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  1. Generic small time football blather thread FOREVER

    Jug Eared cunt Liniker was on Andrew Marr this morning defending the cunts. Apparently the situation where clubs who have furloughed none playing staff whilst paying players full whack is a 'complex one'.
  2. Coronavirus

    That's probably it. We (myself included) just see photos of people in parks and then draw differing conclusions. Albeit, there was a lot of small groups on one sunbathing. But again, I'm assuming they all live in separate housing.
  3. Coronavirus

    Did you see the parks in London yesterday? Fuck me. They need shooting the lot of them.
  4. Generic small time football blather thread FOREVER

    He also maybe an ex Mackem, but Darren Bent was on TalkSport earlier this week and he said the old argument of players having short careers is past it now. So many earn big wages and have decent avenues to go in after the game now. Both him and Trevor Sinclair said it was a poor show tht Prem Teams were fulroughing non-playing staff whilst paying their players big bucks,
  5. Generic small time football blather thread FOREVER

    Football is finished for me. 'Advising' Prem players to take cuts. They've had the Golden Goose for years and at a serious time of need they don't do the right thing. The fucking lot can rot for me
  6. Coronavirus

  7. Coronavirus

    https://observador.pt/2020/04/03/italia-cura-nove-pessoas-com-covid-19-que-receberam-plasma-de-doentes-recuperados/ Saw this on FB from a portugese pal. Interesting
  8. Coronavirus

  9. Coronavirus

  10. Coronavirus

    It was always going to go up.
  11. Coronavirus

    I'm crying That is absolute gold
  12. Coronavirus

    I worked with a young lad at my last job. He was 21 and joined us 4 months before I left. He came from another consultancy and I was one of the people who interviewed him. He wanted to leave because he wasnt getting the opportunity to learn and was basically bacon butty lad. I was that when I was a junior, i spent days photocopying, filing, or running to the shops. But things have changed a lot now. So I liked the lad. When he joined us he was brilliant. Great work attitude and was always asking for work, or questions and writing it down and learning. I havent seen a young lad like this in our industry for years. Anyways, as I was leaving he added me on twatbook. I did and he kept in touch messaging etc. Sound lad. He's of Polish descent, his parents are both manual workers and his grandparents came to the UK during the second world war. So I had a few chats about that. Then, I found out he was a Tory. Then last night on FB he put up 'Imagine if Dianne Abbott said about ventilator we would have 3 billion' and called Corbyn a Melt for daring to critisice the government for not hitting the numbers of testing. He was also one of the cunts clapping. WTF.
  13. Coronavirus

    This is interesting https://www.wsoctv.com/news/local/potential-covid-19-vaccine-developed-by-upmc-pitt/XXJTVN5VUZBVRM7P26A4CGEQBM/?fbclid=IwAR1E4Z-TzSsdmoAqhUp6QWbHkCjtLx7-5MPg4-ziH5T7XReQPKCusCeY7B8
  14. Coronavirus

    Well one positive from this, since I've been furloughed I've trained every day and dropped 1. 5kg in 4 days. Hopefully I can shift the 5 I wanted to
  15. Coronavirus

    Interesting out of Japan: "Two masks, no lockdown: Japan PM's latest coronavirus step riles social media." https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-japan-masks-idUSKBN21K0CQ 71 Deaths so far 126 Million population 26% of that over 65 (US 16% and Italy 23%)

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