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  1. I honestly can't see us picking any points up over our next 3 games. This will make Ashley nip a bit more
  2. Were losing dree away games in a row, dree zero. Errr thats 30
  3. Smash the Toon init fam. 4-0 to the Arse
  4. He's fucked really and it's all his own doing. Little cunt.
  5. Meeting in a London curry house What is this? Only fools and horses
  6. #cans
  7. Happy Birthday man. Treat yourself to a nice coffee
  8. I would love to see Luke Shaw in.
  9. I think without Shelvey were a weaker team. He is clearly a lad who has fire in his belly and does stuff without thinking. He must be frustrated and fucked off like us lot. That doesn't excuse his discipline issues though. I think Perez should only be allowed to make the half time cup's of teas and that should be done with supervision!
  10. am I being REALLY dumb? We beat Palace didnt we? So where is the no win in 11 come from?
  11. The Mitro situation. Rafa sees him day in day out and knows him well. He must see something he doesnt like at all. What I cant understand and I must confess due to other shite I havent taken a keen look at lineups etc recently. But why didnt he start Shelvey v Chelsea and WBA? Has he had an injury? Why do we keep playing Perez?
  12. I know what you're saying Quiff. But when we're really struggling to score, surly Rafa is daft not to even give him a decent chance. At least 60+mins.