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  1. Precedent Trump

    It’s ridiculous. You don’t think the head of a civilised modern state would put his name under that kind of thing unless he’s written it by himself. But then you should have someone stopping him from sending it. But as Renton said, the worst thing is that he is probably playing to his audience with a lot of. Utters thinking that this letter is a fitting response to kick some democrat’s arse.
  2. Precedent Trump

  3. Coronavirus

    It’s correct on the way that it’s difficult to judge in a lot of circumstances if a death is caused by corona or not. As long as you are not in a hospital and receiving live saving treatment that are not successful it’s quite difficult to establish the cause of death. In many cases it would need intensive post mortems which are quite often not done. Just testing dead bodies if they were infected won’t give you the full picture.
  4. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    Was there no explanation in your e-mail?
  5. Precedent Trump

    My first impression was that it’s a poor attempt of an April’s fool joke, but then I saw the date.
  6. Precedent Trump

    I had to check it five times if this isn’t from the parody account
  7. Coronavirus

    That article isn’t really supporting the suggestion of “lying through their teeth” though. It’s so far based on the observation and calculations of residents as well as stating that the problem is that people dying without being diagnosed not being included in the official numbers. That’s something you do see in a lot of nations. But those people aren’t included in the number of cases anyway.
  8. Coronavirus

    Good luck with it with borders being closed all over Europe. There is a huge number of workers from Poland missing here as well. I’d suggest to recruit everyone having a new blue passport to step in. Or workers from China...
  9. Don’t be too harsh on him. He’s got too much time trying to be clever with no dogging. On the other hand he is right though. It would be a good signal from players to make good use of their obscene wages...
  10. I wonder how many funny confirmations we will see tomorrow...
  11. Funny pictures thread

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