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eBay Question

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Hi Guys


I recently listed an old GPS for a mate on eBay. He didnt use it for several months and it lost its charge and he didnt have the charger for it so thought better than bin it but to try and make a few quid.


Anyway. He I put on eBay and noted the unit was in good cond but didnt start etc I then put the unit is sold as seen and non-returnable.


So this person bought and is now emailing me saying they want their cash back or they will be in touch with pay pal and eBay


Can I tell em to FO as they accepted my terms and decscritpion?

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So you said in the description that basically you were selling an item that didn't work?


If so then you're fine, I've seen plenty of things on ebay that don't work and buyers are aware that they will have to repair the item. The fact that you specifically said there would be no refunds will also work in your favour. I'd say you'll be ok, any time I've had a dispute with a buyer or seller ebay generally haven't given a fuck, as long as you aren't selling anything illegal they don't care what happens.

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Help I am currently sitting here in the middle of a field somewhere south or is it north of Birmingham or is it Glasgow. Fooking satnav I bought from some twat on ebay doesnt work, any one got multi map open??

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