
  7. We have lane hoggers as well. There are also rather few sections on the motorways left without a speed limit. Lane hoggers here are normally awful drivers, old, too afraid of overtaking or on their phone, thinking it is safer in the middle lane. They are causing congestions and quite often force you into needless manoeuvres involving three or more lanes.
  8. “Planning”
  9. I think an offer of 250m up front with a non relegation bonus payment of around 50m would seem a fair offer. At least better than a compensation clause that has been mentioned.
  10. ..,from Hamburg. The plot thickens.
  11. What a slimy hypocrite. “I voted to lose my job. I am the turkey that voted for Christmas.” He voted to get stuffed but not eaten. I wonder what his thoughts are about EU citizens being forced to leave the UK after Brexit and their pensions.
  12. “Planning”
  13. There will still be some minutes of injury time to fuck it up
  14. Well at least the thread title is spot on.
  15. Can't see us coming back into the match considering the total lack of creativity in the team.