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  1. Politics

    https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1194217682612174849.html?fbclid=IwAR1UBZwdJh0N5QoRrPn0u8oBKxJBw0-73VdrRRoHM-nLUc8KSl20ni5vXHw Decent read
  2. HR Experts

  3. HR Experts

    A lad at work was down in Cambridge last week after the flooding. His train was delayed coming back and he didn't get home until 10pm on Friday evening. He wants his time back (normal day is 7.5h day, he did 13 that day). Surly he's entitled to that back? Or at least some of it? Another kid is moaning saying he's taking the piss.
  4. Politics

    Cant remember if I saw it on here, but someone said. I bet if the flooding was in Surrey it would have been classed as an emergency
  5. Politics

  6. The Cycling Thread

    This guy worked at BC and with SDB, he fucking hates him
  7. The Cycling Thread

    Lance Armstrong ex swanny. She should know about doping!
  8. The Cycling Thread

    Aye In all honesty, I dont think the truth will fully come out. There has been millions of Lottery money smashed into cycling and it will be tried to be covered up. Sir Dave Barilsfraud is at the centre of it all. He employed Sutton (knowing full well his doping past) He employed Leinders (knowing full well his doping past) Dr Freeman worked with Fat Sam at Bolton, I would love to know what he did there too
  9. The Cycling Thread

    When Sky started dominating, they started the patter of Marginal Gains. Saying it was small things that other teams have never looked at (which was all bollocks). Stuff like having their won chef on grand tours (the likes of US Postal (Lance's team) had done this back in the 90s), banning Nutella and having the correct pillows (teams go from hotel to hotel on big races). It was all a smoke screen for the emerging cycling fans in the UK and 99% of it took it hook line and sinker. Yet people still believe Froome's victories are clean. The only clean winner I believe in at Sky / Ineos is Egan Bernal. Even then I look at that as a cynic, but I know lads who raced against him as a junior and said he was fucking shit hot then. Wiggins, Brailsford et al should all hang for this.
  10. The Cycling Thread

    Oh aye, its BC / Sky all in one. It's so fucking funny. Whilst the head Dr of BC and Sky was ordering fuck loads of testerone and keeping fuck all records (evidence), Team Sky were (and still are) dominating races in a sport that's had Armstrong, Riis, Ullrich, Mercx et al. Yet they claimed they did it clean by cutting out Nutella and fluffing up pillows Brailsford you cunt
  11. The Cycling Thread

    Fuck me, the Freeman inquiry today with Sutton has been class. The coach of the winner of the first British TDF champ, a cheat, a liar, a doper, ordering PED's. Who would have thought it. Get ready for Sir Wiggo he maybe releasing a statement anytime soon!
  12. Bruce Manager of NUFC

  13. Generic small time football blather thread FOREVER

    I think Southgate is in the right. He needs to establish there's no room for this and he's the boss.

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