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  1. It’s a tragedy he didn’t buy them, it would have brought so much fun. I am disappointed Netflix weren’t throwing their weight in to make it happen.
  2. We just have to wait for Craig coming back and to post it again next year
  3. Speaking of Chinese mouses...
  4. Wasn’t it about him not being able to watch Frasier with ATM?
  5. Even a Chinese mouse would do a better job as well.
  6. I wouldn’t count on Liverpool and Spurs tbh, Leeds are hit and miss too. As long as Fulham can keep the gap to only 3 points it will get really difficult.
  7. Luke Edwards won’t be happy with you making fun out of this covid outbreak at “United”
  8. It would probably have been better not to play well for 60 minutes as it will give Bruce more time.
  9. He probably was but had to make a decision and naturally and reasonably chose the player who posed the bigger threat. This goal is down to the central defenders and midfield players not making sure that there isn’t anyone unmarked.
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