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  1. What about a VIP special of Love Island with Luke Edwards, Steve Bruce, Rafa Benitez, Richard Keys, Krul, Lascelles and essembee?
  2. Has a vast knowledge of bacon and how to eat it.
  3. Climbing up to level 7 doesn’t count as conquering a mountain.
  4. Rolling contract or roll contract? How is the bacon sarnie did you say?
  5. Lee Ryder is already preparing his speech for winning a gold medal in poetry.
  6. They are not corrupt. They have far too much money. Now about being, murderous abusers of human rights though….
  7. Things might turn nasty quickly if the club doesn’t get its act together.
  8. That’s really a polarised issue tbh.
  9. Did the scam involve cherry tomatoes?
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