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  1. Coronavirus

    It's not just the economy though is it. The human cost in terms of health mental and physical and then the education of millions of children. It's going to put them back years with a knock on effect for decades.
  2. Coronavirus

    Since the relaxation of the rules we've still only seen.a small number of people. I've been to the pub twice at most and then it was for a pint. We are having takeaways rather than sit in meals and our groceries are done via online. But yes,.locally you can see most people fucked it off ages ago. But it's all our fault not that cunt in charge and johnson.
  3. Coronavirus

    Oh aye, students are getting lambasted for it as are pubs. Yet numbers were going down when pubs were open. Unless I am reading the stats wrongly.
  4. Coronavirus

    I'll give that a read KCG cheers. Renton / ewerk. Just thinking. Some people have said the virus could have been in circulation in the UK since Dec, maybe sooner. If that's the case, do you think the sort of rate of infection would show a line to similar to what we are seeing now and then a lag in deaths? I.e so we had it in late December say, then it gets into the wider population then we see a spike in deaths in March. We then lockdown and that causes the deaths to slow and drop off. Then we unlock. Then a slow increase and a lag in deaths. I am asking as we have had; Super Saturday where pubs opened. No spike in deaths BLM marches. No Spike in deaths VE Day. No Spike in deaths. We are slowly (very) seeing an increase in ICU and deaths now it's coming into Autumn. Why now and not with the above?
  5. Coronavirus

    Ewerk What's it like over there? Pubs still shut? Do you think thats the right move?
  6. Coronavirus

    Sorry I'm being a cock. Edit/ Facetious I think is the word.
  7. Coronavirus

    Now thats what we need tbh. Curfews. In the house by 8. ID cards. The Works tbh
  8. Coronavirus

    Hopefully the Queen will make em tea,
  9. Coronavirus

    We get strict and its close all hospitality again, close all hairdressers, barbers etc. Basically go full lockdown again. This time were in flu season so may as well leave that until March. That wont do any harm at all eh.
  10. Coronavirus

    You're clearly more knowledgeable than me on this, but i think it's been a mixture of things. But whenever you speak of sweden people jump on the 'ooo look at Norway' first. Well, look at Argentine. Strict lockdown and mask laws. Anyways, it's the reason I stopped coming on this thread. Hopefully things improve in another decade or so.
  11. Coronavirus

  12. Coronavirus

    So basically were fucked without a vaccine? If you carry on he shows graphs that show Norway and Finland both had harsh Flu seasons
  13. Coronavirus

    Do people still talk about how Sweden were wrong on this thread? I stopped reading it for my own mental health Did they do full lockdown?
  14. Coronavirus

    How many people dying of cancer, heart issues, etc is acceptable because we have closed shop? I don't know. We may as well give up I suppose. I would be interested in your take on this actually.
  15. Coronavirus

    I'll get a link for it. Hope your sister battles it. My friend didnt have her chemo stopped during lockdown thankfully. However she did say that there was a very noticeble lack of people having chemo compared to last year. FWIW This guy has just been invited to SAGE - https://twitter.com/carlheneghan So has Sunerta Gupta - https://www.bitchute.com/video/LFiZswSrMaVz/

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