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  1. Armstrong himself has said he needs to cool it down. Gamer knows a gamer, you know wha I'm sayin? Pogi himself said he was doing 7w/kg. I mean what's next? 8? You had Pollit, an 80kg rider pulling on a HC climb over 2000m dropping pure climbers!!!!
  2. Fuck me. Break out the lead lined sample jars. Pogi has gone thermo nuclear! Fuck me. Froome was a fucking saint compared to this cunt.
  3. It will be something along the lines of 'My full focus at the moment is for the Toon'
  4. I got sent a link to something on Twatter when it first set off. Comments about how Muslims are causing it all, how this is what happens when Sharia Law is allowed in the country. Just general fucking gammons. Apparently Social services turned up to take away the remaining kids and that kicked everything off. My bus on a morning comes through Harehills before it picks me up. This morning the first 4 busses were cancelled due to roads been full of shite, an overturned car, burnt out buses etc. Madness.
  5. Aye it's him. If it wasn't for Starmers position on Palestine then it would have been Labour.
  6. A Romanian baby was dropped out of a window apparently. So social services turned up and police turned up to help them and it all kicked off. The new Green Party MP that as elected for the area started kicking off about how Islam is the ruler etc. Fucking mental.
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/articles/c903dvqvgpqo#comments All normal like
  8. I'm sure things will kick off shortly.
  9. Ah dude, sorry to hear about that. It's just natural IMO to think about these things. Whilst you weren't close you were family. There's no set pattern or rational on how we should feel when shit like this happens.
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