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  1. I would rather have Martinez than some other “big” or fancy names. At least with Martinez I think he has got some ideas and philosophy that aren’t coming from the jueassic ages of football management and coaching. As for Wigan, I think he should be judged for what he got out of the players at his disposal. I think he got a lot of players and the team performing above their abilities. It’s the opposite to Brucey. I wouldn’t be happy with Martinez as there are far better options around, but I don’t think he is a worse option than the likes of Favre or other unknown quantities. Martin
  2. Oi, this is not the place for parking decks … err .. gardening advices!
  3. Now that’s the way to tacke the problem of empty shelves. Just cut the supply chain…
  4. The Bildzeitung is as reliable as the Express, the Sun or Loerrach Zeitung tbh
  5. Paul Hollywood would certainly not just shaking hands.
  6. They should have a dutch week at bake off baking space cakes.
  7. And German than the Germans. Shame about their driving skills though.
  8. He would also be the only Dutch person not able to speak English.
  9. Poor English and a vocabulary limited to swear words didn’t do Ferguson any harm tbh
  10. It’s telling that Luke is using capital letters speaking of the interview of the almighty Brucey.
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