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  1. Rafa Gone

    I hope they appoint Pardew. If the club doesn’t get sold the atmosphere will be rightfully toxic and in the unlikely scenario that the club does get sold I hope the first action would be to sack him at the inaugural press conference.
  2. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    He is good at offering things he won’t have to pay out, like paying for an unwanted end of season trip...
  3. Rafa Gone

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7176719/Benitez-left-dark-Newcastle-exit-informed-clubs-announcement-friend.html They are not just cunts, but cunts without class whatsoever.
  4. Rafa Benitez

    I am win!
  5. Rafa Gone

    Yes, but leaving this football club aside for a moment, how was Rome?
  6. Rafa Gone

    It’s the same way he fucked up multiple deals while in charge of the club. I am so happy he learned from the mistakes as he suggested and finally got the hang of this football malarkey as his fellow numpty suggested.
  7. Rafa Gone

    I am still holding onto the hope that one of the girls from Monkey Fist‘s wet dreams turns up at my doorstep. It could happen.
  8. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    I pity those who still think that not only a takeover will happen but think it is imminent and Rafa will then sign a new contract.
  9. Rafa Gone

    Only a total boycott will do. Ashley will hold on to the club for as long as he it is successful by his own standards. As long as he gets away with his terrible decisions every now and then and achieves to let protests fade out the club will remain what it is. Not a football club but a gigantic advertising tool for Sports Direct.
  10. Rafa Benitez

    Rafa was the best thing at the club since they pissed off Keegan. They did it again and I really think that Ashley is probably getting pleasure out of it in taking revenge in the abuse he gets. His sole intentions are his own well-being. He doesn’t care in the slightest about the club and the fans. I guess we will get Richard Keys defending him at some point today.
  11. Rafa Gone

    If we appoint Twattuso that’s me finished with the club for the time being.
  12. Rafa Gone

    The statement that club won’t be sold will probably follow in due course.
  13. Rafa Gone

  14. Rafa Benitez

    Sleepwalk? It’s a full style sprint Usain Bolt would have been proud of.

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