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  1. In manc airport it was Liverpool, Leeds or Hull KR Rugby fans. I don't get it.
  2. https://inews.co.uk/sport/football/mykhaylo-mudryk-newcastle-united-consider-bid-ukrainian-neymar-1879056 £15m bid going in
  3. Getting on the flight to Dublin this morning I said one of the tyres looked flat. The women next to almost passed out 😂
  4. Holy shit! I'm now bricking it 😂
  5. Last few times they've been outstanding tbf. Also tbf the staff helping the small number in hotel etc have been great. Just a pain in the arse having the faff of passport and security all again tomorrow.
  6. Liz Truss must run aer lingus the useless cunt. Flight from Manc To Dublin today delayed 3 times. I called their desk to ask about our connecting flight to Boston. 'yes we will be delaying connecting flight' Got to front of queue to board 'oh no you're being put on the flight tomorrow' Cunts cunts cunts We're in a hotel tonight and the restaurant gives us a special menu. I.e a dog shit small one. Fuck that the potato shagging bastards are paying for my fucking steak and booze tonight. Full. On. Fewm
  7. My friend who's a hard on for corbyn and cannot see past them tinted glasses thinks this government will be dissolved
  8. No Toney tonight apparently. Fuck me. Southgate is a gimp
  9. Just fixed for 5 years a couple of weeks ago. Should have gone through sooner but the solicitor was fucking useless. CUNTS
  10. Get the King to interject like his mother did when tax was going to affect her estate in Scotalnd. Oh wait on, this only damages the peasants. ShE DiD GratE FoR thE CunTry
  11. Boston then driving up into Vermont.
  12. I go tomorrow FFS. Got married there in 2017 and exchange rate was 1.36. 3 years earlier was about 1.45. Today 1.10 if you're lucky.
  13. Gone up from yesterday. Went to get some and It was $1.08!!!
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