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  1. A very honest interview with him at the end of the match yesterday. Looking forward to seeing what he can do with a full pre season under Wor Eddie.
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CszKm3jI1II/?igshid=NzJjY2FjNWJiZg==
  3. In the place of Fred by the looks of it too
  4. I went to the British Nationals in 2015 and she was walking about before the end of the womens race. One of the funniest things happend to my mate. Mate to Peta 'Are you Peta?' PT 'Yes, Mark isn't here yet though, he should be soon' 'Mark who?' 'Mark Cavendish' (she's looking confused), my mate looks at me confused. 'Oh right, why, what about Cav?' 'Oh nothing, err why?' 'Oh nothing, I just wanted a photo with you that's all' 'Oh right. Marks my boyfriend' She thought he wanted to know where Cav was, but he had knocked several mixes out on here before so wanted a photo with her. Didn't have a clue her and Cav were an item
  5. Leicester playing safe v us really helped them didn't it
  6. The way they were banging on about the Doucore goal I assumed it was an absolute worldy. Canny finish but fuck me..
  7. Micah Richards on the defensive about Dyche who said some pundits said they were down it was deffo him the boring beige fake cunt.
  8. They should be told it's a lifetime ban from football for pitch invasion's. It would soon stop em.
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